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Missing Wedding Notices from Master List #1
from McDonald PA Newspapers
These were not received by Nov. 13, 2009

Received - blank = not received

No. Name by Groom, alphabetical order with page name Rec'd
---- A's  
1 Thomas E. ADAMS to F. Alice Wasson, 15 Mar 1900 
in page: adams-k_to_agnew-w.htm
2 Grover AHRNS to Mary Somerlade, 7 Oct 1908 
in page: ahlborn_to_aiken.htm
3 George ALLSHOUSE to Anna Chochol, 24 Aug 1926
in page: allison_to_altieri.htm
4 Cassius Edward ALTON to Erma Eldridge, no date, in 9-4-1908 paper
in page: alton_to_amon.htm
5 H. S. ANDERSON to Mary B. Shaw, 25 Oct 1893
in page: anderson_grooms_1.htm
6 Philip ANDERSON to Betty Cobbs, June 1898
in page: anderson_grooms_2.htm
7 Henry ANTILL to Frances Crofford, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
in page: andrea_to_applegarth.htm
8 Thomas E. ARMOR to Annie Barton, no date, in 9-17-1909 paper
in page: arbuckle_to_armstrong.htm
9 George Russell ARMSTRONG to Margaret Carson, 3 Apr 1926
in page: arbuckle_to_armstrong.htm
10 ___ AUROY to Adelin Argerin, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: atkins_to_auroy.htm
11 Bert AVERY to Mary Roy, 12 Jan 1897
in page: austin_to_axtell.htm
---- B's  
12 A. S. BAILEY to Carrie Patton, 27 Jun 1894
in page: babbitt_to_bailey.htm
13 Leslie C. BALDWIN to Frances Reed, 6 Oct 1920
in page: baillie_to_baldwin.htm
14 Robert BALMER to Leonora Allison, 15 Jun 1898
in page: balmer_to_baltz.htm
15 Samuel BARDEN to Emma McElhaney, 30 Mar 1920
in page: barcus_to_barker.htm
16 Clyde E. BARNES to Lola McElhaney, 26 May 1936
in page: barlow_to_barron.htm
17 Silvis BARTONI to Tuenette Recare, no date, in 6-18-1898 paper
in page: bartechko_to_bateman.htm
18 Mack BEAVER to Ellen Kunkle, 24 Mar 1921
in page: beadling_to_bechdel.htm
19 John A. BEER to Ida M. Bush, no date, in 10-2-1897 paper
in page: beer_to_beggs.htm
20 David C. BEGGS to Minnie M. Clark, June 1898
in page: beer_to_beggs.htm
22 Franklin BELL to M. H. McMartin, no date, in 6-17-1893 paper
in page: bell_grooms_1.htm
23 O. BERLIN to Miss Mulvey, no date, in 10-24-1894 paper
in page: bennett_to_bernardi.htm
24 Rolley BERRY to Tish Rea, no date, in 12-12-1898 paper
in page: berner_to_berry.htm
25 Henry BERTHOLD to Etta Wasson, 14 Feb 1893
in page: berthold_page_1.htm
26 John BERTHOLD to Elizabeth Kress, 22 Nov 1921
in page: berthold_page_1.htm
27 Oliver BISH to Mrs. Ida Chambon, 15 Jan 1908
in page: billheimer_to_bish.htm
28 Joseph BLANK to Nancy Solles, no date, in 8-16-1896 paper
in page: blanc_to_blank.htm
29 John H. BRICKMAN to Alma B. Crowe, 22 Dec 1926
in page: brickman_to_brinkman.htm
30 Lawrence Vincent BRITT to Alice Lawrence Boyle, no date, in 4-23-1909 paper
in page: brisbin_to_brizendine.htm
31 James BRITTON to Maggie Hunter, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: brisbin_to_brizendine.htm
32 Clarence BROCKMAN to Ruth Welsh, 17 Aug 1914
in page: broadhurst_to_brockman.htm
33 Elmer BROWN to Mary F. Lutton, no date, in 7-9-1909 paper
in page: brown_grooms_1.htm
34 F. L. BROWN to Ada Williams, no date, in 1-23-1897 paper
in page: brown_grooms_1.htm
35 James W. BROWNING to Mary A. Callahan, no date, in 8-4-1900 paper
in page: brown_grooms_2.htm
36 A. F. BROWNLEE to Anna Simpson, 8 Jul 1897
in page: brown_grooms_2.htm
37 Casper BRUNO to Mrs. Londine, no date, in 7-28-1900 paper
in page: bruce_to_bruno.htm
38 Casper BRUNO to Mrs. Londine, no date, in 7-28-1900 paper
in page: bruce_to_bruno.htm
39 Charles R. BUCHHEIT to Elizabeth A. Rafferty, 27 May 1896
in page: bryant_to_buchheit.htm
40 Nelson BUTTERWORTH to Minnie Phillips, 8 Nov 1893
in page: butterworth_to_byron.htm
--- C's  
41 August CAGNON to Mary Kelly, no date, in 9-17-1909 paper 
in page: cadoul_to_cain.htm
42 David CAMPBELL to Nina Winnifred Shearer
in page: campagna_to_campbell.htm
43 J. S. CAMPBELL to Mary Potter
in page: campbell_2.htm
44 James W. CAMPBELL to Elizabeth Sherman, 
in page: campbell_2.htm
45 Thomas CAMPBELL to Eva McKnight, 
in page: campbell_3.htm
46 CARLIER - BAPTISTE, no names or date, in 10-20-1894 paper
in page: carlier_to_carlisle.htm
47 M. A. CARLISLE to Mary Hanlin, 7 Nov 1894
in page: carlisle_grooms_1.htm
48 Wm. M. CARLISLE to Myrtle Haskins, 28 Sep 1897
in page: carlisle_grooms_1.htm
49 Wm. H. CASE to Annie B. Prescott, no date, in 7-7-1900 paper
in page: cartier_to_case.htm
50 Wm. H. CASE to Annie B. Prescott, no date, in 7-7-1900 paper
in page: cartier_to_case.htm
51 Charles J. CHAMBON to Ida LEWIS, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: chambon_grooms_1.htm
52 Norman CHAPPELL to Margaret Hammond, 21 Dec 1909 ;
in page: chandlier_to_chapple.htm
53 Fred E. CHARLIER to Esther L. Paine, no date, in 1-9-1897 paper
in page: chappo_charlier.htm
54 H. E. CLARK to Margaret Douglass, 16 Aug 1894
in page: clark_page 1.htm
55 Peter COALING to Louisa Metz, 1 Feb 1893
in page: coaling_to_cobbs.htm
56 Joel COBBS to Ella Roane, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: coaling_to_cobbs.htm
57 George COCHRAN to Ada Winters, (Mrs.), 24 Jul 1914
in page: cochran_grooms.htm
58 Grant COLEMAN to Katie Stark, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: coleman_to_collige.htm
59 Francis Brady COLLINS to Margaret Louise Murphy, 9 Oct 1937
in page: collins_grooms1.htm
60 Clarence J. COLTER to Elizabeth A. Patterson, 16 Jun 1898
in page: colter_to_colwes.htm
61 C. L. CONN to Clara Whitlatch, no date, in 8-4-1900 paper
in page: conn_grooms.htm
62 A. F. COWDEN to Eva F. Glass, no date, in 9-12-1896 paper
in page: covode_to_cowden.htm
63 R. R. COWDEN to Lizzie Vogle, 15 Feb 1893
in page: covode_to_cowden.htm
64 Thomas CRAIG to Anna A. Lees, no date, in 6-2-1898 paper
in page: craig_grooms_page1.htm
65 Jesse H. CRAMER to Leila McCabe, 23 Dec 1892
in page: cramer_to_cratsley.htm
66 ___ . N. CRAWFORD to Nina Woodhouse, no date, in 11-3-1894 paper
in page: crawford_grooms_page1.htm
67 F. L. CRAWFORD to Lela C. Grim, no date, in 11-4-1893 paper
in page: crawford_grooms_page1.htm
68 Matthew H. CRAWFORD to Goldie M. Lowery, 10 Aug 1921
in page: crawford_grooms_page2.htm
69 Robert CRAWFORD to Maggie McHugh, 20 Dec 1896
in page: crawford_grooms_page2.htm
70 William CRAWFORD to Miss Kelly, 10 Jul 1908
in page: crawford_grooms_page2.htm
71 Frye CUBBAGE to Cassie Cochran, 22 Jan 1918
in page: crummy_to_cujas.htm
72 Harry CULLEY to Joanna Speer, 26 Dec 1928
in page: culley_to_cummings.htm
73 Gilbert CUMMINGS to Margaret Johnston, 3 Jul 1900
in page: culley_to_cummings.htm
---- D's  
74 Camille DANIEL to Alise Bissiere, 7 Aug 1896
in page: daniel_to_darabos.htm
75 Harry DANTRY to Anna DeAngelis, 11 Jun 1936
in page: daniel_to_darabos.htm
76 Robert DAVIDSON to Lillian Davis, 11 Jun 1914
in page: davidson_grooms.htm
77 Albert R. DAVIS to Thersa E. Emery, no date, in 10-2-1897 paper
in page: davies_to_davis.htm
78 H. G. DAVIS to Winifred E. Thomas, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
in page: davis_grooms_page1.htm
79 John DeFRANCE to Mrs. J. M. Robinson/Roberson, 21 Dec 1892
in page: debruche_to_defrance.htm
80 Thomas DELANEY to Mary Helle, no date, in 1-27-1900 paper
in page: delanontague_to_delaney.htm
81 Leopold DELCORDE to Marie T. Laurant, 14 Sep 1893
in page: delcorde_to_deliere.htm
82 Joseph DEMPE to Elizabeth Davis, no date, in 2-10-1900 paper
in page: delval_to_dempe.htm
83 Eugenore DERBOVEN to Minnie Storm, 29 Jul 1908
in page: denny_to_derboven.htm
84 Frank A. DIEDRICK to Cora Hough, no date, in 8-16-1896 paper
in page: dickson_to_dietrich.htm
85 Percy A. DOUBLE to Mary E. Griffith, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: double_to_doughty.htm
86 Robert T. DOUGLASS to Jennie McIlhenny, 15 Sep 1892
in page: douglas_to_doumont.htm
87 Mitchel DUFOUR to Mary Mente, no date, in 9-12-1896 paper
in page: dufour_to_duke.htm
88 S. C. DULVAL to Wilda E. Smith, no date, in 8-21-1897 paper
in page: dulval_to_dungan.htm
89 John DUNBAR to Abigail Kelso, 15 Aug 1894
in page: dulval_to_dungan.htm
---- E's  
90 John ECCLES to ---lla M. Scott, no date, in 10-20-1894 paper 
in page: eathorn_to_eckert.htm
91 Albert EMERY to Georgia Bell, 15 Aug 1894
in page: eller_to_emery.htm
92 J. H. EMLER to Alice Ladshaw, no date, in 4-3-1897 paper
in page: emler_to_erwin.htm
---- F's  
93 Mac FARRAR to Mayo Donaldson, 24 Jun 1909
in page: farrar_grooms.htm
94 David FERGUSON to Eunice Hindman, 31 Jan 1905
in page: ferguson_to_ferris.htm
95 Robert FERGUSON to Kathryn Ferneaux, 19 Jun 1917
in page: ferguson_to_ferris.htm
96 William FERGUSON to Emma Anderson, 22 Dec 1892
in page: ferguson_to_ferris.htm
97 John FIFE to Rachel Aiken, 23 Sep 1852, Anniversary notice published in 1892
in page: fielding_to_finger.htm
98 John S. FISHER to Jennie A. Frazier, 18 Oct 1893
in page: fisher_to_flaherty.htm
99 J. B. FLAHERTY to Helen R. Brady, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
in page: fisher_to_flaherty.htm
100 Frank FOGEL to Nora Paulson, no date, in 7-1-1893 paper
in page: flon_to_fogel.htm
101 Frank FOSTER to ---rzah Soles, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: fondersmith_to_france.htm
102 Andrew Wylie FULTON to Sarah Jane McCalmont, no date, 
in 6-26-1897 paper
in page: fullgraf_to_funaro.htm
---- G's  
103 John J. GAMBLE to Kate Lusk, 15 Jun 1898
in page: gallagher_to_gamble.htm
104 William John GASSELL to Ruth Cook, 25 Sep 1920
in page: gardner_to_gassell.htm
105 Charles GEARY to Sada Malone, 16 Sep 1896
in page: gaston_to_gedeon.htm
106 Wm. D. GEORGE to Margaret Wilson, 9 Nov 1892
in page: geisler_to_george.htm
107 George GILLESPIE to Anna Thomassy, 27 Jan 1897
in page: gilles_to_gillespie.htm
108 Vincent Albert GILLESPIE to Mary Alice Mullen, 6 Aug 1924
in page: gillespie_to_ginn.htm
109 Walter Paul GILLESPIE to Theresa Aloysius McDonald, 19 Oct 1920
in page: gillespie_to_ginn.htm
110 Walter R. GORSUCH to Jennie L. Scott, 23 Dec 1898
in page: gorsuch_to_gosset.htm
111 Alphonsus GOSTEAUX to Paula Delvall, June 1898
in page: gossiaux _to_gould.htm
112 Thomas GRAHAM to Mrs. Susan McMullen, 16 Jul 1900
in page: gower_to_graham.htm
113 Willis GRAY to Emma Fisher, 5 Oct 1892
in page: gray_grooms_page2.htm
114 James M. GREEN to Margaret Ann French, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
in page: green_to_gresh.htm
---- H's  
115 Alfred J. HAINAUT to Irma E. Briceland, 11 Nov 1909
in page: habyanet_to_hainaut.htm
116 Charles Alfred HAINAUT to Elizabeth Mae Hookey, 18 Nov 1933
in page: habyanet_to_hainaut.htm
117 Mr. HALEY to Jennie Sherman, 12 Oct 1892
in page: halback_to_haley.htm
118 Sherman HALEY to Annie Kline, no date, in 3-20-1914 paper
in page: halback_to_haley.htm
119 Leroy HALFAST to Annie Connors, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: halfast_to_hamel.htm
120 Andrew HALL to Martha Emler, no date, in 11-3-1894 paper
in page: halfast_to_hamel.htm
121 Daniel HARDY to Maggie Johns, no date, in 3-11-1893 paper
in page: hans_to_harkett.htm
122 J. Thomas HARKETT to R. Georgiann Fife, no date, in 9-5-1896 paper
in page: hans_to_harkett.htm
123 Geo. E. HARPER to Mary Edna Bebout, 8 Jan 1908
in page: harper_grooms.htm
124 John C. HART to Agnes Murphy, no date, in 10-30-1908 paper
in page: harrower_to_hartsick.htm
125 Lynn HARVEY to Grace Coovert, no date, in 7-24-1908 paper
in page: hartzell_to_harvey.htm
126 Calvin G. HAZLETT to Mame Hoffman, 27 Jun 1894
in page: hazlett_grooms.htm
127 Wm. HEIL to Sadie S. Jones, Nov 1894
in page: heap_to_heil.htm
128 James HENNAN to Marie Terie, no date, in 11-12-1898 paper ]
in page: hempel_to_hennan.htm
129 P. W. HENTZ to Bernadine Sleuratewagen, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: hentz_to_hermes.htm
130 James K. HENTZELL to Annie E. Scott, no date, in 5-14-1898 paper
in page: hentz_to_hermes.htm
131 Carl E. HENTZELL to Leota Marie McClain, 29 Sep 1925
in page: hentz_to_hermes.htm
132 David HERMAN to Carrie Seik, no date, in 6-5-1897 paper
in page: hentz_to_hermes.htm
133 Leonard HERMES to Bess Martin, no date, in 8-30-1946
in page: hentz_to_hermes.htm
134 Herbert HEZLEP to Irene F. Robb, 23 Jun 1898
in page: hezlep_to_hickinbotham.htm
135 Charles HICKS to Flora Cliff, 5 May 1909
in page: hicks_to_higgins.htm
136 Charles A. HOOPER, Jr. to Pearl Dickinson, 12 Apr 1917
in page: homitz_to_hope.htm
137 J. W. HOWELL to Marie Elizabeth Lindsey, 13 Dec 1894
in page: howard_to_hudson.htm
138 George E. HUDSON to Mary Wilson, 15 Jun 1909
in page: howard_to_hudson.htm
139 J. E. HUTCHISON to Mary J. Bigger, no date, in 9-1-1894 paper
in page: hutchins_to_hyser.htm
140 William V. IRONS to Virginia Trimmer, 17 Aug 1909
in page: irons_to_irwin.htm
---- J's  
141 Joseph JAMES to Sadie Yates, no date, in 7-7-1900 paper
in page: jackson_to_jamieson.htm
142 Lon. JARRETT to Nettie Harvey, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: janocha_to_jellison.htm
143 Thomas JEWETT to Alice Beard, 27 May 1897
in page: jennette_to_jiannino.htm
144 David JOHNSTON to Miss Hoster, no date, in 2-10-1900 paper
in page: johnston_grooms_page1.htm
145 J. C. JOHNSTON to Annie Brown, 29 Dec 1892
in page: johnston_grooms_page2.htm
146 William JOHNSTON to Flora Brandenburg, 31 Aug 1912
in page: johnston_grooms_page3.htm
147 W. M. JONES to Ida Yolton, 5 May 1909
in page: jones_grooms_page3.htm
148 Paul N. JORDAN to Mabel Wallace Shane, 6 Oct 1920
in page: jordan_grooms.htm
---- K's  
149 Armell KELLY to Frances Jane O'Rourke, 20 Mar 1934
in page: kelly_to_kelley.htm
150 James KELLY to Alice Duffy, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: kelly_to_kelley.htm
151 Jas. A. KELSO to Willa Ware, 29 Jun 1898
in page: kelso_grooms_page2.htm
152 Harry M. KELSON to Maggie Gladden, 31 Dec 1892 
in page: kelson_to_kennard.htm
153 Paul R. KENNEDY to Evelyn Descutner, 2 Sep 1943
in page: kennedy_grooms.htm
154 Walter KENNEDY to Nettie Phillips, 15 Sep 1925
in page: kennedy_to_kenneweg.htm
155 John Boyd KNEPPER to Elwina Lewis, no date, July 1893 paper
in page: kluz_to_knepshield.htm
156 Walter F. KNEPSHIELD to Bertha M. Peel, no date, in 9-24-1909 paper
in page: kluz_to_knepshield.htm
157 Peter KOHL to Viola McCall, 9 Jan 1908
in page: knestrick_to_kohl.htm
158 Alexander KRAMER to Eleanor Devesse, 31 Dec 1934
in page: kraeer_to_kramer.htm
159 Carl John KRESS to Elizabeth Link, 2? Jun 1909
in page: kress_grooms.htm
160 Harry KUDER to Dee Dally, no date, in 9-17-1909 paper
in page: kriss_to_kuehnel.htm
161 Edward W. KUEHNEL to Mary Clark, 2 Jan 1928
in page: kriss_to_kuehnel.htm
162 Part 1 of notice missing for Dr. Charles L. KUHN to Mary Alice Bridges, 30 Jul 1940 
in page: kuehnert_to_kulak.htm
163 Bert KUHNS to Ida Smith, 22 Sep 1898
in page: kuehnert_to_kulak.htm
164 Kenneth Douglass KUNKLE to Elizabeth Jean Grant, 6 Jun 1941
in page: kunkle_grooms.htm
---- L's  
165 George LAVIE to Catherine Stevenson, no date, in 6-25-1909 paper
in page: latshaw_to_laycock.htm
166 John S. LEE to Dora Monigar, no date, in 12-23-1893 paper
in page: leach_to_lee.htm
167 John C. LEECH to Emma L. Jones, no date, in 8-23-1896 paper
in page: leech_to_leiner.htm
168 Robert LENNET to Elizabeth McNay, no date, in 1-23-1897 paper
in page: lemon_to_lennet.htm
169 William LESCALLET to Martha McCurdy, 12 Aug 1894
in page: lescallet_to_lescallette.htm
170 Clifford P. LeVIER to Frances Stranagan, 19 Jun 1898
in page: leskner_to_levison.htm
171 Robert LIBSCOMB to Fannie Buttler, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: leytrick_to_licker.htm
172 Wm. R. LINN to Alice Betz, 14 Jan 1897 
in page: lindsey_to_lipinski.htm
173 Robert LIPSCOMB to Fannie Butler, no date, in 12-8-1894 paper
(Also on page leytrick_to_licker.htm)
in page: lipscomb_to_little.htm
174 Edward C. LITTLE to Georgiana Orr, 13 Aug 1896
in page: lipscomb_to_little.htm
175 R. P. LOHM to Lillian Larry, no date, in 6-18-1909 paper
in page: logar_to_loose.htm
176 John LOOSE to Frederika Ebert, 24 Feb 1897
in page: logar_to_loose.htm
177 John LOTTERBAUGH to Grace Phillips, 19 May 1897
in page: lorensli_to_loveland.htm
178 David LYLE to Maggie Park, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: lyle_to_lyon.htm
179 Peter LYONS to Janet Scott, no date, in 6-23-1892 paper
in page: lyons_grooms.htm
180 William R. LYONS, Jr. to Gertrude Louise Robb, 7 Aug 1942
in page: lyons_grooms.htm
---- M's  
181 Part 2 of W. A. MADGWICK to Denise C. Deloche, 10 Jun 1902
in page : mader_to_mahalic.htm
182 Leo MALARKEY to Marian Alice McBeth, 1 Sep 1933
in page: maher_to_malarky.htm
183 Robert MALARKY to Mary Catrain, 17 Sep 1908
in page: maher_to_malarky.htm
184 Samuel MALONE to Miss Henderson, no date, in 11-18-1893 paper
in page: malesky_to_mammone.htm
185 C. A. MANSON to Mary Marks, 18 Aug 1909
in page: mangold_to_mapes.htm
186 Pressley MANSON to Flora Campbell, 15 Sep 1892
in page: mangold_to_mapes.htm
187 Harry P. MAUST to Kathryn Grimes, 8 May 1918
in page: maughn_to_mawhinney.htm
188 Charles MAWHINNEY to Emma Weaver, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: maughn_to_mawhinney.htm
189 C. B. McALISTER to Mary McAlister, no date, in June 1894 paper
in page: mcalister_to_mcanallen.htm
190 Carrol A. McBRIDE to Elsie Bell Stevenson, 16 Nov 1898
in page: mcbride_grooms.htm
191 Elmer McBURNEY to Miss Scott, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: mcburney_grooms.htm
192 J. K. McBURNEY to Lillie Sarver, no date, in 11-28-1893 paper
in page: mcburney_grooms.htm
193 James H. McBURNEY to Sadie B. Scott, 2 Aug 1894
in page: mcburney_grooms.htm
194 W. D. McCABE to Mary P. Rice, no date, in 5-14-1898 paper
in page: mccabe_to_mccaffery.htm
195 J. J. McCAFFERY to Mary E. Flaherty, no date, in 10-16-1908 paper
in page: mccabe_to_mccaffery.htm
196 Thomas N. McCAY to Nellie M. Lydia, no date, in 7-7-1900 paper
in page: mccaslin_to_mcchancy.htm
197 T. E. McCONNELL to Sarah McCullough, 9 Jun 1892
in page: mcconnell_grooms.htm
198 Elmer Wilson McCULLOUGH to Virginia Ellen Gault, 21 Sep 1920
in page: mccullough_to_mccummins.htm
199 Graham McCUMMINS to Maggie McKinney, no date in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: mccullough_to_mccummins.htm
200 James McDONALD to Lizzie Long, no date, in 6-5-1897 paper
in page: mcdonald_grooms.htm
201 John Edwin McDONALD to Mary Susanna Alton, 23 Jun 1909
in page: mcdonald_grooms.htm
202 Frank Wyble McFARLAND to Helen Bernice Beaumont, 19 Jun 1917
in page: mcfarland_grooms.htm
203 Frank McGINNIS to Anna Miller, no date, in 10-10-1896 paper
in page: mcginnis_grooms.htm
204 E. J. McILHENNY to Annie M. Scott, no date, in 7-1-1893 paper
in page: mcguane_to_mckarge.htm
205 C. B. McKAY to Mary E. *****, 25 Oct 1894
in page: mckay_to_mckee.htm
206 E. Boyles McKEE to Mary E. Smith, 4 Aug 1894
in page: mckay_to_mckee.htm
207 John S. McMAHON to Margaret Ann Gorman, 24 Jul 1935
in page: mcmahon_to_mcmillen.htm
208 R. L. McMILLAN to Margaret Hastings, no date, in 4-10-1897 paper
in page: mcmahon_to_mcmillen.htm
209 Edward MEEHAN to Mrs. Patrick Dolan, no date in 5-5-1917 paper
in page: meehan_grooms.htm
210 T. D. METCALF to Lizzie C. White, 4 Sep 1894
in page: meriage_to_meutz.htm
211 John J. MILLER to Nora L. Moore, 22 Aug 1893
in page: miller_grooms_page2.htm
212 Herbert R. MORRIS to Minnie L. Kleckner, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
in page: morice_to_morris.htm
213 Jules MORTELETTE to Julia Jiannino, 28 Sep 1920
in page: morrow_to_mortimer.htm
214 Patrick MULLIGAN to Miss ___ Gribben, no date, in 11-4-1893 paper
in page: mulligan_to_mullooly.htm
215 James MURPHY to Elenora Bruce, no date, in 2-14-1903 paper
in page: murphy_to_murray.htm
---- N's  
216 J. NAMEE to S. Emma Wilson, no date, in 6-11-1898 paper
in page: nachod_to_namee.htm
217 Chris NEEZER, Jr. to Sarah J. Patton, 6 Nov 1894
in page: neelan_to_nellis.htm
218 Pressly H. NEVILLE to Patience S. Sybrant, no date, in 10-16-1914 paper
in page: neville_to_nice.htm
219 John M. NICKOLSON to Jean Thomas, 5 Jun 1909
in page: nichols_to_nix.htm
---- O's  
220 William Albert E. OATES to Mary A. Kay, no date, in 9-24-1909 paper
in page: oates_to_oblock.htm
221 James Emmett O'BRIEN to Marie Viola Kumph, 16 Oct 1918
in page: o-brien_grooms.htm
222 James P. O'BRIEN to Margaret Hays, no date, in 6-25-1898 paper
in page: o-brien_grooms.htm
223 William ORRIS to Grace Reddick, no date, in 10-23-1914 paper
in page: orris_to_o-shea.htm
224 J. S. ORWICK to Maggie C. McCausland, no date, in 1-1-1892 paper
(note, I got Jan 2nd but not Jan 1st notice)
in page: orris_to_o-shea.htm
---- P's  
225 Frederick PANSCHARE to Alice Hannan, 10 Mar 1914
in page: pangersis_to_parker.htm
226 Stewart PATTERSON to Lizzie Willison, 23rd. of month, 1892, no month available
in page: patterson_to_pattison.htm
227 John PEDICORD to Hannah Souda, no date, in 3-13-1897 paper
in page: pease_to_peffer.htm
228 Joseph C. PETTIT to Hannah Baker, no date, in 8-14-1897 paper
in page: pettit_to_phillippe.htm
229 Delmont PHILLIPS to Agnes B. Lockhart, 12 Jul 1894
in page: phillips_grooms_page1.htm
230 Robert PHILLIPS to Lida Soles, 27 Jul 1892
in page: phillips_grooms_page3.htm
231 William PHILLIPS to Dottie Blair, no date, in 1-26-1907
in page: phillips_grooms_page3.htm
232 Joseph PIERARD to Margaret Zirwas, 29 Sep 1920
in page: pialet_to_pierard.htm
233 John Raymond POLLACK to Georgia Bonaparte Schellinger, 
no date, in 8-18-1917 paper
in page: plants_to_pollack.htm
234 J. W. PRY to Lizzie B. Welch, 13 Sep 1892
in page: pry_to_puhart.htm
235 Robert PURDY to Tessie Grady, 1 Jan 1908
in page: purdy_to_puskar.htm
---- Q's  
236 L. B. QUINN to Mrs. Lewrettia Thompson, 19 Jan 1907
in page: quinn_grooms.htm
---- R's  
237 Carson L. RACH to Mary Hunter, 24 Sep 1894
in page: rabb_to_ragland.htm
238 Boyce RANKIN to Nannie Ferguson, 11 May 1898
in page: rankin_grooms.htm
239 Mr. ____ RANKIN to Lizzie McCoy, no date, in 10-28-1893 paper
in page: rankin_grooms.htm
240 Edward REED to Anna Robinson, 5 Dec 1894
in page: reed_grooms_page1.htm
241 John REED to Anna Smith, 21 Jun 1900
in page: reed_grooms_page2.htm
242 M. W. REED to Maud S. Saunders, 13 May 1897
in page: reed_grooms_page2.htm
243 B. F. REYNOLDS to Florence Davis, no date, in 9-10-1909 paper
in page: reynolds_grooms.htm
244 William L. RICHARDS to Ella King Christopher, 3 Jul 1909
in page: rhiel_to_richards.htm
245 Vedal RICOLLO to Helen Auplicit, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: ricollo_to_riley.htm
246 Meade G. ROBERTS to Amanda E. Dhinaut, 30 Dec 1909
in page: roberts_grooms_page2.htm
247 Charles Smith ROBERTSON to Leila Mae Love, 26 Nov 1924
in page: robertson_grooms.htm
248 J. G. ROBINSON to Florence William, 12 Jan 1897
in page: robinson_grooms.htm
249 Ralph H. ROBISON to Stella M. Craven, 26 Sep 1908
in page: robison_to_rocher.htm
250 T. J. RODGERS to Emma M. Dunbar, no date in 12-5-1896 paper
in page: rodgers_grooms.htm
251 Marius RODIER to Melvina Buisson, 18 Nov 1893
in page: rodier_to_rogers.htm
252 Joseph ROMAN to Matilda Green, no date, in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: rohde_to_roman.htm
253 Carson L. RUCH to Mary Hunter, no date, in 9-1-1894 paper
in page: rozanc_to_rudy.htm
254 James A. RUMBAUGH, Jr. to Hazel Elizabeth McBeth, 1 Sep 1933
in page: rumbaugh_grooms.htm
255 Andrew S. RUSSELL to Edna Smith, no date, in 12-23-1893 paper
in page: russell_grooms_page1.htm
256 L. A. RUSSELL to Mattie Kelso, 25 Oct 1893
in page: russell_grooms_page2.htm
257 W. H. RUTHERFORD to Minnie I. Wallace, no date, in 6-18-1898 paper
in page: rutherford_to_ruttenbert.htm
---- S's  
258 Isadore SACHEY to A. Thomas, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: sabo_to_salmon.htm
259 Edward H. SAMMONS to Alla Lawrence, no date, in 5-11-1898 paper
in page: sammons_to_sappie.htm
260 James T. SAMPLE to Mrs. E. E. Kaufman, no date, in 4-17-1897 paper
in page: sammons_to_sappie.htm
261 Charles SCHOLAERT to Mary Leveda Roberts, no date, in 7-9-1909 paper
in page: schnuth_to_scholl.htm
262 Victor SCHOLLARET to Amelia Servein, no date, in 8-14-1897 paper
in page: schollaert_to_schollaret.htm
263 John Elmer SCOTT to Luella McPeak, no date, 10-29-1892 paper
in page: scott_grooms_page1.htm
264 Paul Elmer SCOTT to Hazel Ivalyn Merville, 22 Sep 1920
in page: scott_grooms_page3.htm
265 William C. SHANE to Sophia M. Schofield, June 1898
in page: sexton_to_shane.htm
266 John ___ to Lizzie Toward, no date, in 9-11-1897 paper
in page: shanks_to_shaw.htm
267 Arthur R. SHIREY to Elsie E. Schall, 22 Nov 1943
in page: shirey_grooms.htm
268 John F. SHORT to Anna Coy, no date, in 5-22-1897 paper
in page: shively_to_shotis.htm
269 Fred SHULTZ to Elizabeth Campbell, 18 Mar 1908
in page: shultz_to_sigley.htm
270 I. R. SIMPSON to Aurelia A. Guthrie, no date, in 5-15-1897 paper
in page: simpson_grooms_page1.htm
271 Q. McK. SIMPSON, to Bessie Andrews, no date, in 1-9-1897 paper
in page: simpson_grooms_page2.htm
272 William Giffin SIMPSON to Effie M. Hickman, 26 Oct 1893
in page: simpson_grooms_page3.htm
273 John SLATER to Miss Brewster, no date, in 6-19-1897 paper
in page: skiff_to_slater.htm
274 Part 2 of Thomas Brewster SKIFF to Mary Elizabeth O'Steen, 14 Nov 1942
in page: skiff_to_slater.htm
275 Alfred SMALLEY to Mary Reynolds, no date, in 11-3-1894 paper
in page: slouzewski_to_smiarowski.htm
276 John P. SMILEY to Minnie V. Reed, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
in page: smiley_to_sminsky.htm
277 Alexander SMITH to Mary E. Herron, no date, in 12-24-1898 paper
in page: smith_grooms_page1.htm
278 John A. SMITH to Mary A. Fink, 8 Sep 1892
in page: smith_grooms_page4.htm
279 John Russell SMITH to Martha Bamford, 16 Feb 1917
in page: smith_grooms_page4.htm
280 John SMITH to Doris Payne, 25 Jul 1935
in page: smith_grooms_page5.htm
281 Thomas SMITH to Alice Phillips, 2 Aug 1900
in page: smith_grooms_page6.htm
282 Jacob J. SNYDER to Mary Agnes Halloran, no date, in 5-29-1897 paper
in page: snyder_grooms.htm
283 James SOLLINGER to Ella White, no date, in 12-5-1896 paper
in page: sochey_to_soubie.htm
284 Oliver SPRINGER to Eldora Berryhill, 16 Jun 1893
in page: springer_to_sprowls.htm
285 A. C. STANTON to Jennie Stanton, 9 Aug 1896
in page: stampfli_to_stanton.htm
286 Herbert A. STEELE to Elizabeth S. Haley, 23 Jun 1897
in page: steele_to_steffey.htm
287 John STEELE to Barbara Drennen, no date, in 10-8-1909 paper
in page: steele_to_steffey.htm
288 J. A. STEPHENSON to Laura Eagleson, 11 Aug 1896
in page: stein_to_stern.htm
289 Fred STEWART to Antoinette Kargle, 14 Oct 1920
in page: stewart_grooms_page2.htm
290 Clover STRAWN to Anna Belle Clutter, 2 Apr 1897
in page: strader_to_strawn.htm
291 Joseph SUPLIT to Maria Masquelier, no date, in 10-8-1909 paper
in page: suplit_to_sutherland.htm
292 Isadore SUSHEY to Abbie Thomas, Nov 1894
in page: suplit_to_sutherland.htm
293 J. V. SUTHERLAND to Cora Osborne, 27 May 1893
in page: suplit_to_sutherland.htm
294 Mathias SUTTON to Carrie Whitford, no date, in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: sutton_grooms.htm
---- T's  
295 J. Will TAYLOR to Margaret Scott, 20 May 1897
in page: taylor_grooms.htm
296 George THOMAS to Jennie Haley, 13 July 1909
in page: thayer_to_thomas.htm
297 Joseph THOMAS to Eva May Moore, no date, in 7-9-1909 paper
in page: thomas_to_thomassy.htm
298 W. T. K. THOMPSON to Jane McConaughey, no date, in 5-11-1898 paper 
in page: thompson_to_tidball.htm
299 Clark R. TILTON to Ota Purvis, 12 Oct 1920
in page: tilton_to_tope.htm
300 Norman E. TUCKER to Elizabeth Richards, 9 Jun 1934
in page: tucker_to_turkaly.htm
---- U's = none  
---- V's  
301 August VALENTOUR to Marie Voye, 19 Aug 1896
in page: valentour_to_van-buskirk.htm
302 Harry J. VANCE to Melissa Guthrie, 29 Sep 1892
in page: vanarsdale_to_vance.htm
303 Marie VINCENT to Pauline Hypolyte, Thanksgiving, in 12-9-1893 paper
in page: vincent_to_virant.htm
304 Charles VOYE to Ethel Murphy, no date, in 4-23-1909 paper
in page: virtue_to_voye.htm
---- W's  
305 J. J. WALLACE to Jennie McCrory, no date in 1-1-1897 paper
in page: wallace_grooms_page1.htm
306 Andrew WEICKER to Lizzie Verschuren, no date, in 10-28-1893 paper
in page: webber_to_weidner.htm
307 S. J. WELCH to Lula Reed, 15 Sep 1892
in page: weissberg_to_welch.htm
308 John P. WHITE to Mary A. Miller, no date, in 8-18-1900 paper
in page: white_to_whitlock.htm
309 Moody G. WHITE to Edith Ritchie, no date, in 5-22-1897 paper
in page: white_to_whitlock.htm
310 David Lewis WILLIAMS to Elizabeth Nesbit Thompson, 1 Nov 1892
in page: wiles_to_williams.htm
311 Howell P. WILLIAMS to Ida McFann, no date, in 3-29-1902 paper
in page: williams_grooms_page1.htm
312 Robert WILLIAMS to Matilda J. Yolton, no date, in 11-17-1894 paper
in page: williams_grooms_page2.htm
313 George C. WILSON to Mrs. Mary E. Smith, 28 Feb 1918
in page: wilson_grooms_page1.htm
314 Harry WILSON to Mary Hammerly, no date, in 9-6-1912 paper
in page: wilson_grooms_page1.htm
315 John WILSON to Nancy Cain, no date, in 6-26-1897 paper
in page: wilson_grooms_page2.htm
316 James B. WOLDEN to Mary Martin, 13 Sep 1893
in page: winters_to_wolden.htm
317 D. E. WOLF to Annie Maher, 26 Sep 1894
in page: wolf_to_wood.htm
318 James WOLF to Gretta M. Ewing, 21 Dec 1892
in page: wolf_to_wood.htm
319 Clinton WRIGHT to Dorothy McElhany, 20 Dec 1941
in page: wright_grooms_1.htm
---- X's = none  
---- Y's  
320 Siegfried YOST to Florence Redman, 26 Jan 1929
in page: yoho_to_youkers.htm
321 Richard R. YOUNG to Annie Martha Lescallet, no date, in 8-16-1896 paper
in page: young-andrew_to_young-robert.htm
---- Z's  
322 Anthony J. ZAVERL to Domenica Petrillo, 28 Jun 1947
in page: zakareckes_to_zelinsky.htm
323 Part 2 of Albert R. ZIEGLER to Elizabeth Knepper, 24 Jun 1932
in page: zickefoose_to_zimmerman.htm
324 Peter ZIRWAS to Marie Meyer, no date in 12-29-1894 paper
in page: zirwas_to_zvonik.htm


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