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Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa, Aug. 24, 1948, page unknown:
"Imperial Evens Series With Avella Merchants"
baseball - [names from article]
Vic PREGEL of Imperial team
Tony SCARLOT of Avella
____ TESLA

"Van Voorhis Wins, 5-1, Over Bentleyville Nine" - sports
Chime kovich


Article from The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 24, 1948, p. 7: [Top of column is cut off.]
          "Professor and Mrs. Alfred H. Sweet, South Watson avenue, left today for a fortnight's vacation which they will divide between New York City and points in New England. While in New York Mrs. Sweet will attend the Culbertson's Bridge Teacher's Convention scheduled for August 27, 28, and 29.
           "Mrs. Joseph Pearlman and daughter, Lee of Carnegie, are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. L. Webber, [68 ?] West Katherine avenue.
          "Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reed, McKinley avenue, are vacationing in Kentucky.
          "Ralph Johnson, Philadelphia, spent the weekend here. Mr. Johnson formerly lived in Washington.
          "The Rev. George Yount, Arlington, Va., spent the weekend with his parents, here.
          "Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Gibson and daughter, Darla, 430 McKinley avenue, have returned from a vacation in Ocean City, N. J.
          "Mrs. Virginia Hastings, Morgantown, W. Va., spent the weekend here.
          "M. and Mrs. John Morgan, Quaker City, O., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Clokey, Jr., Franklin Farms. 
          "Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Warne, 456 Second street, spent the weekend with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James Warne, and grandson, David, in Toledo, O.
          "Mrs. Frank F. Nicholas, 520 Central avenue, has returned to the City after spending a vacation with her family at Elk Lake near Waymart. Mr. Nicholas spent the weekend at Elk Lake.
          "Mrs. Ada Zahniser, 245 West Chestnut street, and her sister, Mrs. Marion Johnson, 769 1/2 Broad street, and her niece, Miss Patricia Zahniser, 110 Elm street, spent the weekend at Indiantown Gap visiting Mrs. Zahniser's son, Master Sergeant Don J. Zahniser of Regimental Headquarters Company and Private George R. Zahniser, Company H, a brother of Miss Patricia Zahniser. Mrs. Walter [Conklin ?], [345 ?] West Chestnut street, wife of Staff Sergeant Walter [Conklin ?], cook for Company K was also a member of the party. They witnessed the Governor's Review on Sunday and returned to the City today.
           "Mr. and Mrs. [Lloyd ?] [Freeman ?], ___ North Main street..." [rest is too blurred to read on the Xerox copy.] [It continues in the next column.] ..."...Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Collins, Glendale, Okla. They visited the Will Rogers Memorial at Claremore, Okla."
           "Frederic S. Welsh, Jr., Rochester, N. Y. and John Reed Welsh and wife, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y., have returned to the respective homes after being here to attend the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Maude Reed [Tuttle ??]. While here they visited another aunt, Mrs. Etta Reed Mowry, [5 ?] Highland avenue. Frederic S. Welsh and John Reed Welsh are the sons of the late Mrs. Alice Reed Welsh."
[Two more items are in this column but they are both too blurry on the Xerox to read anything.]In a column cut off during Xeroxing are these names - probably about where newly graduated high school students plan to attend college this fall.
"... Joan McNary, Miss Farmer's Schol [sic] of Cookery, Boston.
"The following girls have enrolled in nursing schools: Shirley Arnold, Allegheny Hospital; Rowene Carson, Washington Hospital; Phyllis Champ, Presbyterian Hospital; Helen Boyan, Dorothy Dunn, Marian Marshall and Carol Woods, Canonsburg Hospital and Mary Lou Leonard, West Suburban Hospital, near Chicago, Ill.; and Lillian Bellish, Shadyside Hospital.
"Theresa Heiser and Mary Jo Mastic have enrolled in the Robert Morris Business School in Pittsburgh."
"Daughters of America To Meet Tomorrow - Washington Council No. 61, Daughters of America will hold a meeting tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in the I. O. O. F. Lodge Rooms, West Chestnut street.
"At 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon a benefit card party will be held with the social committee, Mrs. Ellen Salsberry, chairman, in charge.
"A social hour will follow the evening's business session."

"Amity Methodist Class - The Women's Bible class of the Amity Methodist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Catherine Garner Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 12 o'clock noon. Mrs. Freda Elliott will have charge of the program." 


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Dec. 11, 1948, p. 7:
"Story-telling Hour At Brownson House - Mrs. Richard Warrick is in charge of a story-telling hour now being held at Brownson House. Assisting her will be other members of the Daughters of the Current Events Club whose project is assisting with the Brownson House program and giving financial assistance to the Neighborhood House Association."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 14, 1948, p. 2:
[Article cut off] - one name is ______ G. Grover, Supervising Principal of East Washington Schools

"Births - [see birth file]

[Article cut off] - some names in it are: [excerpt only]
Louis A. Prete, of Bobtown, works in the outside gang at the Shannopin Mine
____ Orban, worked with Mr. Prete at the mine
Orban had been shot and robbed of almost $1,700.00 by a driver who had picked him up to give him a ride.
Mr. Orban was admitted to Washington Hospital after he was found on the roadside by his friend, Mr. Prete.

Ad- "The ordinary Christmas Tree is one of the most inflammable objects known.  Have You Enough Fire Insurance?  SMITH.  Phone 2313 Washington Pa.  Complete Insurance Service.  44 West Wheeling St.

"News Views by David Smith" -[article cut off, is about Christmas season & emotions evoked]

[article cut down center] - is about Washington High School students were shown moving picture [e.g. motion picture or movie] "God of Creation" - Rankin? Moffitt of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Ill. - ___G. Grover, Supervising Principal of the East Washington Schools...



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