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Article from the The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Apr. 27, 1915, page unknown:

"HEATH CONDITIONS ARE VERY FAVORABLE - Health conditions in Washington are greatly improved this week over previous weeks. There were fewer communicable diseases reported last week than for some time. Following in the weekly report of the Board of Health and the health officers' report for the week ending April 27, as submitted by Secretary T. W. Henderson to members of the board:
Communicable Diseases . 
Catherine Baker, Summit avenue, chicken pox, at home, white, onset April 18.
George Pianos, mumps, at home, white, onset April 25.
Quarantine Placed, 2; lifted [2 ?].
From measles, 1, Enid Strandberg, [726 ?] Beech street, April 20.
From chicken pox, 1, Thelma Amos, 1087 Summerlea, April 25.
Permits issued. Night soilers, 11.
Health Officer's Report.
Complaints and nuisances investigated: From manure, 1; tin cans, rubbish, filth, etc., 13; cesspools, 2; slops and waste water, 4; clogged drains, [3 ?]; vaults inspected and o.k'd, 16; foul drains, 6; abandoned vaults, 2; garbage, 7; garbage notices posted, 7; closets, 5; rooms fumigated, 2; hearings, 2; defendants who were Italians, admitted to violating a borough ordinance, but said they did not know it at the time. Burgess Morgan let them off without a fine, but told them there was a severe penalty for removing and cleaning closets without a permit from the Board of Health."
NOTE: A "closet" was an outhouse, I believe.

"HAVE REMOVED TO MORRIS TOWNSHIP - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fields, who the past winter resided on the Walker W. Moore farm in South Franklin township, have removed to the Young place at the headwaters of Dry Run, in Morris township, where Mrs. Fields was born and spent her girlhood days. They made the trip to their new home by automobile last week. Mr. Fields, aged 97 years, was critically ill for a few weeks last winter, but he has recuperated wonderfully in health and strength. Neighbors who came to carry him from the home to the auto were somewhat taken aback when Mr. Fields started ahead of them without assistance, boarding the machine easily."

[a partial obituary for a Mr. CREE; the top of the Obituary was cut off during Xeroxing, but the rest is transcribed  -- see obits by year.] 

The F. M. Paxton Funeral - [see obits by year]

"VARIED PROGRAM AND ALL WELL RENDERED - The clear tones, the great range of voices, the perfect harmony, and trim and pleasing appearance, the long time together as a company and the unusually varied program presented, combined, explain why Williams Colored Singers stand distinctly in a class of their own -- the greatest company of colored singers in existence. Selections from the classics are handled by them in just as masterly a manner as are the negro melodies, popular airs and trick songs they present. Be sure to hear them at the High School tomorrow night."

"MOUNTAIN FARM SALE - Upon petition the court has confirmed the sae of certain real estate belonging to Thomas D. Ulery, by W. H. Ulery, receiver. The property sold consists of a mountain farm in [Arbemarle ?] county, Virginia. A contract has been made for the sale of the same to Leander L. [Sandridge ?] at a consideration of $19 an acre. It contains 125 acres, and affidavit is made by persons familiar with land in that community that the consideration is full value of the land. Total consideration is [$1, 360 ?]."

"LICENSE YEAR CLOSES FRIDAY; FEW CHANGES - The liquor license year in this county closes on Friday evening, but there are not many changes in these places of business. At Finleyville Elizabeth Hayden, owner and proprietor of the Hotel Hayden at that place, where formerly there was a saloon, will again open her bar for business on Saturday. John J. Zweck, who has enjoyed the monopoly of the one license there for several years, will be closed. He was refused a license at the last license court simply because the court favored giving it over to Mrs. Hayden. Mr. Zweik came to Finleyville from Pittsburg [sic], where he had been in the hotel business, and acquired a license. Formerly there were three licensed places in Finleyville, but following alleged violations of the law the town was made dry for a time.
Charleroi will have one more saloon to take care of the trade on Saturday. George M. Fellows, refusing a year go, was granted a license, and will open his bar Saturday. Charleroi has seven saloons.
Thomas Madigan, whose bar has been closed for a year at Hotel Madigan, Hillsboro [Millsboro ?], will open up for business again. He was refused a year ago, following a sensational murder in that town, which, it is said, had some influence on the court's action.
The [Laizari ?] hotel, at Monongahela, will not have a license this coming year. Louis [Laizari ?]some months ago lost his health and his wife took over the business. The court refused to transfer the license to her and for a time the bar was closed, but later the court granted the license to the guardian of Mr. [Laizari ?], who had become weak minded, in order that the stock on hand in the bar might be closed out.
Stockdale, where William E. Bruce had had a license, will have no license the coming year. The court refused all applicants from that borough.
Elrama in Union township will be dry after this week. Thomas [Parry ?] who has enjoyed a license there for several years, was refused at license court for alleged violations of the law. His bar will close Friday evening.
John T. Starr, at West Brownsville, was refused a license during license court, but upon a rehearing was granted a license, so his business will not be affected.
C. P. Carlton, owner of the Hotel Irondale, at Donora, will conduct the hotel beginning May 1, the hotel now being conducted by Edgar F. Morse. Mr. Carlton and Mr. Morse were both applicants for the license, but later Morse withdrew. There were ____ differences between Mr. Carlton and Mr. Morse and they did not get together. Mr. Carlton endeavored later to have the license transferred to another party, claiming his health did not permit him to run the hotel, but the court refused the [transfer ?].




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