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Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 8, 1905, Vol. 5051, page 1:

"NOMINAL DAMAGES IN SLANDER SUITS - Julia E. Radcliff and Clara B. Dunkle each Awarded 6 1/4 Cents. - Other Cases in Court. - In common pleas court yesterday two slander suits were concluded and verdicts returned to the court. In each case the verdict was in favor of the plaintiff for six and a fourths cents. The case of Sanford Weaver, et. al., all of East Pike Run township, against the Vesta Coal company is still being heard before Judge McIlvaine in court room No. 2. This case will likely occupy most of today's session. The case of Mrs. Susanna B. Elthian et. al. against the borough of Washington, a damage suit, was commenced before Judge Taylor yesterday afternoon.
Before Judge McIlvaine -
The case of Sanford Weaver, et. al., all of East Pike Run township, against the Vesta Coal company will occupy most of today's session. More than two score of witnesses have already been heard. Among the witnesses called yesterday by the plaintiff were Jacob Weaver, William Hartman, M. S. Weaver, Harry Dowler, J. P. Duvall, and several of the former witnesses in rebuttal. The defense called R. B. Drum [?], James Mountain, James Stevenson, R. L. Leadbetter, Joseph Boyle, S. G. Walker, Hopkins Moffitt, Amos Alles[?] and J. T. Underwood. The claim is for $7,000 alleged due by reason of damages to a farm owned by the plaintiffs in East Pike Run township because the defendant company mined the coal beneath it.
Before Judge Taylor -
The case of Julia E. Radcliff against Clara B. Dunkle for damages amounting to $5,000 for defamation of character was resumed before Judge Taylor in court room No. 2 yesterday morning. Judge Taylor made his charge and the case went to the jury. It took the jury but a short time to reach an agreement. It awarded the plaintiff the nominal sum of six and one-fourth cents. Another similar case, that of Clara B. Dunkle against Julia E. Radcliff was called and was put on trial. It was for $5,000 damages for defamation of character. The jury in this case retired shortly after noon and soon returned with a verdict of six and one-fourth cents, in favor of the plaintiff. In both cases the plaintiff was represented by Attorneys J. M. Dickson and R. W. Irwin, and the defendant by Attorneys Bryon E. Tombaugh and T. F. Birch. The jury in the first case was composed of D. B. Matthews, merchant, Scenery Hill; C. E. Hess, tailor, Washington; William McCorkle, carpenter, South Canonsburg; John A. Carson, farmer, Fallowfield; Henry Hane[?], stonemason, Centerville; Wylie McMillan, painter, Mt. Pleasant; Anderson Hootman, farmer, South Strabane; [I. ?] Manse [?] Atkins, tinner, Monongahela; William Cummins, laborer, Washington; Charles Wright, merchant, Somerset; Joseph J. Clark, farmer, South Franklin; and L. Frank Daker [?], agent, California. The second jury was composed of Thomas DeNormandie, druggist, Washington; William Gibson, Miner, Bentleyville; J. S. Hamilton, laborer, Washington; L. E. Beucler[?], merchant, Wahington; J. A. Plymire, constable, Washington; John Snyder, farmer, Carroll; Thomas Crouse, farmer, Morris; W. B. Washabaugh, farmer, North Strabane; D. A. Cooper, minister, Amwell; G. W. Deems, farmer, Washington; Thomas Rush, blacksmith, Washington and Henry Holder, minister, Washington.
The next case called was that of Mrs. Susaana R. Fithian [?] et. al., against the borough of Washington to recover damages in the sum of $1,500 by reason of a change of grade on Burton avenue, Sunnyside addition to Washington in the Sixth ward, which is alleged to have damaged the property of the plaintiffs. It was in 1904 that employes [sic] of the borough in accordance with an ordinance enacted by the town council, entered upon the street or avenue named above and changed the grade, leaving the property of the plaintiffs somewhat in the air. The viewers allowed no benefits, and the plaintiffs have brought this suit to recover in the sum of $1,500. They claim that their property, 60x120 feet, located on the east side of Burton avenue, was considerably damaged and witnesses testified that the property was worth upwards of $3,000, but now it is not worth more than $1,500 or $1,800. Attorney J. F. McFarland represents the plaintiffs and Miller & Miller the borough. Among the witnesses heard yesterday were S. A. Fithian, J. H. Zediker, Harry McNally, H. T. Barnes and George Munce. An adjournment was taken taken at 3:50 o'clock to allow the jury to view the premises. The jury was in charge of Tipstaff Long. The case will be resumed at 9:15 o'clock this morning. The property claimed to have been damaged is bounded by property belonging to G. G. Hallam and Mrs. Susan Keeny [sic]."


Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 8, 1905, Vol. 5051, page 1:
"Preparatory Services - Preparatory to communion next Sunday, the Rev. T. W. Young will preach this evening at the Fourth Presbyterian church."


Article from The Washington Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 9, 1905, p. 1:
"Institute at Glyde Church ...The readers will be Miss Edna Lee Sprowls, a teacher of elocution in the Washington borough schools, and Miss Helen Linn, of Washington."


Articles from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 13, 1905, p. 7:

"Burgettstown, Dec. 12 - Mrs. James Bell has returned to her home in Florence, after a visit to her sister, Mrs. R. F. Linn, of Ridge avenue."

"SCENERY HILL - Scenery Hill, Dec. 12 -

            Mr. and Mitchell returned home Friday from Coal Center where they attended the funeral of Mr. Mitchell's brother.

            Mr. and Mrs. Lavosier Kinder, of Youngstown, Ohio , are spending a few days here.

            The heirs of Lewis Kinder met in Washington Saturday, called there by J. W. Emery, who made a final settlement with them for the coal purchase sometime ago.

            Mrs. Julius Kinder left a few days ago where she is at the bedside of her nephew, Otto McCarty, who is seriously ill of consumption.

            The remains of Miss Ethel D. Crumrine were interred in the cemetery at this place Saturday.

            Mrs. Roland Hill, of Clover Hill was visiting her parents Saturday.

            Miss Clemma Huddleson, who has had charge of Mrs. Nan Koogler''s store for some time, returned to Washington a few days ago.  The store has been closed on account of non payment of rent.

            Wilson Myers and wife were callers on Mrs. Walton recently."


Articles from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 13, 1905, p. 7:

" CASTILE - Castile , Dec. 12 -

            Frank Moore, of Holbrook was visiting at Stephen Fulton's last Saturday and Sunday.

            Stephen Young and wife, of Clarksville , were visiting Mrs. Young's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore, last Sunday.

            Some of the young people of this place attended the teacher's institute at Zollarsville last Saturday night.

            Miss Maude Bennett, of Long Point, Ill. , is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Bennet, of this place.

            Frank Thistlewaite, was visiting his brother, Ernest, of near Waynesburg, the latter part of this week.

            Mrs. George Stilwell [sic] is still seriously ill with little hope of recovery.

            Mrs. Mollie Addleman and Miss Belle Lewis, were Washington visitors for several days last week.

            John Greenlee, who has been confined to the house for several days, is improving."


The Waynesburg column is skipped in this transcription.  See articles at 


The Rice's Landing column is skipped in this transcription. See articles at 


SOUTH STRABANE - South Strabane , Dec. 12  -

            Charles Ross and Alexander Brundage, of Glyde, were Washington visitors Saturday.

            William Hootman has brought a new feed chopper which will be in operation every Saturday throughout winter.

            J. E. Herron was a Washington caller Saturday.

            Mrs. R. J. Lane , who has been quite ill, is convalescing. [NOTE: Sarah Ellen Moore Lane , wife of Robert Johnson or Johnston Lane .]

            W. A. Hootman has been ill with a boil on his face, but is improving.

            Mr. and Mrs. George Shipe were Washington callers Saturday."



"BURGETTSTOWN - Burgettstown, Dec. 12 -

            Mrs. James Bell has returned to her home in Florence , after a visit to her sister, Mrs. R. F. Linn, of Ridge avenue .

            Dr. William Patterson, of the South Side hospital, Pittsburg , spent Sunday with friends in Burgettstown.

            Mrs. Luce and daughter, Gertrude, who have ben [sic] the guests of Mrs. J. C. Evans for the past week have returned to their home in Midway.

            Mrs. Byrle Dennis, of Center avenue , has returned from a visit to Wellsville and Liverpool, Ohio .

            Charles S. Graham returned home on Monday from a two weeks' visit in Philadelphia and New York .

            R. R. Hayes, cashier of the Farmer's National Bank of Hickory, spent Sunday with his father.

            Mrs. H. [B?] McMurray has returned home from a visit to relatives in Wheeling and Bellaire.

            Dr. James Bingham, of Washington, Pa. , is spending a few days with his sisters, Mrs. Margaret McFarland and Miss Mary Bingham, of Center avenue .

            Miss Nettie Dowler, who has been spending the winter with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Pry, has returned to her home at Pryor, where she will spend the holidays.

            Mrs. Harry Morgan, of Florence , visited her sister, Mrs. William Ewing, of High stret [sic], a few days last week.

            Alice D. Schell, of McDonald, great lieutenant commander of the Ladies of Maccabees, is in Burgettstown looking after the interests of Burgettstown Hive No. 102.

            Miss Belle Rankin is attending Curry college, Pittsburg .

            Mrs. Edward Goetz and son, Francis, have returned home from a visit with relatives in McKeesport .

            Mr. and Mrs. James Shellito, the latter formerly Miss Carrie Park, have turned [sic] from their wedding trip and are now at home temporarily with Mrs. Shellito's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- [rest of entry cut off].

            [rest of column not xeroxed].



            "Oil closed yesterday at $1.58.

            Rev. D. A. Cooper, of Ten Mile, was a caller in Washington yesterday.

            John Kuntz, of Taylorstown, was a business caller at the county seat yesterday.

            Thompson and James Pipes, of Van Buren, were callers in Washington yesterday.

            Mrs. John Chambers, of Amwell township, was calling, on friends in Washington yesterday.

            C. W. Miller, advance agent of Kirk Browne show left yesterday for Dunkirk, N. Y.

            Justice W. B. Gibson, of West Alexander, was in Washington yesterday transacting business matters.

            Senator Daniel Walton, of Waynesburg, passed through Washington yesterday, going to Pittsburg .

            Misses Ida Anid and Frances Wolfe, of near Nineveh, were in Washington yesterday returning from Claysville, where they have been visiting friends and relatives.

            Deputy Prothonotary Harry E. Pollack is nursing a very sore finger, as a result of injuries received in a game of in-door baseball at the college gymnasium Monday evening.

            F. K. Sherry, business manager of the Emma Bunting theatrical company, is in town ahead of his attraction.

            Lot No. 34 in the Streator Homestead plan was sold on Monday to a man who expects to build a home and have it ready for occupancy by April.

            John W. Bennett, of Washington, and Miss Minnie Sands, of Allegheny, were yesterday granted a license to marry by the Allegheny county courts.

            Nelson McKenna, who has charge of the Towner-McKenna company's [rest cut off]

            [rest of column not xeroxed] 


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Article from The Washington Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 25, 1905, p. 3:  [I really wish the Xerox portion had the woman's name.]

top of article cut off - "..... She is the widow of James Fawcett, of Company H., 1st Penna. Calvary reserves, and she receives back pay amounting to $444.80.  She is a resident of Brownsville and 80 years old.  The pension is the first granted here under the second widow-hood law.  She was also the widow of James Calvert, but the pension is granted for Fawcett."


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