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Article from The Washington, Pa. Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 1903, p. 2:
Advertisements -
Stewart & Rossell, 51-61 South Street - shingles, roofing

"Below Cost. One fine cut under surrey, two steel-tired buggies, to close the stock. A 3rd lot of light harness at reduced prices, and all other horse goods at very low rates. The auction sale will be discontinued. C. W. Adams, 166 South Main Street, Sign Big Horse."

"ESTRAY NOTICE" [Two of these Ads appear, regarding stray horses that were found. The first ad has no names. The second ad was placed by J. C. Hoxworth, East Wheeling Street.]

"Notice to Contractors" [Regarding putting in sanitary sewer on Dunn Ave. "By order of Council" of the Borough of Washington. "J. K. Weir, Secretary."

"Public Sale - On Thursday, October 22 at 10 a. m. the stock and farming implements on the A. J. Ernest farm at Finney station will be offered at public sale on the premises. Also hay, grain, etc."

"Notice to Taxpayers" [for State and County taxes]. "W. H. Ulery, County Treasurer."

"State and County Taxes" - [make payment at Hotel Auld by Thursday, December 31, 1903] "C. M. Brownlee, Tax Collector"

"Public Sale of Dairy Cows. The undersigned having decided to quit the dairy business will offer at public sale on his farm one mile south of Washington on the Upper Ten Mile Plank road [sic, 'road'] on [bold] Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1903 [bold], at 12:30 o'clock sharp, the following described property: [20 ? 30 ?] head of fine Milch Cows, 3 or 4 fresh, several Springers, some will be fresh this winter, balance all good milkers; also 4 or 5 -[dash added as a break] 2 and 3-year-old heifers, most any kind of a cow you want. One good team of 6-year-old Mules. One low down milk wagon, 30 5-gallon milk cans, about [25] tons good timothy hay, 150 buschels of potatoes and several other things, too numerous to mention. Terms made known on day of sale. - W. A. Garby. - H. A. Day, Auctioneer."

Article from The Washington, Pa. Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 1903, p. 2:

Legal Notice - Private Sale or Real Estate. The undersigned, executor of the will of Stephen D. Miller, deceased, offers at private sale, the following two tracts of land situate in Amwell township, Washington Co., Pa.:
First tract. This is known as the 'Home Farm,' and adjoins the village of Amity; contains [80?] acres and 110 perches; has good two-story frame dwelling house of 7 rooms, frame barn and other necessary outbuildings; good orchard and lumbar. Pittsburg [sic] vein of coal and mineral rights reserved.
Second tract. Known as ['Caus?] Farm!' lies about two miles east of Amity and contains 80 acres more or less; new frame dwelling of five rooms and the usual outbuildings; good orchard and timber. Coal has not been sold nor is it under option.
For terms inquire of the undersigned executor or his attorney. - Rev. J. B. Miller, Vincennes, Ind. Executor [word executor is under city, state, all on right side of space]; 
J. C. Ewing. Washington Trust Building. Attorney [attorney's info is on the left side of space]."



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