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Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Oct. 13, 1900, p. 7:
"South Strabane - South Strabane, Oct. [12 ?] -
Cy Dinsmore, who has been ill with rheumatism, is convalescent.
          J. G. Dinsmore has finished balling straw on the Highland farm.
          The Mt. Pleasant Sabbath school has been re-organized for the winter.   J. G. Dinsmore is superintendent, Miss belle Hallam, secretary, and Miss Kate Hallam, treasurer. 
          Daniel Myers and Frank Hootman are Washington visitors. They expect to locate there in the near future.
          Mrs. Carrie Swickard, of Laboratory, spent Thursday, with Strabane friends.
          John Herron, and Mrs. Robert Herron were visiting friends of Dunningsville yesterday.
          The Italian who camped on the Myers farm, have moved to Daniel's Run. They are laying a pipe line from the Eli Ross farm to Zollarsville.
          The apple crop is very small. Cryrus [Dinsmore] of Highland, say it is almost [too blurred to read].
          Mrs. Robert Giffin returned yesterday from a visit to her father in East Finley township.
          [? ___] Hootman was a Washington visitors [1 word unreadable].

Advertisements [not typed in full]
The Alfred E. Meyer Co. Rooms37-39 Vandergrift Building, [5__] Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. [possibly re: the stock exchange ?] with a branch office at 36 Twelfth St. Wheeling, W. Va. and a "Washington Pa. Correspondent, G. M. Davis & Co. Rooms 37 and 38 Levine Building Telephone 390".

"B. C. Lindley, Auctioneer. ten years' experienced. Terms reasonable. Call or address [22 ?] West Wheeling Street. Office of Ed. R. Smith, Jr."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Oct. 24, 1900, p. 6:
"SOUTH STRABANE - South Strabane, Oct. 23 - 

Miss Lizzie Kammerer, of R. D. No. 6, was a Washington visitor yesterday.
L. C. Roberts, wife and son spent Sabbath day with Mrs. Roberts' brother, W. A. Hootman, Strabane.
Dr. Max Hootman, Washington, spent Sabbath day with his parents at Strabane. 
J. C. Dinsmore was a Strabane visitor yesterday.
Robert Giffin is having gas put in his house. Mrs. Robert Herron returned yesterday from a visit to her mother in Allegheny.
[Clell ?] Kammerer is visiting relatives in this vicinity."

"Uncle Tom's Cabin - On Thursday, Oct. 25, Al. W. Martin will present his mammath production of the immortal American drama, 'Uncle Tom's cabin,' at the Lyric theater. In this company are 60 people, including three magnificently equipped brass bands. Grand street parade at noon."

Advertisement -
Sunderland & Foley, [31 ?] E. Wheeling St. [plumbers and gas fitters]

Bumgarner - near Duncan Glass Works 



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Oct. 25, 1900, p. 5:
"[caps] Why He Quit Drinking [caps] - Three Times the Cup was Dashed From His Hand - More than two years ago Jimmy Eckels, of near Lock No. 4, was drinking with some friends in a neighbor's house. As he was in the act of picking up a glass slipped from his hand and smashed to pieces on the floor. Laughingly he asked for another, and was reaching for it when a little child threw a china doll, and accidentally broke the second glass. The young man's face wore a serious expression now, yet he tried to make light of it, and, saying he would be sure of the next one, he stood up and poured out a drink in a cup that stood on the table. Still standing, he picked up the cup with both hands, and was just placing it to his lips when a violent fit of coughing seized him and he let the cup fall. By this time he was sober enough, and when asked to try again he flatly refused. He has never tasted liquor since. - Roscoe Ledger."

"[caps] Waynesburg's Resources [caps] - [Pine ?] Stone and Timber, With Cheap Gas and Coal - A. S. Boyd, a McKeesport contractor, was in Waynesburg on Tuesday trying to employ carpenters. Mr. Boyd had never visited our town before and like nearly every other stranger who comes here he was favorably impressed with it. He commented on the beauty of Waynesburg and the attractive homes and business buildings and was greatly surprised to find we had such fine building stone here. He says that Indiana blue stone is used for building purposes for some extent in McKeesport but that the Waynesburg blue stone far surpasses it in beauty. Waynesburg's resources are not equaled anywhere - the cheapest fuel in the world, both gas and coal, the finest building material to be found in the country, both stone and timber. - Republican."

Advertisement -
For "Chase and Sanborn's Teas and Coffees" - Geo. W. Driver, Sole Agent. 

[This article is in quotes in the newspaper.]   [caps] "May Be Called To Pittsburg [sic; caps] - Rev. R. E. McClure, Blairsville, Favorably Considered. -
"Two of the calls issued during the month by United Presbyterian churches of Pittsburg [sic] have been accepted and formal notices sent to the inviting sessions. One other call from a church close to the city has been accepted. "The call from the Fourth church, East End, to Rev. H. H. Marlin, of the Eleventh church, West End, has been answered affirmatively by Mr. Marlin, who will assume his duties within a few days. His predecessor at the Fourth, [sic, comma] church was Rev. John Gaily. The Eleventh church has begun its search for a successor to Mr. Marlin and several men have either preached in the church, or have been heard by the committee in charge of the matter. It is expected that a call will be expected to Rev. R. E. McClure, now pastor of the church at Blairville." [end quotes from the newspaper, quoting from the Gazette.] - Gazette
          "Rev. R. E. McClure was graduated at W. & J. college with the class of '88, and is a native of West Middletown. He has many friends throughout the county who will gladly note his advancement."

[Top of article cut off during Xeroxing] Article is about changes in the railroad train schedule. Names in the part that can be read are:
Division Passenger Agent E. D. Smith of the Baltimore and Ohio RR
General Passenger Agent C. W. Bassett of the Pittsburg and Western RR
General Superintendent D. F. Maroney


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Nov. 3, 1900, p. 1: 

“PROGRAM FOR NOVEMBER 17. Representative Men to Speak at Court House Dedication. Arrangements are nearly completed for the exercises in connection with the dedication of Washington county’s handsome new court house, on the afternoon of Saturday, November 17. At a meeting of the committee to whom are entrusted these arrangements, held at the commissioners’ office Saturday forenoon, it was reported that the architect had given assurance that the building would be all ready at the time stated. The formal address of dedication will be made by Judge Buffington, of Pittsburg*, of the U. S. District court of Western Pennsylvania. The Hon. J. Murray Clark, of Canonsburg, an ex-commissioner, will speak for the commissioners, and Judge Taylor will make an address, he representing the court. Alexander Wilson, Esq., will *peak for the bar and the county officers, other than the commissioners. The people at large will be represented on this important occasion by two of the county’s representative citizens, J. Wiley Day, of Morris township, and D. S. Fulton, of Hanover township. By that date the court house offices will be occupied and on the succeeding week a regular term of quarter sessions court will be convened. The program and invitation committee will push their work now, and the committee on assignment of rooms in the new building to different purposes on the date named is busy at that work.”

* letters omitted or as spelled in original



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