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Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1897, page unknown:

"TOLD AT TAYLORSTOWN. Visitors and Removals - Dogs Poisoned. - Taylorstown, March 4. - 

     Miss Anna Shrontz and Mrs. J. B. Weir, of Washington, were guests of Mrs. W. F. Shrontz, Saturday.
     L. G. Noble has moved to the farm of his father-in-law, A. M. Houston.
     Hillard Morris has moved from the Jas. Hodgens farm to that of James Chambers, near East Buffalo.
     John Gaul, of Martin Ferry's, Ohio, is visiting friends in Iowa.
     John Flack, who came home from Grove City college several weeks ago with pneumonia, is able to be out, though still very weak.
     Dr. Sulvely, of Pittsburg [sic], was here Tuesday to see Mrs. Dr. Coager, who still continues very ill.
     Mrs. Geo. Rankin is quite sick with erysipelas. 
     G. W. Dickey has rented his hotel to Mrs. Sutherland, of East Finley township.
     Miss Maud Blayney is visiting her grandfather, Daniel Sheller, of Claysville.           'The [Deestrict ?] Skule,' to be given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Christian church, on Wednesday, and Thursday evenings of next week, promises to be well attended, as almost all the reserved seats have been taken for the first night already.
[The rest of Taylorstown items are cut off in the Xerox]."

Advertisement - 
"[caps] Funeral designs [caps] a specialty by Crall, Swan building."

"SOCIAL - [caps added by typist]
[Third Presbyterian church supper - no names listed.]
[next item] -
     The banquet Wednesday evening by the Pon Du Club, at Hotel De Hancher, Claysville, was a happy affair. Its members are residents of Claysville, except G. G. Best, of Washington, who is an honorary member. Those who sat down to the feast were Mr. and Mrs. BELL, Mr. and Mrs. CALDER, G. G. BEST and wife, Mr. and Mrs. STEWART, the three Misses MILLER, Misses WHITE, CALDER, STEWART, and Messrs. CRAIG, NOBLE, HAIR and MILLER. A good social time was enjoyed, music contributing to the pleasures.
[next item - not put in caps]-
[ item - wedding anniversary - see marriage file]     
[next item]-
     "Mrs. Minnie McKeever will be the hostess at a card party this afternoon at the Caldwell residence on East Wheeling street, in honor of Miss Selden, of Virginia, and Mrs. Pierce, the guest of Mrs. H. O. Patch, East Wheeling street."
[next item]-
     "West Alexander, March 5 - The latest social event of interest in the neighborhood of West Alexander is the wedding of Miss Laura A. Craig and James P. Reed, two of Donegal's best young people. The ceremony which was performed by Rev. W. H. Lester, of the West Alexander Presbyterian church, occurred at the residence of the bride's mother two miles north of town on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, only the near relatives of the bride and groom being present. A large number of useful and costly gifts were bestowed upon the new made bride. [sic] On Thursday evening a reception was held, many of their younger friends attending. Mr. and Mrs. Reed expect to take up housekeeping about April 1 near Claysville. The best wishes of scores of friends in this place go with them to their new home."
[next item] -
     "Nearly a score of guests were present on Wednesday evening at the residence of Brit Hart, East Maiden street, at a farewell party tendered Forrest Martin, who returns to his former home at Kingwood, W. Va. While the guests were sorry to bid him goodby [sic], the party was otherwise most enjoyable."



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