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Article from the Washington Daily Reporter, Nov. 9, 1891, page unknown:

[top of column cut off; the last paragraph can be seen...] Snee supplies gas for fuel to all of his wells now drilling, and also water from his reserovoir.  The Carnegies have mains laid to all of Snee's wells, both those drilled in and those drilling.  So rapidly have these pipes been put down that there has not yet been time to bury them.  The Philadelphia Company also have numerous water pipes through the field, but they use coal for fuel. - [from the] Elizabeth Herald."


"The McDonald Field - There was a decided falling off in the production of the McDonald field within the last two days.  On Friday, it was nearly 83,000, Saturday 81,500 and Sunday, it was only 76,000.  It is rapidly falling off, and unless some new gusher comes in, there will be a very noticeable change in the general output.  There was very little news from the wells Saturday, but there were enough accidents in the McDonald field to more than make up for the lack of wells completed.  The boiler of the Liberty Oil Company, on the DeCamp lot, in the eastern end of the borough of McDonald, exploded.  The dome sailed 25 feet through the air, and killed a boy about 12 years of age, in a house occupied by two Belgian families.  The boy killed was John Kenneth, and another was seriously injured, how badly the physicians were unable to state.
[sub-titled] Many People In The House
It was stated at the time that twenty people were in the home, which was made of brick.  Soon after the boiler exploded a gravel train ran over two men on the Panhandle railroad, nearly opposite to the place where the first accident occurred.  No wells of any importance were reported from the McDonald field, although there are a number which should reach the pay streak in the fifth sand to-day or to-morrow.  Among these are two of the Devonian Oil Company's, one of Hays and Gartland's, one of Greenlee & Forst's, and one of the People's Gas Company.  There are several wells in the eastern part of the borough which are due in the Gordon sand.  They are expected to be big wells in this formation, but even if they should prove failures it would not be surprising, as the Gordon sand and belt has not yet been defined.
[sub title] Gauges Of The Well
The rod shows above the output of the big wells yesterday to be as follows: Guffey, Murphy, Jennings & Co.'s No. 1 Matthews, 230; No. 1 Bell, 40; No. 2 Bell, 100; No. 1 Herron, 110; No. 4 Herron, 250; Oakdale Oil Company's No. 1 Baldwin, 60; No. 1 Wallace, 150; No. 1 Morgan heirs, 90; No. 1 Sturgeon heirs, 15; No. 2 Sturgeon heirs, 50; Forest Oil Company No. 1 Etta Glenn, 175; Guffey, Murphy & Galey's No. 1 Elliott, 60; No. 3 Elliott, 75; No. 1 Sam Sturgeon, 40; No. 2 same farm, 300; Forst & Greenlee's No. 1 Mevey, 100; No. 3 Mevey, 30; No. 4 Mevey, 125; No. 6 Mevey, 15; Hays and Gartland's No. 1 Miller, 35; No. 4 Miller, 15; No. 5, 40; Royal Gas Company's No. 1, M. Robb, 20; Devonian Oil Company's No. 1 Elliott, 140; Hoffman & Co.'s No. 2 Moore, 25; Woodland Oil Company's No. 1 Gamble, 30; W. P. Rend's No. 1, 10; Conklin & Co.'s No. 1, 10; Black & Co.'s, 20; Shaffer No. 1, 25; Shaffer No. 3, 15; Shaffer No. 1, 25; Shaffer No. 3, 15; Shaffer No. 5, 40; Patterson & Co.'s No. 1, 40; Cook lot, 12; Mevey No. 3, Gucker & Steele, 65; Patterson & Jones' No. 1 Kelso, 165, No. 1 Mertz, 15; No. 3 Moore 15. -- Dispatch."

[NOTE: That was hard to type!  The names appear to be surnames, possibly followed by a location?  The numbers I think would be number of barrels produced.  The names of the men killed by the train were not named.  I believe there was a posting to the Washington PA List (  in 2005 for a young boy killed in a boiler explosion, but I cannot remember if this was the same name.]


[The top of the next column was cut off.  It is either a Local Glances or a locality round-up piece.]  "Mrs. Joseph Smith has returned after a two weeks visit with relatives in Ohio and West Virginia.
-- Thomas Dague and wife, of Vanceville, visited at the house of Thespolia? Hawkins a part of the present week.
--A number of fine boilers and other fixtures used in drilling the Philadelphia Company's wells in this field have been moved to Smithville.
-- Willis Carroll  has moved into the house vacated by Squire Baker.
--Mrs. Enmor Raley has returned to her home in Rogers, Ohio, after a pleasant visit with relatives in this place.
-- Pstmaster Hopkins and wife are enjoying a short vacation, visiting relatives in Pittsburg[sic].  Miss Birdie Gordon, of Jamestown, N.Y., has charge of the office during their absence. - T."


Advertisements [excerpts only]

-"Weisberg & Co. - Saratoga potato chips at A. T. Baird & Co.'s"  - also ad for Baird for New Orleans molasses
-Booth & Manifold's, No. 32 North Main street - pan sausage
- "Miss Lauretta M. Brownson, Teacher of Instrumental Music, Acheson Avenue, Pupils received at any time [office code unreadable]."
- Miss Margaret Bureau, Teacher, of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Residence, corner Main and Maiden Sts. [office code unreadable]."
- Miss Mamie E. Hamilton, Teacher of Violin, Residence __ West Beau Street."
- Miss Sarah Freeby, Teacher of Instrumental and Vocal Music, Residence 44 South Franklin Street, between Wheeling and Beau, Washington, Pa."
- Miss Eva Rogers, Teacher of Instrumental Music, Residence, 247? East Wheeling Street, Pupils received at any time. [office code unreadable]."
- [many ads unreadable]
- "Thos. Armitage, Has removed his Marble and Granite, Slate and Wood Mantel Works, to his new room No. 303, two doors below B. & O. depot, South Main St., Washington, Pa.
- "H. H. M'Vehil, Stone Cutter!  Dealer in all kinds of [stones are described in the ad, 3 lines omitted here].  The stones are the Euclid Blue, from the Forest City Stone Co., Cleveland, Ohio.  Anybody wishing Pavements or Walks will be amply repaid by calling on us, at: No. 55 West Beau St., Rear of the M. P. Church."

[Local Glances column - location cut off - half of the column is cit off -- these are some names seen...]
Joshua Wright
M. E. Church - a church
Mrs. John Cooper
___ DeNormandie  
___ Darsey ans daughter......Miss Emma Chesley
Obituary -- ___ Wilson, looks like he/she was stricken on the 4th.... unconscious to either the 6th or 8th and died.... location is ___burg...... Dr. G. L. Thomas...
___ Stocking
___ Carson and Newt Graham
___ J. Wilson, died Sunday...home of her father, John __....Oak Spring cemetery.... Her death was caused .....fever.  She was aged.....
____ Baker rode [somewhere....]....



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