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Article from The Reporter newspaper, Thurs., Apr. 14, 1881, page unknown: [excerpt only]

 Dr. John W. Kelley, guardian of Ida Bell and Nora Mounts, daughter of Richard Mounts... 



Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington, Pa., Mon., July 6, 1891, page unknown:
"A Senseless Superstition -
From the Uniontown Standard. [paragraph] There is one peculiarity about the many marriage licenses taken out at the recorder's office. It is this, that none are issued on Friday. The officials of that office inform us that, during their term, not a single application has been made on Friday. The old superstition that Friday is an unlucky day seems to have considerable force even at our day of advanced civilization."



Article from The Daily Reporter, Washington Co., Pa. , July 7, 1891, page unknown:

"CREAMERY - Geo. W. McCammom Creamery at West Alexander Hazed by Flames Loss Almost Covered by Insurance - About 10 a.m., Thursday, the creamery of Geo. W. McCammon, of West Alexander, was discovered on fire, and under such headway that it could not be checked, and the building was completely consumed.

     There was an insurance of $1,000 on the structure, but this will not quite cover the loss.  A quantity of butter, almost ready for shipment, was saved.

     It is not known how the fire originated.  Some adjoining buildings were badly scorched, but were not damaged seriously."



J. P. Sharp's  
J. Shan Mae___um  
Geo. Polites  
G. W. Robert's drug store

Washash Railroad - F. H. Tristram, Central Passenger, Pittsburg [sic], Pa.

S. M. Charlton's - strawberry ice cream  
J. R. Sharp - rent piano


[Top of column cut off in Xeroxing.]

     "Revs. J. C. High, J. C. Steffey, M__ C. Camp., Mrs. R. E. Byers, Mrs. ___ Sampson and daughter and Miss ____ Bentley were visitors at the M. E. ___ parsonage during commencement.

     "Misses Mattie Hamilton and _____ Elliott, of Monongahela City , were visitors at Mr. Thomas', Third street today.

     "Mrs. Jane Richards celebrated ___ birthday by having her pastor and family take tea with her.

     "Miss Minnie Neal is quite indis_____ [indisposed?] at her residence, Fourth street .

     "Prof. Hall and wife left Monday ___ noon for Chautauqua and a trip through Canada .

     "Miss Josie Craft is visiting at _____

     "A young man named Murphy _____ died Thursday night of cerebro spinal meningitis, aged 19 years.  Interment at ____lips' cemetery.

     "Mr. Bert W. Morgan, one of our recent graduates has been elected assistant principal of the Latrobe schools.

     "Mrs. Baker, of Centreville, has been visiting friends here for some days.

     "Mr. O. O. Hornbake is confined to the house with a threatened attack of pneumonia.

     "Miss Bernice Applegate, of McKeesport , has been visiting her friend, ___ Minnie Paxton, during commencement week.

     [re: M. E. Church repairs]

     "Mrs. John Gleason went to Mon____heis, took gas at Dr. Teeters' ____ rooms and got rid of her troubled toothache."  


Article from The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., July 18, 1891, page unknown:  [surnames of interest only]

Add Bane 

Todd Baker


All articles here came from the same page.

Article from the The Washington Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Nov. 9, 1891, page unknown:

Names only, from a column cut off during Xeroxing:

Joshua Wright

Mrs. John Cooper

___ Kinley

___ Darsey and daughter

Miss Emma Cheesley, in Fairview

____Wilson, of Oxford, Pa.

Dr. G. L. Thomas

____ Stocking        

____ Carson and Newt Graham


A. T. Baird & Co., grocer

Miss Lauretta M. Brownson, teacher of instrumental music, Acheson avenue

Miss Margaret Bureau, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, residence, corner Main and Maiden streets

Miss Mamie E. Hamilton, teacher of violin, W. Beau street

Miss Sarah M. Freeby, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, Residence 44 South Franklin street, between Wheeling and Beau street

Miss Eva Rogers, teacher of instrumental music, 247 East Wheeling street

Thos. Armitage, marble, granite, slate and wood mantel works, South Main street

H. H. M'Vehil stone cutter, shop at 55 West Beau street , stone from the Forest Stone Co., Cleveland Ohio  


[Articles about Oil Wells/Fields in and near Washington, Pa. ]:

some surnames are:

[top of article cut off]

List of Jurors [partial list; column cut off] [the locations are Townships]
Grand Jurors for Mon., Nov. 9th - P. G. Walker, farmer, Cecil
Charles Van Vorhis, farmer, Carroll
J. S. Kerr, farmer,
W. C. Lee, farmer, Cross Creek
C. K. Crawford, farmer, Somerset
Andrew Moore, farmer, Cecil
Frank L. Wortring, farmer, Hopewell
George [Fapey ?], liveryman, Canonsburg
A. C. Pollack, farmer, Canonsburg
James Martin, farmer, Jefferson
John Hank [or Rank ?], brickmason, Mon. City
Alfred Crocket, laborer, Washington
Andrew Adams. farmer, Carroll
John Londs [Lands ?], farmer, Donegal
Cyrus Stockdale, clerk, Al_en
Herbert _u__anan, farmer, Mt. Pleasant
Joseph Curry, laborer, Washington
Ebenezor Smith, farmer, East Finley
Oliver Prisberry, miner, Hanover
Edwin Young, farmer, Morris
A. J. Boreland, farmer, South Strabane
Geo. H. Powell, wagon-maker, Robinson
John Short, farmer, East Finley
W. H. Alexander, physician, Canonsburg [end of list]
Petit Jurors for Monday, Nov. 9.
J. M. Morris, minister, Washington
D. M. Valentine, merchant, West Alexander
W. J. Howarth, stone cutter, Washington
___ Oliver, laborer, Monongahela City [rest of names cut off on Xerox] 

End of this page of Xeroxing... 


Article from the The Washington Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Nov. 9, 1891, page unknown:

"List of Letters Remaining at the Post-Office at Washington, Pa. , on Monday, November 9, 1891: [NOTE from typist - put into 3 columns instead of 2, as were in the original.]

"Gentleman's List:

Newton Welch J. R. Jackson [_?  _ ?] Ba___ett
[B. H. ?] Sine J. W. Miles  Wallace Cummings
Rubin Bailes  J. W. Baldwin  W. M. Hendershot
Wm. G. Filcte [?] John A. Baird Julius Carloom
Wm. Hafer  [Abert ?] V. Johnston   Jas. Flattery
J. R. Edson D. N. Stewart J. F. _____
J. K. Holland   Michael O'Brico [?]  Jacob Kutch
J. W. Oller  John J. Baker   J. B. Burgan
Andy Uh_yar    
"Madames' List:  
M. J. Williams    Ma___ Wolf
M___ Lee   Win. Stevenson
[Rest of list cut off in xeroxing.]



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