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    Enhance your genealogy research about ancestors from Little Washington, Washington County PA with newspaper articles, birth, death, marriage, notices, obituaries often with cemeteries noted, probate, deed, surname, family trees or family histories, reunions and other information. 


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Apr. 9, 1890, page unknown: 

"South Strabane Items - Correspondence of the Reporter, April 8. - 
"Thos. Ross is lying very ill with pneumonia at his home in Strabane. 
"The South Strabane literary society, which has been flourishing the past winter closes next Friday evening with a grand exhibition. 
"Miss Mary Hootman, who has been teaching school the past winter in Carroll township, returned home Saturday. 
"The young people gave a supper to J. L. Brady and lady on last Friday evening; owing to the inclemency of the weather not half the invited company were present. 
"Mr. Samuel DeNormandie and wife spent Sabbath day with Mrs. DeNormandie's parents, near Strabane. 
"J. E. Hootman & Co. have opened a store in Strabane; they will keep everything usually called for in a country store." 
Advertisements - 
"At J. [M. ?] Neff's - No. 108 South Main street, a complete line of plumber's supplies, bath tubs, water closets, sinks, boilers, gas fixtures, pumps, etc. at prices that are as cheap as anybody. Glad to show you the goods." 
"[ I. or J. ??] C. Ryan, merchant tailor, can save you money in the purchase of a suit of clothes." 
"Hull's ladies fine shoes are beauties and cheap." 
"Have just received another fine collection of etchings. They range in price from $3 up to $100 each. - A. B. Caldwell." 
L. B. Sharp - [grocery store - copy is too blurred on this Xerox] 
Vowell's drug store 
_. M. Sharp - clothing and goods 



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa.,  Apr. 18, 1890, page unknown:


A. T. Baird & Co.

[can't read one ad]

"For Less.  All kinds of lake fish at J. Conner's, 117 North Main street.

[can't read one ad]

"The Perfection Cook Pot.  Granite lined, for sale by Mitchell & Seaman, is the best on the market."

"S_____ and honest workmen, good work, honest work and square work are all combined in my shoes.  Spring stock on shelves.  J. Shan Margerum."

"Matchless Repeating Air Rifle.  And the Daisy single shot gun.  Just the thing for shooting cats, sparrows, rats, frogs and candidates.  Very cheap.  Mitchell and Seaman."

"Men's fine, medium and working shoes.  H. Hull."

[one skipped - no names]

"Ice Cream.  Day and Evening, at J. M. Thompson's, No. 151 South Main street."

"Ice Cream.  Polites' if you wish a dish of ice cream."

"Sheep Shearers Wanted.  To buy their wool twine at Mitchell & Seaman's.  Also sheep shears and other implements needed for use on the farm."

[next one too blurred to read]


"Closing out a large stock of Smyrna rugs.  Now is the time to secure a bargain, at G. W. Robert's drug store, Washington, Pa,

Advertisements -

"Will have - Fresh, Saturday morning, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Rhubarb, Lettuce, Radishes.  - A. T. Baird & Co."

"Arrived !  Mantel Folding beds at - F. Herrmann's."

"For Sale - One three-roomed [caps] frame house [caps] on Fayette street, West End: good well of water.  Also house on corner of Ewing and McCarrell avenues; lot, 150x45.  Inquire of Wendle [Barger ?] - Fayette St., or at B. & O. Depot."

"Granite State ____ and Loan meets [Saturday ?], April [19th ?]. All delinquent share holders are requested to settle their dues or their stock will be canceled as the treasurer has to make his report. - F. Herrmann, [35 ?] East Wheeling Street."

"W. H. Hixon, Auctioneer.  Can be found at J. M. [Thompson's ?], No. [1_2] South Main street, on Monday and Tuesday of each week.  [rest of Ad is too blurred on this Xerox to read]."



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