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    Enhance your genealogy research about ancestors from Little Washington, Washington County PA with newspaper articles, birth, death, marriage, notices, obituaries often with cemeteries noted, probate, deed, surname, family trees or family histories, reunions and other information. 


Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa. , Mon., Mar. 18, 1889, page unknown:

     [top of article cut off this Xerox copy]

     "Sheriff Lockhart sold the personal property of R. E. Wilson, in Franlklin township, on Saturday.  Four head of horses were sold, the prices ranging from $5 to $50.  A wagon brought $10 and some harness $25.

     [George B. Mitchell - obituary - see Obit page]

     [People's Building and Loan Association item.]

     "Today (Monday) is the last day for filing applications for liquor license.  The following persons have filed  applications with Clerk of Courts [Mr.] Allen: Jessie M. Boyd, of Allen township, distiller; Joseph Kammerer & Son, of Nottingham township, distiller; Joseph Harrison, of Carroll, distiller; Wm. S. Markell, of Carroll, distiller.  The hearing before Judge McIlvaine will take place on Thursday, April 18th."

[Additional Glances on page 3.]"

Advertisements -

A. B. Caldwell - New Carpets  [text not typed]

"Tully's GAR Entertainments - In the opera house, Monday and Tuesday evenings.  See Advertisement."

"Yellow and White Onion Sets! - A. T. Baird & Co."

"Lost - On Sunday, [all caps] twenty dollars [all caps], between Jefferson street and M. E. church on Beau.  A suitable reward will be paid on leaving it at the [caps] Reporter [caps] office.  3947-3"

"For Rent - [All caps] Two Furnished Rooms on West Chestnut street - will be rented singly or together to good parties.  Inquire of [all caps] JNO. B. WEIR [all caps]."

"For Sale - [all caps] White Leghorn Eggs [all caps]: __ per setting of thirteen eggs.  Also a few White Leghorn [caps] Chickens [caps], male and female. - [all caps] D. D. Porter [all caps].

"Lost - During the fire, Monday morning a black [all caps] Morocco Pocketbook [all caps], containing a sum of money and valuable papers.  A suitable reward will be paid for its return to [all caps] W. J. Jamison.

"Strayed - Two Bay Horses strayed from the premesis [sic] of Louis Hundertmark.  The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning them or sending word to - Mr. Hundertmark. 

"Lost - [Spy Glass ... no names... not typed].

[Rest of column cut off on this Xerox copy.]

[Advertisement] - "The Messenger between Washington and Pittsburgh is W. W. Titzell [all caps].  Orders left at J. M. Sprigg's grocery store, Vowell's drug store, or McKay & Co.'s News Depot, before 9 o'clock each morning, will be attended to the same day."


"Oil Men!  Don't be deceived by wordy dealers who attempt to sell you imitation Overalls or Pants which are not made by Sweet, Orr & Co. .... [can't read rest of ad on this Xerox copy].  




Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa. , Mon., Mar. 18, 1889, page unknown:

"List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Washington, Pa. on Monday, March 18, 1889: [The font used in the newspaper for this list is very small, so it is very difficult to read.  The names are not alphabetized and there are only commas between the names in a very long column/paragraph.  My apologies for any mistakes made by this typist.]

"Curtis McCracken,
Samuel Cowley,
S. M. McClure,
Spencer Vanatee,
E. B. Botsford,
[Thos. ?] Thayer,
Isaac Wetzel,
Frank Castel,
Dr. E. J. Meachum,
H. G. Rugen,
Nathan Heilman,
Jas. Anderson,
G. O. Davis,
Joseph Fulmer, Esq., John M. Gresham,
Lewis Smith,
J. Scott Thompson,
Lawrence Hering, L. M. [Prigg ?],
John Pickle,
J. S. Penrod (# 2 I think- can't read),
J. H. Slagle,
J. _. Conway,
John F. Clark,
N. C. Crawford,
Lee B. Webb,
J. W. Weir,
John Zimmerman,
Harvey Miller,
Henry V. Brown,
H. W. [Car*** ?Carnes?],
George Creig,
James P. Mull,
L. B. Dickey,
Ed. Nabor,
Frank Jacobs, Nealson Bane,
G. W. [? Lesle ? ],
Hugh McGillas,
H. F. McGillis (2),
J. H. McBride,
George H. Butler,
George W. Adams,
Mayme T. Tuigg,
John Howard,
Dr. John Cr**swell,
M. Kirley,
J. R. [Boyer ? or Royer ?],
M. J. Davis (2),
Max Deitch,
M. Frankel,
R. H. Richardson,
Frank McCracken (2),
Eug**ne [Eugeine ?] McNary,
E. H. Rice,
E. W. Day,
E. K.,Machlin,
[Sy*burn ?Sylburn?] Suppler,
Robert Flint,
John R. Taylor,
L. K. Shatabarger,
E. M. G. Crawford,
Sam McCammy,
Elmer Gamble,
Eli Day,
Tommie Long,
Allen D. Albert,
W. M. Wilder,
George Emerick,
A. Bebout,
Bazel Milton,
Alfred Stewart,
[Lantel ? ] Boon,
B. Frank Waterman,
Wm. H. Penn,
Wm. A. Tares,
A. Belsmeyer,
C. P. Floyd,
Walter Pierce,
William Buter,
Chas [Hea** ?Heats ?],
Chas. Meyers,
D. B. McCloskey,
Rev. S. H. **liard,
Chas Synder,
Chas. Ray,
C. S. Pitts,
C. W. Qenner [q not o],
Carlos B. Swift,
Henry Bicked.
" Mrs. Eveline Frazier,
Mrs. Cynthia Blake,
Mrs. Fannie Arnold,
Mrs. Dan McCarty,
Mrs. Clara McCartney,
Mrs. Della Morton,
Mrs. W. G. Rice,
Mrs. Caroline Ellsworth,
Mrs. Tillie Le [Lemos ?],
Mrs. Annie Fishter,
Mrs. Sarah A. Wheeler,
Mrs. R. D. [Dunis ?],
Mrs. Rebeca [sic] Tobyas,
Mrs. E. J. Watson,
Mrs. E. Mooney,
Mrs. Jos. Bradley,
Mrs. Mary Henderson,
Mrs. Margaret D. Brown,
Mrs. Maggie Bane,
Mrs. Mary [Cain ?](2),
Mrs. John Harsha,
Mrs. Gennie Lovis,
Mrs. Lizzie [Heoccle ?],
Mrs. Lydie Ramsey,
Mrs. J. O. Crawford,
Mrs. Mattie Slusher,
Mrs. Nettie St. Clair,
Mrs. Mary J. Shafer [or Shater ?],
Mrs. Anna O. Evans,
Misses Ella Lyons,
Jennie Patterson,
Maud Scott,
Dora Pine,
Annie Greer,
Annie Powell,
Fannie Edgerton,
Ella Elexander,
Ella King,
Ella Murray,
Etta McKinley,
Emma Hamilton,
Mary Whitehill,
M. J. Emery,
May Decuest,
Ina Alysworth,
Minnie Adams,
Maggie Chambers,
Lizzie Garland,
Maggie R. Thompson,
Kate Malone,
Laura E. Scott,
Lottie Smith,
Mary F. Matthews,
[Milda ?] McHallen,
Jennie Craig.

"In calling for the above please ask for advertised letter and give date of advertisement. - James Brady, Postmaster.


Article from the The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 18, 1889, p. 1: "Closing Day of the Leatherman School - Correspondence of the Reporter. 
On March 14th, Mr. E. H. Greelee closed a very successful term of school at Letherman's school house. It was a bright clear morning and by nine o'clock people could be seen coming from all directions wending their way to the school house. The following was the program: Scripture reading, by the teacher and pupils.
Prayer by Mrs. J. H. McDonough.  'Welcome Song', by the school.  Address of welcome by Myrtle Long.  Second reader class.  Recitation, 'The Bridge,' Harry [Long ?].Song, 'Since I have been redeemed.' [lower case, sic]  Third reader class.  Song, 'Rain on the roof.  'First spelling class.
History class, (first part.)  Recitation, 'Rustle Courtship,' Doc Dague.  Song, 'Rock of Ages.'
History class (second part.)  Recitation, 'The Violet,' Lizzie Amos. Declamation, 'The Waves,' Overton Dague.
Music by the band.  Dinner.Essay 'Our Studies,' Lorrie Long. Eulogy, 'Washington,' John C. Dague.
Select Reading, 'Burdock's Goat,' Yorty Dague. Music, Fifth reader class. Declamation, 'Golden Rule,' Ida Gayman.  Select reading, 'The Lion and the Mouse,' Dale Foulke.  Song, 'The Wander Staff.'
Declamation, 'Orator Puff,' Lyman McDonough.  Recitation, 'The Unseen Battle,' Mary Dague.  Recitation, 'Rock of Ages,' Minnie Foulke.
Physical geor__phy class.
Select reading, 'The Wild Horse of the Plains,' Joe M. Weir.
Declamation, 'Bob on Stilts,' Dale Foulke.  Recitation, 'All for Nomination,' Jim McLoney.
Declamation, 'Cherish Kindly Feeling,' Myrtle Long.  Declamation, 'Roll call,' Nettie Tombaugh.
Song, 'Twilight is Falling.'
Dialogue, 'An Applicant,' J. C. Dague, S, N. Dague.Periodicals, Eds. S. N. Dague and Louie Long.  Addresses by patrons and others.  Candy treat by the teacher.  Speech, by Jimmie McDonough.
Declamation, 'Froggy's Party,' Johnny Dague.
Declamation, 'What is Time,' Josie McDonough.  Recitation, 'St. John, the Aged,' Annie McLoney. 
Recitation, 'The Last Hymn,' Gertie McLoney.  Oration, 'The Nineteenth Century,' S. N. Dague.Music, song, 'Who was it.'
Essay 'Our School Days,' Emma E. Weir.
Essay, 'Close of School,' Nettie Tombaugh.
Music, 'Sweet bye and bye.'
Several of the patrons made remarks in commendation of the school. Thaddeus Gayman, Esq., was called to the floor and in behalf of the school presented Mr. Greenle with a very fine manacure [sic] set and a beautifully bound book entitled 'Lucelle.' He was taken completely by .... [rest of article cut off in Xeroxing].

Advertisements - [names only, unless other items are readable]

___ & Montgomery, South Main street, shoes

___cob H. Wise, No. 30 East Chestnut street, soap powder

___ McKean & Co.'s - oysters [grocer?]__erthel and Son, puddings___Caskey & Henry, 63 South Main Street, insurance agents, and ____ Vankirk, inspector.

Zelt Bros., flour

"Notice: All bills against Hazel Glass Co. should be presented at once.  Hazel Glass Co. [code]"

"Citizen's Water Co. - Contracts taken for Water and Plumbing!  Office No. 63 East Wheeling Street, (People's Heat and Light Co. Building).  _ Water rents payable on the 15th of each month. [code]"

Lost and Found entries - names only unless other items are readable
'The Greek Testament' lost - return to Wray Grayson

For Rent - names only unless other items are readable
Two rooms as office, first floor old Reporter office, near town hall - A. G. Happer

Pasture and fields for rent - Wm. Smith & Son

basement room formerly occupied by B. [E. ?] Adams as a barber shop - C. W. Adams, saddler

5-room house, 2 and 1/2 miles from Buffalo Village, Pa - inquire of Mrs. Sarah Cooke, Washington 


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa. , July 18, 1889, page unknown:

A large article about oil wells, their output and oil leases also has numerous lines through the words.  *Some* of the names that can be read are - [caps added; this is not quoted unless specified]:

Robert KNOX

McKEAN De NORMANDLE [sic] well


Martin [LUSICK ? LUFSICK ??] well

W. H. NICHOLSON, contractor/driller

"A prominent contractor has said that, barring accident, a well ought to be put down in 30 days."

A. A. and Harvey HILL - leases transferred to FERGUS and WEAVER

KEYS well

Israel WEIRICH lease

John [BURRIS ??] and [Harry H. ??] DAVIS leases on the Anthony WILKINSON property [on East or West ?] Maiden St.

Linton-Mitchell VANKIRK well

"Mrs. Rachel FINLEY has leased her property on East Maiden St. for oil purposes."

[DUSTICK ?] well

Judge McKENNAN well

[rest is too blackened and has too many lines over the print to read].

Advertisements -

[real estate and livestock agent] - J. D. Porte, No. 2, East Beau Street

[very large Ad with large, bold type] - "Spring: Opening: Men's Suitings, Overcoatings [sic] and Trousers, 700 Styles 700 [700 is repeated and 2 are typed vertically].  Suits from $20.00 up.  Trousers from $5.00 up.  Satisfaction guaranteed in prices and fits.  Also an elegant line of hats and men's furnishing.  [caps] J. L. Lockhart [caps]."



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