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Articles from The Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., July 23, 1887, page unknown: [The following combines 2 Xeroxes made from 2 sections of the same page of the newspaper.]
[top of column cut off on xerox] 

          "Co. H practiced guard mounting at the college park Tuesday evening, in the presence of a number of spectators.
           "Chas. Bailey has the coolest room in town at his restaurant. Patent fans run by steam do the business.
          "Wm. Cockins and daughter, of Leavenworth, Kansas, are guests of Mr. C.'s brother, John L. Cockins, Canonsburg.
          "A cow on Sunday last gored and severely injured a twelve year old daughter of C. Buckingham, of near Zollarsville.
          "Wiley & Son, undertakers, have purchased two very handsome casket pedestals, covered with broadcloth and satin with nickel corner pieces.
          "Twenty-eight rats were captured in a [boss ?] trap at the residence of Nelson Vankirk, this place, Tuesday night. The hot weather will not trouble them any more.
          "Lieut. Col. J. M. Kent, Waynesburg, of the 10th Regiment, has tendered his resignation, which has been accepted. His successors will be elected at an early date.
          "Parties are in the habit of riding hurriedly out West Maiden street, on horse back, much to the danger of pedestrians. On Tuesday a little child was nearly run over by one of them.
          "Mrs. Fammy McGahey has made application for a divorce from her husband, Thomas McGahey, through her next best friend, S. M. H. Bebout. The parties reside in South Strabane township.
          "Mr. Speers, of near lock No. 4, one of the engineers on the steamer J. G. Blaine, has been laid up at his home from sickness for the past three weeks. He is able to be up, and we hope will soon resume his station.
          "The Moundsville campmeeting [sic] will be in full blast on the 3rd of August. The groves have been improved and a large auditorium erected. The special attractions this year are the Revs. Sam Jones and Sam Small.
          "During a family quarrel at the home of Jas. McDonald, colored, on Tuesday, Mrs. McDonald threw a quantity of concentrated lye into her husband's face. A physician rendered the necessary aid.
          "Mr. T. Rider, Fallowfield, while engaged at the Devore sawmill, on the Carson farm a few days since, had his foot twisted and lacerated by the circular saw. He was pushing a truck back with his foot at the time.
          "A member of the borough council, one of the representatives of the council ward, requests us to state that unless the parties who have been making a practice of dumping filth, &c., in the rear of the old graveyard, discontinue the same, they will be prosecuted.
          "Prof. Simonton and wife, who have been travelling in Europe during the year past, landed in New York, on Sunday. They will make a short visit to Judge Simonton, a brother of Prof. Simonton, in Bedford, Pa., and will arrive in Washington about Saturday evening.
          "The McDonald correspondent of the [italics] Argus [italics] says: - John S. Willets, the notorious faith cure apostle, has returned to Midway and taken possession of the street corner near J. S. McCarty's, where he exhibits his panorama and lecture every evening on the terrible things that will occur in the near future.
          "Clem Brady, grandson of Jesse Jordan, was stricken down in the harvest field on the farm of Isaac Dayer [NOTE- i. e. Dager], Amwell township, on Wednesday. He was conveyed to the house, and a physician summoned, who pronounced him suffering from sunstroke. On Thursday he had recovered enough to be brought to the home of his grandfather in this place.
          "Robert Garrett, the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, writes to Mr. Singerly, of the Philadelphia [italics] ? Record ? [italics] that all negotiations for the consolidation of that road with others are at an end, the syndicate failing to meet their engagement. The B & O Railroad and Telegraph are just as they were at the beginning.
          [Next entry is too blackened and fuzzy to read - it is about fixing the eastern wall of the Washington public school building which was erected about 30 yrs. ago and had a crooked wall when it was finished. The rest is unreadable.]

[The next column is also cut off at the top] 
          "Mrs. John Paxton, of Clokey, and sister, Mrs. Robert Arnold, of Houstonville, returned on Wednesday from a week's visit to friends in Dallas, W. Va.
          "Wm. M. stevenson, of the Pittsburgh [italics] Commercial [italics] Staff, son of Rev. Ross Stevenson, this place, left Wednesday for a month's sojourn along the St, Lawrence.
           "A son of Policeman Greer while out hunting, on Tuesday, had a shot gun to burst in his hands. Fortunately the break was so near the muzzle that the boy sustained no injury.
          "The rains of Wednesday night filled Pigeon Creek to overflowing, swelling the streams also in the neighborhood of Kammerer. In that vicinity a number of fences and bridges were washed away.
           "The case of barratry against Capt. Wishart and others of the Law and Order Society at Pittsburgh was dismissed at the hearing, and the prosecutor, O'Conner, arrested and jailed for perjury.
           "James McCabe, formerly of Paris this county, who has been engaged for a number of years in the Post Office Department at Washington, D.C., was last week made chief of the Contract Department at a salary of $1,600.
           "A colored man was arrested by the police as a suspicious character. Burgess Hazlett gave him five hours to get out of town. He is said to fill the description of the man who attempted to burgularize Dr. Davis' house last Sunday night."
           "A string of oaths uttered by a young man at Mt. Morris, Greene county, a few days since, cost him $23.60. An indignant citizen had counted the oaths and made information against the young man. [NOTE: fined for swearing]
          "Willie, the 12-year-old son of Dr. W. L. McCleary broke his left arm while visiting his uncle, Cal McCleary, in East Finley township, Wednesday. He was thrown from an ox on which he was riding and trampled on.
          "Owing to the sudden illness of Rev. J. R. Foulkes, the first issue of the Prohibition Standard, at Claysville, will not make its appearance until next week. Mr. Foulkes has passed the crisis in his sickness and hopes to be at his post soon.
          "On Sabbath, the 17th, a storm of wind and rain struck the Hoe farm of Jacob Swagler, near Scenery Hill. It blew down twelve hay stacks in one meadow and scattered them in every direction; it also blew down his oats that was not cut and damaged it considerably.
          "Mrs. Lilly Allender, of [TenMile ?], had Wm. Parker and Susan Morrow arrested on a charge of assault and battery, Thursday evening. Unless the case is compromised sooner the accused will be given a hearing at 4 p. m. Friday.
          "The police were notified Friday morning to look out for Maggie Thompson, one of the inmates of Morganza, who escaped from that institution on Thursday night. Detective Fryer of Morganza and Policeman Redman captured her and the former will take her back.
          "Charles Farnsworth, of Clarion, Pa., was married on the 20th instant to Miss Laura Gahey, of Speer's post-office, Washington county, Pa. The nuptials took place at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. Farnsworth is a soldier of the regular army. He is stationed in Dakota territory.

[Column Three is cut off on the top and bottom, therefore I cannot list all names. The story is about a murder case (deceased is a woman) where they are empanelling a jury. This *may* have been a case moved from Hancock county, *if* I am reading it correctly.] Twenty jurors were questioned. Here are the names of some of the jurors that I can read:
John Melvin, Jr. - accepted
Geo. Lambert - accepted
David Ralston - excused
J. W. Johnson - excused
Edward W. Hart - accepted
R. A. Shay - accepted
Wm. Allison - opposed to capital punishment - excused
Geo. Prosser - distant relationship to the murdered woman - excused
Robert O. [Taylor ?] - excused
Edward Carothers - accepted
Wm. A. [Jenter ???] - [can't read]
Robert Wilson, Cumberland - [can't read]
[cannot read any other names]


Article from the The Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 1887, page unknown:
"Centreville [sic] - Miss Jesse Hawkins of Beallsville is visiting friends in town: Miss Mattie Seaman, of Washington is visiting relatives here also. FRITZ "


"List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Washington, Pa. on Tuesday, August 2, 1887: [caps added by typist] 

John McNAIR,
Jacob NAH**, Jas. L. DAVIS,
John M. CLARK,
[E. ? S. ?] HULL,
Chas. R. SHINE,
Cabin [H. ? B. ?] NEELY,
Wm. McKAY,
"Mrs. James [DAGGS ?],
Mrs. Fannie McGUFFIN,
Mrs. Elizabeth HARTLEY,
Mrs. Catherine LOVEJOY,
Mrs. Lottie [BANKO ? HANK_ ?],
Mrs. Thos. W. CHAMBERS,
Misses H. M. WOLF,
Carrie McCARN**?,
Sophie M. MARSHALL, Mil** J. *ONTLEY [?MONTLEY ?].
"Persons calling for the above please give date of advertisement."


[Advertisement] - "Wm. Smith and Son - Clearing Sale of Clothing - [rest cut off this Xerox]. 

"[caps] Canton Township School Tax [caps]" - [excerpt] the undersigned will be at Clark's Schoolhouse on Sat., Sept. 17th, from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m., for payment of school tax... W. W. WEIRICH, Treasurer. 

[excerpt only] "For Sale or Rent - In Beallsville, Pa., on Main Street, Two Lots, running back to an alley. On one lot there is a large two-story [caps] brick dwelling [caps]. On the corner lot is a very large [caps] livery stable [caps]. All in good order. Anyone wishing to engage in the livery business, this would be a good opening. Also, for rent, a [caps] store room [caps], now occupied as a clothing store, on corner of Main and Maiden street. Inquire of W. B. FLICK, Beallsville, Pa." 

"House and Lot at Public Sale - I will offer at Public Sale, Saturday, August 20th, 1887, My house and lot, situate in Claysville, Washington county, Pa. House two stories, 16x32 feet, two rooms back, 12x18; six rooms in all. The house is very convenient for two families.
           "Also, at the same time and place I will offer a pasture lot of about 2 acres and one-half very convenient to the above named property. This property will be sold at a bargain. Sale to begin at ten o'clock, when terms will be made known. W. G. PATTERSON, Claysville, Pa." 

"[caps] Public Sale [caps] of Valuable Real Estate ! ! The undersigned, executors of the estate of [caps] Jacob Weirich [caps], deceased, late of Franklin township, Washington county, Pa., will expose at public sale, on Thursday, September 8, 1887, At 1 o'clock p. m., the following described real estate, viz: The homestead farm, containing [106 ?] acres, more or less, on the National road, four miles west of Washington. The improvements consist of a comfortable [caps] house [caps] of seven rooms; new barn; good orchard. The land is of good quality and well watered. [caps] Terms [caps] made known on day of sale. - [W. A. ?] ELY, Israrl [sic] WEIRICH, Executors, Washington, Pa." 

"[caps] A Good Farm [caps] ! At [caps] Private Sale [caps] ! In the supposed Oil and Gas Belt of North Western Washington County, Pa. - The farm of Miss Eleanor Orr, situate in Cross Creek township, near Patterson's Mill, containing about [bold] 137 1/2 Acres [bold]. About 100 acres in a good state of cultivation...." [rest cut off of this Xerox copy]" 

"Sheriff's Sale - [caps added to names by typist] - By virtue of a writ of Fiera Facias, issued out of the Court of common Pleas, of Washington county, and to me directed, upon which inquisition and exemption have been waived, there will be exposed at public sale in front of the Court House, in the borough of Washington, Washington county, Pa., on Monday, the 15th day of August, 1887, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., of said day, the following described real estate: "All the right, title and interest of the defendant B. F. RYAN in and to a certain tract of land, situate in Amwell township, Washington county, Pa., bounded and described as follows: Adjoining lands of WASHINGTON GREGOR, SAMUEL BRADEN, WM. HILL, JOHN BOSTER and J. M. MARTIN, containing fourteen acres, more or less, upon which are erected a Log Dwelling House and other buildings. "Taken in execution as the property of R. F. RYAN at the suit of WM. L. DILLE for the use of H. K. BELL, now for use of WM. L. DILLE. - - J. T. HEMPHILL, Sheriff. - Sheriff's Office, Washington, Pa."

"Sheriff's Sale - [caps added to names by typist] - By virtue of a writ of Fiera Facias, issued out of the Court of common Pleas, of Washington county, and to me directed, upon which inquisition and exemption have been waived, there will be exposed at public sale in front of the Court House, in the borough of Washington, Washington county, Pa., on Monday, the 15th day of August, 1887, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., of said day, the following described real estate: "All the right, title and interest of the defendant ORLANDO MITCHELL and MARK MITCHELL, administrators of HIRAM MITCHELL, deceased, in and to a certain tract of land, situate in Bentleysville, Washington county, Pa., bounded and described as follows: Adjoining lands of THOMAS RICHARDSON, JOHN FEN*TERS and A. J. McCORMACK, containing five acres, more or less. No improvements. "Taken in execution as the property of ORLANDO MITCHELL and MARK MITCHELL, administrators of HIRAM MITCHELL, deceased, at the suit of JOHN _. JONES, administrator of [JAMES ?] JONES, deceased. - - J. T. HEMPHILL, Sheriff. - Sheriff's Office, Washington, Pa."

"Sheriff's Sale - [caps added to names by typist] - By virtue of a writ of Fiera Facias, issued out of the Court of common Pleas, of Washington county, and to me directed, upon which inquisition and exemption have been waived, there will be exposed at public sale in front of the Court House, in the borough of Washington, Washington county, Pa., on Monday, the 15th day of August, 1887, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., of said day, the following described real estate: "All the right, title and interest of G. W. DICKEY and JAMES H. DICKEY, in and to a certain tract of land, situate in Donegal, Washington county, Pa., bounded and described as follows: Adjoining lands of JOHN G. POGUE, JOHN M. ______ [rest of article cut off this Xerox copy]"


Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Aug. 27, 1887, p. 1:

"LOCAL GLANCES - [second column] -  

H. C. Slusher reports thirty-five bushels of the Diehl Hybrid wheat per acre.

Misses Wilma and Grace McCutcheon, ill with the fever, are both improving.

E. J. Dye is repairing and rebuilding his residence on the Williamsport pike, east of town.

Co. K., 16th Pennsylvania cavalry, will reune [sic] at Old Concord to-morrow, Saturday, the 27th. 

A new postoffice [sic] has been established in West Bethlehem, near the old Walton store, which has been named Topsail. 

S. J. Wise has opened a confectionary store in the room lately occupied by Dr. James Boles, on East Chestnut street.

James Kuntz is laying a splendid flagstone pavement in front of his residence on West Wheeling street. 

Elmer W. Ellsworth and wife and Joseph Shidle and wife have removed from this place to Taylorstown. 

The toll on the bridge across the Monongahela river at Brownsville is thirteen cents for a horse and carriage. 

A son of James Mitchell, of Buffalo township, had his hand badly mutilated, on Wednesday, by a saw in a sawmill. 

The hearing in the Baker case for a new trial did not come up before Judge Boyd at Wheeling as first intended, but was postponed until September 7th. 

Rev. William, son of Rev. Dr. Hamilton, Washington, will hold services at the Presbyterian church, Burgettstown, next Sabbath morning and evening. 

A new German Lutheran church has just been completed near McCarrel's school-house, Mt. Pleasant township. The building is very neat and attractive. 

Mrs. McCullom and Mrs. Lyne, who have been visiting at the residence of their father, Mr. Addison Winters, have returned to their homes in Pittsburgh. 

The brick house at West Brownsville in which James G. Blaine was born is in a dilapidated condition, and temporarily occupied by a number of workmen. 

Papers have been received appointing John Keeney Postmaster at 'Laboratory,' two miles east of Washington, on the National Road. The place is known as Martinsburg or Pancake. 

The persons who attended the Episcopal Sunday school picnic, at Ringland's grove, on the W. & W. railroad, Wednesday, arrived home shortly after 9 p. m., on a special train.They report having a good time. 

The Pamphlet Laws of the State of Pennsylvania, passed the last Legislature, have been received by Prothonotary Seaman, and are ready for distribution to the justices of the peace of the county.

            Rev. J. M. Tombaugh, of the Washington Court House, Ohio, who has been visiting his parents in West Bethlehem township, returned home Thursday evening. -

[rest of articles cut off].



On Tuesday afternoon a jury was empanneled in the case in the case of F. B. Hallam, charged with carrying concealed weapons; E. McBurney, prosecutor.  The next morning the District Attorney asked the Judge that the jury and witnesses be discharged and a [italics] nol pros [italics] entered as the case had been satisfactorily settled.

            The case of John C. Phillips, of Cecil, charged with aggrevated [sic] assault and battery and carrying concealed weapons, was compromised.

            The case of John A. Orr, charged with aggrevated [sic] assault and battery, was continued until November.

            Commonwealth vs. John Martin, surety of the peace, Mary Ann Martin, prosecutor.  The court discharged the defendant, county to pay the costs.

            Commonwealth vs. Joseph Bryant, John Asberry and Curl [sic] McClelland, of Canonsburg, aggravated assault and battere [sic] Ad Miller and R. H. Peacock, prosecutors.  Mr. Miller and Mr. Peacock were returning from a picnic, on the 23rd of July, and were met on the road, near Houstonville, by the defendants, who attempted to stop their buggy.  A quarrel ensued, in which Peacock was struck in the head by a stone and the buggy was cut with razors by the defendants.  The jury returned a verdict as follows: Bryant guilty of aggravated assault and battery, McClelland, of simple assault, and John Asberry, not guilty.  The jury recommended the prisoners to extreme mercy of the court.  The Judge sentenced Bryant to pay his share of the costs of prosecution and go to the workhouse for 30 days; McClelland to pay half of the costs of prosecution and six and one-fourths cents fine.

            There being no more jury trials, court adjourned until Friday when road business will be taken up."


"Local Politics - A Lively Campaign Predicted - Press Opinions - Although seemingly out of tune with his chief, Chairman Acheson is in sweet accord with Boss Lawrece. [italics] Democrat.  [italics].  Yes, Lawrence and Acheson are both determined to do their level best to elect the entire Republican ticket. - [italics] Observer [italics]."

[separated by a line between paragraphs]

            "It is an interesting spectacle to observe the gingerly way in which Chill Hazard's Monongahela City [italics] Republican [italics] takes up the subject of Lawrence 's political resurrection.   People who don't thrive on excitement should stay away from Washington county for awhile.  The Ute outbreak will lapse into insignificance when all the buried hatchets in Washington county are dug up. [italics] Pittsburgh Post [italics]."

[separated by a line between paragraphs]

            "The tone of the Pittsburgh press seems to be, that Senator Lawrence unwisely forced the nomination of M. R. Allen up on the Republican County Committee.  In discussing that matter, however, it should be remembered that there are always two sides to a question.  Those who acted with the Senator, and in the majority claim that the County Committee did not 'nominate' a candidate for the Clerk of Courts.  It simply placed on the ticket the name of the next highest candidate to Mr. Riggle, as shown by the tally sheets, Mr. Allen being the candidate having the declared the nominee.  They say in defense that the committee did not express its own personal preference nor that of Mr. Lawrence, but simply voiced the will of the people as expressed by themselves at the late primaries without regard to their own wishes in the matter. - [italics] Monongahela Republican. [italics]." 


Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Aug. 27, 1887, page unknown:

" BUFFALO - Fateful Accident - After Harvest - Correspondence of the Reporter -

            "John Maxwell, son of W. G. Maxwell, was painfully injured on Wednesday, in jumping over a fence alighting so as to dislocate a bone in one foot which will disable him for several days.

            "After harvest Thanksgiving services were held in the church Thursday.  Six ministers were in attendance, addresses were made by the pastor, Rev. Morton, followed by Revs. Anderson, Aiken and Alexander.  The services in the church were interspersed with some excellent anthems by the choir, under the efficient leadership of Prof. Marquis, and Miss Effie [Reed ?] as organist.  After services the congregation repaired to the grove where a sumptuous dinner was arranged by ladies of the church to which all did ample justice.  Music was furnished by the band.  The afternoon was spent very pleasantly in a social way when all went home feeling the day well spent.

            J. P. Stewart & Bro. leave for Finleyville next Monday."



Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Aug. 27, 1887, page unknown:

            "[all caps] Capt. Wishart [all caps] - May Re-Enlist in the United States Army - It has been reported for several days past, says the Pittsburgh [italics] Commercial Gazette [italics], that Capt. Wishart, agent of the Law and Order Society, will take steps to be re-enlisted in the regular army.  The Captain was asked about the matter yesterday and said that while he had been contemplating such action on account of publications regarding his dismissal, he had not definitely decided yet what course he would take.

            " 'If I do apply for re-enlistment,' continued the captain, 'it will not be to enter active service again, but to regain my position as a matter of vindication from the false charges which have been heaped upon me.  The officers who opposed me were among the most brutal and debauched men the world ever produced.  The fact that I fought for my rights and refused to resign without being compelled to should convince any fair-minded man that I believed myself innocent, as I still do.' "



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa. , Sept. 10, 1887, page unknown:

      [top of article cut off during Xeroxing]

      "Miss Jennie, daughter of Daniel Lewis, South Lincoln street , who has been ill with fever, is now able to be out.  Her brother Robert, who has been confined to the house three months with rheumatism, is slowly recovering.

      "On Thursday morning Billy Mullins, who was arrested for furnishing liquor to men of intemperate habits, had a hearing before C. M. Ruple, Esq.  After examining several witnesses, for want of evidence the prisoner was discharged.

      "The plumbers are fitting up the residence of Samuel Hazlett, on Maiden street , and George Caldwell, on Wade avenue , with the pipes and appliances for using water, which will be furnished by the water works as soon as they are completed.

      "A herd of Swiss cattle imported directly from Switzerland , at a cost of one thousand dollars, will be exhibited by a native of that country at the Washington Fair.  This is the only herd of Swiss cattle in the United States , and consequently a rare attraction.

      "Capt. L. M. Marsh was at the fair grounds Wednesday morning and pronounces the track in first class condition.  After speeding his horse around the track, the universal verdict was that he had the fastest and best team -- the only one upon the track.

      "At the M. P. conference, which closed its season at Burnside, Pa., on the 5th instant, the following appointments were made: Washington, Rev. A. D. Brown; Amity, Rev. T. W. Colhouer; Brownsville , Rev. H. Siviter.  Waynesburg and Monroe, and Monongahela City were not supplied.

      "Major Samuel Hazlett left on Tuesday for Scranton , where he will have charge of a team of sixteen men from the First Brigade, N. G. P., at the shooting match at that place, which commences to-day.  The contest is between the men of the N. G. P. and from the best shots will be chosen a team to shoot a match in New York .

      "The beautiful tree which has been a distinguishing mark at 'Green Tree Corner,' Main and Beau streets, was toppled over by the axman on Thursday morning, the owner, Mr. W. W. Smith, having determined to lower his pavements in accord with the new grade of the street.  It is to be regretted that a like policy has not been adopted in front of the Boyle and other properties opposite the court house.

      [one item skipped - about corn]

      [next one very blurred in this Xerox copy, but some of it reads]:  "Phi Kappa writes from North Re_____: Last Sabbath morning Rev. C. M. [ Conway ?] and wife formerly pastor of the Methodist church in Amity, Pa. and late pastor of the First Methodist church of East Liverpool, Ohio , was baptized by Rev. [L. ? B. ? C_____ ......... [rest is too blurred to read]."

      [Rest of column too blurred on this Xerox copy.]


[Next column, top cut off on this Xerox copy].

      "D. W. McCullom has sold 6_ [6 1/2 ? ] acres of ground, without buildings, near Amity, to D. H. Swart, at $97 per acre, and his house and lot containing 4 acres, to A. P. Swart for $1,400.

      "Judge McIlvaine, New Philadelphia, Ohio, an uncle of Judge J. A. McIlvaine and a brother of Mrs. W. H. Drury, of this place, is suffering from a third stroke of paraylsis and is in critical condition.

      "'Squire James Smiley, of Fallowfield, is seriously indisposed.  He has for sseveral weeks been a sufferer of asthma and it has now turned to a form of consumption.  He has had one or two hemorrhages.

      "Harry Sprowls, formerly of Burnsville, this county, but who is now a resident of Dakota, passed through this place on Thursday on his way to Burnsville , where he will visit friends and relatives.

      "Farmers do not generally know that the use of a steam thresher violates their insurance policy, unless they first obtain a permit from the insurance agent.  If the thresher should fire your barn you would not get a cent.

      "Look out for the 'pony man' who is on the rounds selling Shetland ponies at $5 apiece.  The buyer selects a pony from a number of photographs, 'ponies up' $5 and waits the arrival of the little animal but it never turns up.

      "Walker McFarland returned from Mountain Lake Park on Thursday, where he had been two months.  He escaped the hay fever entirely, but a few days before leaving was attacked with asthma from which he suffered severely.

      "Isreal Weirich and W. A. Ely, executors of the estate of Jacob Weirich, deceased, sold at public sale the old Weirich tavern property, on the pike, four miles west of Washington , 106 acres, to James S. Mounts, for $94.96 per acre.

      "The Howard street Presbyterian church of san Francisco , says the Canonsburg [italics] Herald [italics], has recently extended a call to Rev. H. C. Minton, at a salary of $3,500 per year.  Rev. Minton is a son of Capt. Mathias Minton, of Prosperity, in this county.

      "It will be sometime yet before the Crawford mines, at Midway, will be in operation.  T. B. Robbins, the owner of the mines, is having a new tipple erected, and new ties put in on the switch.  It will be a well equipped mine when the work is complete.

      "Harry, the youngest son of the late James C. Acheson, of Wheeling, died at Cumberland, Md. , on the 8th instant, of cancer of the liver, aged about twenty-five years.  His remains were brought to this place on Friday morning and interred in the Washington cemetery.

      "We learn that the Rev. W. H. Baugh, an aluminus [sic] of Waynesburg college, who has been supplying the C. P. church at San Jose, Cal., has been caught by the 'boon' in that city.  He has resigned his ministry and embarked in the real estate business. - [italics] Waynesburg Independent. [italics].

      "Minnie Harrington was committed to Morganza by C. M. Ruple, Esq., on Thursday and taken to that institution by Deputy [Sheriff ?] [Kennedy ?] in the afternoon.  Her father and mother are dead and she lived with her grandmother who charged her with being beyond her control.

      [Rest of column is too blurred to read on this Xerox copy.]

Next column is cut in half on this Xerox but some names that are seen are:

Swearinger or Swearingen

N. P. Buckingham

Officer Stuff

Squire Howell

H. J. McCracken



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