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    Enhance your genealogy research about ancestors from Little Washington, Washington County PA with newspaper articles, birth, death, marriage, notices, obituaries often with cemeteries noted, probate, deed, surname, family trees or family histories, reunions and other information.



Article from the Daily Evening Reporter, Mar. 8, 1879, page unknown:

[title cut off?]  Messrs. S. B. & C. Hayes are having different rooms in their carriage manufactory in this borough, whitewashed and everything about the premises cleaned up in anticipation of an improved trade.  They recently added to their working force; from inquiries that have been made concerning lumber and carriages it is believed the beginning of good times is at hand.  There is a demand for lumber which they supply indicating that considerable building will be done the coming summer.

Beallsville Items - For the Reporter,

- Mrs. Siminton, formerly of this place, is visiting friends here.

- There will be an entertainment here on Monday night.

- Mitchell Duvall will be sent to Dixmont again.

- Baker Brothers have purchased [the] Horn Brothers store in Zollarsville.

- Wilson Holland, of Centerville, has rented S. B. Holland's house and will move here in April.  He is going to open a boot and shoe shop.

- Ed Springer and Misses Elmira Springer and Jennie McDonough, have returned from Ohio. 

- [from correspondent]- Frank Ellwood



Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup 25 cents a bottle

"First class Rag Carpet made to order at Catfish Woolen Mills, Ruple's Alley, near West end of Beau street. - Kennedy Bros."

"Another fresh arrival of the great Bonanzas Stoves, at J. J. Jordan's, very cheap."

"If you want good bread boy Victor flour.  It will make more bread, whiter bread, and is more palatable, more nutritious than any flour in Western Pennsylvania.  It is made at the Washington Flouring Mills from pure Flint wheat."

[last one unreadable on my copy]





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