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Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., June 7, 1878, page unknown: [top of column cut off] -
          "Miss Clara Winget, of Sparta, is visiting her sister near Waynesburg, Greene County.
          "Some of the wheat fields in the [vicinity ?] of Sparta were so much injured with the late hail storm, that the farmer cut off the wheat straw re-ploughed the ground and put in corn.
          "The Riggles' farm, in West Finley township, containing 138 acres, was sold for $2,700. The Frazier farm in West Finley township was bid to $17.40 cents per acre and sale adjourned.
          "Mrs. Joseph Vankirk, of Franklin township, says she made 
[8 ? 3/4] pounds of butter from the milk of one cow in 11 days.
          "Morgan Jones' little boy, who has been sick for several months, is slowly recovering.
          "The election in Franklin township to remove the election to the house of Coroner Harshman resulted as follows: for removal, 67 votes; against removal, 119 votes.
          "One day last week Joseph Patterson's little daughter fell from a high porch and broke her leg. Dr. Cary, of Prosperity, was called and set the limb. The little child is now doing well. - [caps] Proronopublico [caps]."

"Cobtown -
          "The meeting for settlement of the Supervisor's and School Board with the Auditors have been postponed from last Monday, to June 8th.
          "[Eh ?] Webb was thrown from a buck wagon last week and very badly bruised.
          "More new road in Amwell. A petition is out for a road from David Frazee's, via Doc Riggle's, to Gosiah [sic] Hewit's.
          "J. F. Sander was severely kicked on the leg by a horse on Friday.
          "The Evans brothers, of Ten Mile have received a commission from the East to purchase 80,000 lbs of wool at 35 cents.
           "Miss Lizzie Hatfield, a girl that the gentle summer's sun and the frosts of sixteen seasons have blighted, eloped last Sunday with one C. R. Friend, of West Bethlehem, and report says got married.
          "$500 surplus money in the school treasurer's hands. Amwell is in prosperity.
          "Robert Wiley was through Amwell on Friday last offering 30 cents for wool, but could not buy. The growers say 35 cents will start the market in this township.
          "One hundred and forty-four voters were at the primary meeting in Amwell on Saturday. The largest ever in this township.
          "While washing sheep a few days ago near Sunset, Charley Barner, a twelve year old boy, fell into the dam and came near being drowned. He was saved by others who were near.
"John Sturgis who went to Colorado ... [rest of item cut off; rest of column cut off in Xeroxing]."

"Pancake - 

          "Jimmy Armstrong, ex-toll collector at the gate east of your borough, has moved to our village. Is justice done by the 'Cameron' ring in [ousting ?] this brave soldier who lost his arm in battle for his country?
          "Mrs. S. H. Kilmore, of Iowa, is visiting in this county.
          "Mrs. Maggie Slusher has a Hamburg hen that has laid for six consecutive years and never offers to act.
           "The W. & W. R. R. Company have leased a stone quarry on the farm of Nathan Baker.
           "W. O. Slusher found in a potato patch last week, a Spanish coin dated date 1773 [1773 ? or 1778 ?].
           "Mrs. M. Horn had 15 turkeys killed by the recent storm.
           "S. H. Shipe carries a jacknife he purchased over 50 years ago.
          "Hueston Paul, who recently had his smoke house robbed, will now erect a new smoke house on the second floor of the spring house and make it burglar proof.
          "K. Horn sold a lot of fat cattle on Friday last at 4 [1/4] cents per pound.
          "Henry Keeny has rented 80 acres of pasture from J. W. Chambers for $160, the lowest for many years.
          "Samuel Hatfield, Jr., killed a black snake, Friday, 8 feet, 2 inches in length.
          "The Road Commissioners of Amwell made a final settlement with settlement with the Auditors on Monday last. - [caps] Light [caps]."

"Sparta - A little child of Joseph Miller's recently fell off the porch and broke one of its legs.
          "P. M. Day had the misfortune to sprain his ankle while attending the Camp Meeting at Waynesburg.
          "It is expected that a colored minister will preach in Ninevah in a short time.
          "Dr. Blachley has recovered from his recent illness. - [caps] Pedro [caps]."

"Sunset -
           "Rev. Thomas Swaine, D. D., of Philadelphia, will preach in the Ridge Baptist church, on the 16th of June, at 11 o'clock a.m.
           "H. H. Lindley, of Lone Pine, has... [rest cut off; rest of column cut off on this Xerox copy]."


Article from The Daily Evening Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Wed., Sept. 4, 1878, page unknown:
Mr. Wm. Seabold, tobacconist, had a finger broken on Tuesday while working at a tobacco press.
           In Mr. D. T. Morgan's garden, in this borough, there is a caladium leaf which measures 42 by 31 inches - the largest yet heard of.
          Rev. George B. Gow and wife, of Millbury, Massachusetts, are visiting their friends in Washington. They will remain in town probably two weeks.
          The members of the clover Hill band have now taken 13 lessons, and again employed their old teachers, Mr. Erwin Hill and Mr. J. J. Deems.
          Persons in the West Ward who want to get registered in the 1st Precinct must go to polling place, at Robert Log's residence; for 2nd precinct, at the residence of Wm. Allen, West Chestnut street.
          John Stephenson and Wm. C. Crothers, of Beaver county, had eighty-one fleeces of wool stolen about two weeks since, which was taken to Pittsburg [sic] and sold. Alf [?] McGinnis has been arrested and held to bail, on the charge.
          Miss Annie Beacom, a recent graduate in music under Prof. Joannes, of Beaver College, made a brief visit at Rev. H. C. Beacom's of this place. Miss Beacom possesses a soprano voice of fine quality and good [rest cut off].

"DIVISION OF AMWELL - In the matter of the division of Amwell township, the court yesterday set aside the election held on the 6th of August last, on account of informality and ordered a new election to be held on Tuesday the 1st day of October.
           The election board failed to observe the order of the court directing that the election be held at the usual place of holding general and township elections and between the same hours; but held the election at another place and at hours fixed by themselves. They lost their pay for holding the election and paid the costs besides."


Article from The Daily Evening Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sept. 4, 1878, page unknown: (excerpt)

Messrs. Nyswaner, Burson and Garrett.....Dr. F. B. Winnett


Article from The Daily Evening Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Sept. 9, 1878, page unknown:
[steam flour mill]
Conductor Tanner reports business on the W. and W. railroad lively and still increasing.
Rev. George W. Scott will preach at the County Home, on Sunday afternoon, at half past four o'clock.
Mrs. James D. Spriggs, will leave to-morrow to take a full theological course in the Boston University.
J. M. Spriggs celebrated the ninth anniversary of his business career in Phoenix Row to-day.
Will C. Bane left to-day to attend medical lectures in Philadelphia. Last winter he attended at Baltimore.
Henry Beeler of Greene county shot eighty-seven squirrels one day last week. They must have been about as plenty as blackbirds.
Postmaster Wiley has the most thrifty caladium in town. It has twenty-seven leaves, and is five feet in height.
Mr. Harry Hayes who has been spending a few days among relatives here returned to-day to his home in Wheeling.
Rev. George B. Gow, of Milsbury, Mass., will preach in the Baptist church on Sunday morning next, services begin at 11 o'clock.
On Tuesday morning last, a steer belonging to John Nesbit, Sr., in Chartiers township was killed by lightning.
[re: the newspaper]
The yellow fever is more malignant than ever, and more help is needed now. Go to Hazlett's Banking House and make your subscriptions today.
To keep our town clear of virulent malarial fever every noisome cellar, slop receptacle, privy and pig pen, should be covered over with quicklime or other disinfectant at once.
Capt. James B. Kennedy is suffering greatly with neuralgia and [rest of entry and column cut off during Xeroxing]."

Other articles were not completely Xeroxed. Here are a few names seen in the other articles:
Kramers fine band
Friday morning, 6th, Mr. Robert Lutton - barn, grain, wagon, reaper, mower burned
Mr. Wm. Murdy, formerly of ____, now of W. Virginia - about plums


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington County, Pa., Sept. 5, 1878, page unknown:
[top of article is cut off] - The basics of the article that did get Xeroxed is a Mr. Bailey had a Mr. [Ben ?] Thornburgh arrested for cutting off the heads of ten of Mr. Bailey's sheep and hanging them in a tree.
[next item quoted] "The boys are going to organize an independent military company in this place."

"Division of Washington - Yesterday we gave the decree of the Court dividing the west ward into two wards or election precinct.
"On Wednesday afternoon the Court divided the east ward into two wards or precincts. 
"That part of town north of Beau and east of Main street, will be known as the Third ward. The election will be held at the shoe shop next door north of the Mansion House. The officers are:
[Titles are in italics before each list of names.]
"Judge - James Mickey;
"Inspectors - J. Carter Judson and T. R. H. Johnson.
"Registry Assessor - William Greer
"The Fourth Ward will be that part of town south of Beau street and east of Main. The election will be held at the residence of Mrs. Lane, East Wheeling street.
[Titles are in italics before each list of names.]
"Judge - Dr. J. R. Little;
"Inspectors - James Finley, Jr., and John D. McKennan.
"Registry Assessor - James Lane."

Advertisements -
Sharp's Grocery
Pollack & Barr rising sun coffee

Top of article cut off - it is about an inquest held in the death of a man they believed drank poison and died, but the man's name was cut off this Xerox. The man had seemed distraught over his little girl. The man was possibly from Ohio. Other names that are in this article are:
Craig ROSS
Mr. BURKE - first name may be in rest of article
Mr. HUMPHREY - first name may be in rest of article
Drs. H. L. SNODGRASS and A. M. REA 

"Vanceville Items - For the Reporter. 
Mr. J. A. Nichols is about finishing one of the best buildings erected for years in this neighborhood for Mr. William Smith. The location is beautiful, on a very nice elevated piece of ground; the cellar is dry and well ventilated; the walls thick and ____ of dressed stone, making a very substantial foundation for the two story frame ______ upon it. [rest is too blurry to read]."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington County, Pa., Oct. 10, 1878, page unknown:

Advertisements [summaries only]
M. F. Hambright in Hazlett's building
John F. Connell, Howarth's Building, N. Main St., Washington, PA., tin-ware and roofing

[Top of Column cut off on Xerox; Local Glances type of column]
"Candidates and other politicians are quite numerous upon the Fair Grounds to-day.

"Baynes's Orchestra was out last evening. We are indebted to the young gentlemen for a very pleasant serenade. Come again.

"The reunion of the 85th Pennsylvania Regiment will take place, Thursday, October 25th, at Connellsville.

"Brownlee & Kimmins brought in two double-deck car loads of hogs from West Alexander this morning, over the Hempfield, to be sent by the Chartiers to Pittsburgh. [Note: names of portions of the Railroads.]
"This is the finest Fair ever held in Washington county, and the crowd to-day is the largest ever gathered here on a similar occasion. Next year we shall beat it.

"Lewis Zediker and brothers have purchased the farm of Lewis Smith, in South Strabane township, 66 acres, at execution's sale, at $64.10 per acre. This farm had been in the Smith family over one hundred years.

"The Hempfield train came in this morning in two sections. The first one was so full of passengers that it passed Taylorstown without stopping. An immense crowd there assembled had to wait for the next train.

"At the Greenback meeting in the Court House, on Wednesday evening, Mr. Ed. Prowitt presided and Wm. Greer acted as Secretary. The meeting was addressed by Messrs. Rankin and Emerson.

" [next item skipped about the Fair and more ads in paper]

"The music at the Fair is very fine. Todd's Silver Cornet Band, of twenty instruments is a very efficient, well trained organization. They not only make good music but they present a very fine appearance.

"Mr. W. R. McIlvaine, of Somerset, has presented us with specimens of apples of the varieties known here as King of Thompkins county, and Northern Spy, some of which weigh over a pound and a half."

[summary of the next 2 items - (1) Messrs. Pollock & Barr, their display in Floral Hall, Fair Grounds, was blown over by high wind last night.... (2) watchmen at Fair had to keep fires burning all night because of cold temps...


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