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Transcripts of Obituaries from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Mon., Dec. 6, 1948, p. 2:  [NOTE: This Xerox had been marked 1948 but it *might* be 1945 because in the Funeral Notice of DANIELS on p. 12, he is a Sgt. who dies in Europe, so it could be during World War II. I apologize for the confusion but the type of the old newspapers is blurred on the microfilm and is worse on the Xerox copies. Rounded letters like e, o, b, h and numbers especially 3, 5 and 8 are very hard to make out usually.]


These are NOT all of the Obituaries or Funeral Notices on this date and page, BUT the copy is too blackened to read.

"HARRY H. HOOTMAN - Harry Herbert Hootman, 65, prominent fruit grower of South Strabane Township, Washington, R. D. 2, died suddenly in Washington Hospital Saturday, Dec. 4, [1948 ?], at 4 p. m. He was stricken ill early Saturday afternoon and removed to the hospital where he died two hours later of coronary occlusion.
          He was born Sept. [29 ? 1883 ??] a son of Anderson and Emily Hootman and spent his entire life in South Strabane Township [several words too blurred].
          On April 2, [1916 ?] he was united in marriage with Mildred May [Platter ?] who survives.
          He also leaves three sons, Gordon L. Hootman, of Taylorstown; Vance A. Hootman, of Washington; James P. Hootman, at home; a daughter, Janice Ann, at home; three brothers, Dr. Max Hootman and O. V. Hootman, of Washington; William A. Hootman, of Scenery Hill, and a sister, Miss Belle Roberts, of Eighty Four.

"T. ULRICA LIGGITT - Word as been received of the death of Miss T. Ulrica Liggitt in Belle Center, Ohio, Sunday morning, December [5 ?] [1948 ?]. Death resulted from a broken hip suffered in a fall about two weeks ago.
Miss Liggitt was born in Belle Center, a daughter Alexander and Phoebe Jamison Liggitt. 
          She resided in Locust avenue, Washington, several years ago taught music in the Canonsburg schools. She later spent [15 ?] years as a missionary in Egypt. Upon her return to the United States she taught in the Home Mission School at E[+4 letters], Kentucky.
She is survived by a cousin, Dr. Henry W. Temple, [400 ?] Locust avenue, and another cousin in [? Berlin Center ?]."

Funeral Notices from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Mon., Dec. 6, 1948, p. 12:
[Funeral Notices that are readable on the Xerox copy follow, including the ones for Hootman and Liggitt. This is not all the funeral notices on this date.]
"DANIELS - Friends of Sgt. Robert G. Daniels, of Washington, who was killed in Europe March [15 ?], [1948 ?], will be received after 10 a. m. Tuesday at the C. W. Devore Funeral Home where funeral services will be held Wednesday, Dec. [sic *] [6 ? or 8 ?] [1948 ?] at 3:30 p. m. in charge of Rev. John H. DeBolt, minister of West Washington Methodist Church. Burial will be in Washington Cemetery with military [honors ?] at the grave by Edwin Scott [Lin___] Post [178 ?], American Legion, Washington, C. W. Devore, Washington, Funeral Director.

"[HEATON ?] - Friends of Mrs. [Linna ?] Mae [Heaton ?], of Republic, who died Dec. [ ?], [1948 ?], will be received at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mabel G. Knott, [House ?] 109, Republic, where funeral services will be conducted Wednesday Dec. 8, [1948 ?], at 2:30 p. m., by Rev. David Hunter, of McClellandtown. Burial will be in Acklin Cemetery.

"HOOTMAN - Friends of Harry Herbert Hootman, of Washington, R. D. 2, who died Dec. 4, 1948 [clearly says 1948], will be received at the Bebout and Barnhill Funeral Home, Washington, where funeral services will be conducted Tuesday, Dec. 7, [1948 ?] at 3 p. m. William E. Reynolds, pastor of Davidson Methodist Church. Burial will be in Scenery Hill Cemetery. Bebout and Barnhill, Washington, funeral director.

"LIGGITT - Funeral services for T. Ulrica Liggitt, Belle Center, Ohio, who died Sunday, December [5 ?], [1948 ?], will be held at [3 ?] p. m. Tuesday, December 7, [1948 ?], in Belle Center. Interment in Belle Center cemetery.

"MEALY - Friends of Denny R. Mealy who died Thursday, Dec. [2?], [1948 ?], will be received at the Brownlee Funeral Home, Claysville, where services will be held Tuesday, Dec. 7, at 2 p. m., in charge of Rev. W. M. Ferrell, assisted by Rev. John W. Lowe, Washington. Burial will be in Claysville Cemetery. H. H. Brownlee and son, Claysville, funeral director.

"TRACE - Friends of Joseph Trace, Avella, who died at his home at 12:30 a. m. December 4, [1948 ?] may call at the Thompson Funeral Home, Avella. Funeral services will be held at 11 a. m. Wednesday, December 8, in St. John The Baptist Greek Catholic Church, Seventh and Carson streets, Pittsburgh. Interment in church cemetery.

"WRIGHT - Friends of Louis Ord Wright, of Cherry Valley, who died Saturday, Dec. 4, [1948 ?], will be received at the Thomas [Bowes ?] residence, Cherry Valley, Burgettstown, R. D. [2 ? 3 ?], where funeral services will be held Tuesday, Dec. 7, [1948 ?], at 2 p. m. of Rev. C. S. Thomas, pastor of Mt. Prospect Presbyterian Church, Hickory. Burial will [Fairview ?] Cemetery. Lee and Wilson, Burgettstown, funeral director."

"IN MEMORIUM - DEAN - In loving memory of our beloved sister, Janet [S+4 letters] Dean, who died nine years ago Dec. 5, 1939 [looks like -39]. [Followed by poem.] Sadly missed by Sisters, Mrs. Thelma Sampson and Family; Mrs. Flora Dean and Family and Aunt, Mrs. Margaret Hubocher and Family."



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington, Pa., Tues., Dec. 14, 1948, p. 2:
"MRS. MARY RUETSCHI RALPH - Mrs. Mary Ruetschi Ralp, 93, who resided at [196] Brookside avenue for the past 55 years, died in a hospital at 6:25 p. m. Monday, Dec. 23, 1948, after an illness of one year.
She was the widow of Peter Ralp, who died about 30 years ago. Mrs. Ralp was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ruetschi and was born in Pittsburgh Sept. 5, 1855. Surviving are one brother, John, of Washington, and a number of nieces and nephews.

"ERIEA [sic] McK. McCLELLAND - Mrs. Eriea [Erica ?] Johnston McKinstry McClelland, [80 ?], of Venice, died Monday, Dec. 13, 1948, in Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, at 4:30 a. m., after an illness of one week. Mrs. McClelland was born at Apollo, April 19, 1868, a daughter of Alexander and Harriett Stuyvesant McKinstry.
She had resided in Venice for the past 22 years. She was a member of the Venice United Presbyterian Church and the Elizabeth B. Littell Missionary Society.
Surviving are her husband, Everett McClelland, and the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Bertha Smith, of Dormont, Pittsburgh; Everett McClelland, Jr. and Mrs. Charlotte Highfield, both of Noblestown; Mrs. Ruth Simpson, of Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh; Mrs. Esther Hull, of McDonald; two sisters, Mrs. Hall Moore, of Houston, Tex.; Mrs. Vern Bennett, Sour Lake, Tex.; three brothers, James McKinstry, of Newton Falls, O.; George McKinstry, of Goose Creek, Tex.; Ben McKinstry, of San Antonio, Tex.; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild."

FUNERAL NOTICE, p. 22: "McCLELLAND - Friends of Mrs. Eriea [Erica ?] McKinstry McClelland, of Venice, who died Monday, Dec. 13, 1948, will be received at the William D. Rogers Funeral Home, [314 ?] West Lincoln Avenue, McDonald, where services will be held Thursday, Dec. 16, at 2 p. m., in charge of Rev. Wilbur [Thornburg ?], pastor of the Venice United Presbyterian Church, and Rev. [_. ?] T. Littell, former pastor of that church. Burial will be in Venice Cemetery. William D. Rogers, McDonald, funeral director."

"MISS EULA McILVAINE - Miss Eula McIlvaine, 79, died at her home, 110 Arnold avenue, Houston, Monday, Dec. 13, 1948, at 3:10 a. m., following a lingering illness. Miss McIlvaine, a daughter of James A. and Martha McBurney McIlvaine, was born in Hickory, Sept. 4, 1869. She spent her entire life in the Canonsburg-Houston community. She retired as a matron of the Allegheny County Home, Woodville, in March, 1938.
She was a member of the First United Presbyterian Church, Houston, and of the Alpha Bible Class. Surviving are one sister, Mrs. J. Alvan Kelso, Canonsburg and one brother, William A. McIlvaine, Bridgeville."

"McILVAINE - Friends of Mrs. Eula McIlvaine, 110 Arnold avenue, Houston, who died Monday, Dec. 13, 1948, will be received at the late home where funeral services will be held Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 2 p. m., in charge of Rev. [R. ?] V. Condron, pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church, Houston. Interment in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. L. P. Speakman, Houston, funeral director."

Other Funeral Notices are too blurred and blackened on the Xerox copy. 



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