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Transcripts of Obituaries from The Washington Semi-Weekly Observer newspaper, Feb. 18, 1901, page unknown: 
"The Summons of Death. ____ ___ Answered the Last Roll Call. - 

Charles F. Donaldson - ______, Pa., Feb. 14 - Charles F. Donaldson, a school teacher of Unity township, who served with Company I, _____ Regiment, in the Phillipines, died ____ of pneumonia, aged 25 years."

Joseph Boyle - Joseph Boyle died at 9:30 Saturday morning __ his home in Kleo[?]. Almost seven years ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis, from which he never fully recovered, ___ with a complication of other ____, secured his death, after many years of suffering."

"Mrs. Mary Lows__tter [Lowstetter?], aged 67 years, died yesterday at the home of her son, ____ Lowstetter [?], in Duquesne, after as ___ of a few days. She is survived by her husband and several children. Mrs. Lowsetter [?] was a native of Monongahela ____ the remains will be taken to ____ place Saturday for interment. - Dis [Dispatch?].

Mrs. Martha Like - Wednesday morning, February 8 [6 or 8], 1901, of typhoid fever, at her home in Midway, ____ the death of Mrs. Martha Like, aged about [58 ?] years. Rev. Moses conducted the funeral services on Friday. Interment in [Center?] cemetery. Besides her husband, Mrs. Like is survived by four children, Mrs. Webber, William, Tom __, Martha. The latter two are also ill with a fever. - Burgettstown Enterprise.

"Miss Edith Pease - Miss Edith Pease died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. C. Pease, of South Strabane township, at 3 o'clock Sunday morning, February 17, 1901, of typhoid fever, aged 25 years. The deceased had been ill but about two weeks and her death was a surprise and shock to all. She was loved and respected by a host of young people. The funeral services will be held at the late home on Wednesday at 1 o'clock p. m. Interment in Washington cemetery."  [NOTE: Difficult to read if the spelling Pease or Peese in this newspaper.]

"Mrs. John N. Brownlee - Mrs. John N. Brownlee died at her home at West Middletown on Wednesday evening, Feb [13 ?], aged [94??] years. Mrs. Brownlee had always resided at West Middletown. Her maiden name was ____ Rebecca Bushfield, being a sister to ____ Bushfield, of Latrobe, and Misses __anie and Irene Bushfield, all of whom survive. Four years ago Mrs. Brownlee was united in marriage to Mr. Browlee and to this union two children were born, ___ with the father survive. Mrs. Brownlee was a member of the Christian church and was held in high esteem by ____ with whom she was acquainted.

"John Brownlee - John Brownlee died Wednesday evening, February 13, at his home at West Alexander, of paralysis, aged 79 years. He is survived by his wife, whose maiden name is Orr, and two daughters, Mrs. A. H. __mison, North avenue, East Washington, and Mrs. Thomas McConn [?], of West Alexander. Mr. Brownlee has been a [rest of obituary was cut off during copying].
[Not sure how many obituaries follow that were not Xeroxed.] 

An obituary for a "Mr. Crall" is cut off. His obituary ends at the top of a column.

"Rev. Henry F. Means - Rev. Henry F. Means, formerly of Pittsburg[sic], died on Friday at his home in Phillipsburg, Pa., after a short illness. He was born in Allegheny county 44 years ago and received his early education here. Later he entered Washington and Jefferson college and upon his graduation from that institution was enrolled as a student in the Allegheny theological seminary. For a number of years he had been pastor of the Phillipsburg Presbyterian church and was a member of the Huntingdon presbytery. He was active in church work and his loss will be felt by his congregation. The deceased is survived by a wife and three children. He was a brother of Attorney N. A. Means, of this city, and his mother and three sisters are residents of Wilkinsburg --Leader. Mr. Means was a cousin of Mrs. Alonzo Linn and of Miss Anna Power and Mrs. S. H. Houston, and took the full college course here, being graduated with the class of ['84 ?], the Rev. Matthew Rutherford, J. S. Nease, and Minor H. Day, all of Washington, being classmates. In June '[87?] Mr. Means was married to Miss Anna Hickman [?], of Washington, the family then residing on West Beau street, where Dr. Ashbrook now lives.

"Mrs. Lynn White - Mrs. Lynn White died Saturday, February [16?], 1901, at 3 o'clock p. m., at her home near Taylorstown, of [cancer?], aged [86?] years. Mrs. White had been a sufferer from the disease that resulted in her death for more than two years. Something over a year ago she underwent an operation at a Pittsburg[sic] hospital and it was thought for a time that a permanent cure had been affected but several months ago the dread disease again made its appearance. Through all her days and nights of suffering and weary waiting [?] for the time when death would come to her relief, Mrs. White was at all times calm and patient, and though she realised that her ailment could have but one termination, she was thoroughly resigned to her fate and seemed anxious for the end. The deceased was a member of the United Presbyterian church of Claysville, at which place funeral services will, today at 1 o'clock, be conducted over her remains. A short service was held Sunday evening at the late home at Taylorstown. Mrs.'s White's maiden name was Clara Anderson, she being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Anderson, of Claysville. Besides her husband and parents, she is survived by a brother, S. B. Anderson, Hall avenue and a sister, Mrs. Wilbur Watson, West Chestnut street.

Lieutenant A. J. Gibson - Lieutenant A. J. Gibson, aged 78, died at his home in a cottage at Tarantum[?] camp ground Tuesday. Lieutenant Gibson was born at Garver's Ferry and at the age of 14 went to Kittanning to learn the printing trade with J. M.Crawl. Afterward dr____ went to Clarion, Pa,; where he and D. W. Foster edited the Clarion Republlean[?]. Several years afterward Lieutenant Gibson went to Freeport again, where he edited the Freeport Ledger. From there he came to Pittsburg[sic].... [rest of obituary was cut off during copying]

[Not sure how many other obituaries follow in this column that were NOT Xeroxed.]



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Aug. 26, 1904, 
p. 5:

Mrs. Erasmus Wilson - Pittsburg [sic], Aug. 25 - Mrs. Jeannette Macauly, wife of Erasmus Wilson, died this morning at the Allegheny General Hospital, of nervous exhaustion, following a long siege of grip. She was a daughter of John G. Macauly, one of the early carpet dealers of Pittsburg[sic]. He served through the Mexican war under Captain Samuel Black. Her mother, Elizabeth Mahon, was a member of the distinguished Mahon family of this city. Her mother dying while she was yet a child, Mrs. Wilson was reared by the Rev. Dr. David McConaughey, president of Washington college, Washington, Pa. She was educated in the Washington Female Seminary, where she became noted for rare musical talent, her voice comparing favorably with the great singers, while her mastery of the piano was regarded by her instructors as something wonderful and very promising. Her musical career was practically ended by the death of Dr. McConaughey. She taught music in the Washington schools for a time. In 1876 she married Erasmus Wilson, since which time she has resided in Allegheny. Owing to almost continuous ill health, she kept aloof from society, seeming to care only for the seclusion of home. She leaves, besides her husband, one sister, Mary E. [Bell ? Hell ? ], of this city, the only near relative now living."

"Ethel Gayhart - Miss Ethel Gayhart, daughter of A. R. Gayhart, died yesterday afternoon at about 4:45 o'clock, at the home of her grandmother and aunt. Mrs. Rebecca Stockton and Mrs. Emma S. Holber_ [?], 577 [or 677] West Chestnut street, where she made her home. The deceased was aged almost [20 ?] years, and had been ill only for the past four weeks, of typhoid fever. Her death comes as a severe shock to her father, the relatives with whom she was living and her friends. Her mother died several years ago. She was a graduate of the West Washington High school and finished her junior year at the Washington seminary June 1st. She was a member of the Third Presbyterian church. She had been in critical condition for several days and her friends had feared for her recovery."

"Miss Mabel Elliott - Word has been received in Washington of the death at the home of her parents, near Butler, of Miss Mabel Elliott, of typhoid fever. Miss Elliott was the daughter of H. R. Elliott, who has been principal of the Turtle Creek schools for a number of years and who was formerly principal of the Washington schools. She was aged about 20 years, and had been ill only a short time. She is survived, besides her parents, by two sisters and one brother. Miss Elliott was a niece of Mrs. C. B. Kellogg, of Hall avenue."

"Harper W. Scott - Florence, August 25 - Word has been received here of the death at Vision, Iowa, of Harper W. Scott, brother of Holland W. Scott, of this place. Mr. Scott died on August 9. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Frances Gardener Scott, and five children: Holland Meredith, Louis Archibald, William Dudley, Hiram Harper, and Mrs. Eliza May [Brown?], all of Iowa. [rest of Obituary was cut off]."


Transcript from the Obituary for JOHN DAVID PRISBEY from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 29, 1904, p. 5:

"OBITUARY - John David Prisbey - Canonsburg, August 28 -- John David Prisbey, one of the best known colored men in this section, died at his home at Murray Hill, of Bright's disease, aged 68 years old. He was a member of the colored Odd Fellows of this place. The deceased is survived by his wife and two grown children, besides five sisters. The funeral services will be held at the A. M. E. church at this place Tuesday at 2 o'clock. The interment will be in the Payne cemetery."

Transcript from the Obituary for WILLIAM ELLIOTT from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 29, 1904, p. 5:
"WILLIAM ELLIOTT – At 12:30 o’clock yesterday morning at his home on Griffiths avenue, Canton township, occurred the death of William Elliott, from a complication of diseases. He had been ill for about two years. He formerly resided on the Finney farm, west of Wahington, having resided near town but a little over two years.
He leaves a wife and these children: Franklin H. Elliott, Houston; Mrs. Mary H. Cummins, Washington; James L. Elliott, South Franklin township; Mrs. Laura A. Zimmerman, Tylerdale, and Shannon G. Elliott, at home. The funeral services will be conducted from his late residence at 9:30 o’clock to-morrow morning by the Rev. W. M. Courson, of the Allison Avenue Baptist church, and the interment will be made in the Washington cemetery."



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