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Article from The Daily Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., July 7, 1891, page unknown:

"CARROLL - On July [6th or 8th ?], at her residence, ____ River View, near Monongahela City, of _____ trouble, Mary, widow of the late John Carroll, in the [60th ? or 80th ?] year of her age.

"OKSON [?] - On Friday, July 31, in North Strabane township, Mrs. Nancy Oksun, aged about 84 years.

"MALONE - On July 5th, near Burgettstown, of rheumatism, Mrs. John Malone, aged ___ years."

"DIED FAR FROM HOME - John O. Day, of East Brady, Pa. - Died at the Nease House Thursday Morning - Body to Be Taken Home. - John O. Day, employed by Hallams as boss of a gang of me in their street work, died about 6:30 a. m., Thursday, at the Nease House.  He was a son of Daisy Day, of East Brady, Clarion county, Pa.   Deceased was about thirty-two years of age and unmarried, and had been in Washington only about three months.   He was formerly in the employ of the B. & O. road as boss of a floating gang, and was a brother of James Day, formerly supervisor of the B. & O. road on the Pittsburg [sic] and Wheeling division.
      A telegram was sent to his home, and in response his father wired to send the body to East Brady, and that will be done as soon as further instructions are received.  His death was caused by cholera morbus, or some similar complaint."


     "________ Passes Away at a Good Old Age - His Home Always Near Burgettstown - Dr. Wm. Donnan, Burgettstown, died Thursday morning, aged 80 years.  He was a son of the Rev. Alexander Donnan, pastor of a Seceder church near Hickory, and was born in Ireland, coming to this country when only three years old.  He was an active practitioner of medicine for over fifty years, and was a leading man in his profession.
His wife survives Dr. J. W. Donnan, South Side, Pittsburg; Alex. Donnan, Alliance, Ohio, and J. P. Donnan, of Burgettstown, also a daughter, the wife of Hon. G. W. Sharp, Millersburg, Ohio.  He was an uncle of known attorneys of this place.  For a number of years he had been a member of the U. P. church at Burgettstown, in which locality his entire life has been spent.  He was highly esteemed, was always attentive to his practice, and will be missed and mourned by the whole community."
[Top of column cut off in Xeroxing. Believe column is a "Local Glances" type entry.]
"A young man named Murphy _____ died Thursday night of cerebro spinal meningitis, aged 19 years. Interment at ____lips' cemetery. 


Article from the The Washington Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Nov. 9, 1891, page unknown:

Names only, from a column cut off during Xeroxing:

___ J. Wilson, died Sunday at the home of her father John ____


JORDAN - On Sunday, November 8th, at his home in Crafton,Pa., of Bright's disease, John J. Jordan, son of Jesse Jordan, of this place, in his [47th ?] year.
      Interment in the Washington cemetery on the arrival of the 4:[15 or 45] p. m. Chartiers train, Tuesday."

"BANE - On Sunday morning, of consumption, Miss Emma Bane, daughter of John Bane, of Bellvue, aged 17 years.
     Funeral Monday at 8 o'clock."

"NEASE - On Sunday morning, November 8th, at her home at the Nease house, South Main street, of consumption, Mrs. Elmer Nease, in the 24th year of her age.
      Funeral on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock."

"BARR - On November 6th, 1891, of heart trouble, Clarence, son of J. J. Barr, of Eighty Four, ages 3 years."

"MILLER - On Saturday, at his home near Bentleyville, of an abcess [sic] of the liver, Richard Miller, aged [68 ?] years."

"CHAMBERS - On Sunday evening, November 8th, at her residence in Canonsburg, of asthma, Mrs. Isabel Chambers, relict of John Chambers, in the 67th year of her age.
         Notice of funeral hereafter."

"WILSON - On Sunday, November 8th, at her home in Canonsburg, of typhoid fever, Miss Nannie J. Wilson, aged 18 years.
Funeral services Tuesday, at 2 p. m. Interment at the Oak Spring Cemetery."




Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1897, page unknown:

"DEATH ROLL - MRS. [KLIZAH] HARDIN - Mrs. Elizar Hardin, relict of the late John Hardin, died at the home of her son, Levi Hardin, near Beallsville February 12, 1897.  Mrs. Hardin was a Miss Porter, and was born in Allegheny county, Maryland, August 22, 1817, being in her 80th year when she died.  She was married to John Hardin in 1834, soon after which they came to this county, where they both spent the remainder of their lives,   Mr. Hardin having died about 15 years ago.  The subject of the sketch had at the time of her death been a member of the M. E. church for 53 years.  She was in her younger days a faithful attendant upon church duties, but with advanced years and increasing infirmities she was not able to leave home.  She was the mother of 12 children, eight of whom she outlived.  Three daughters, one son, and four grandchildren remain to mourn.  She was buried from the M. E. church, Beallsville, February 14, followed to her last resting place by a large concourse of people, Rev. A. H. Acken, pastor, officiating."

"ISRAEL DEEMS - Israel Deems, died Tuesday, March 2, 1897, of general debility, at the home of son-in-law, David M. Rhodes, Uniontown, aged 90 aged.  Mr. Deems formerly lived at East Bethlehem, Washington county, but has been making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes since last July.  Mr. Deems is survived by three children, Mrs. Mary E. Rhodes, of Uniontown; William Deems, of Pittsburg [sic], and Simeon Deems, of the county.  The remains were taken Thursday morning to the Taylor church, Washington county, ? interment.

"MISS EMMA WOLFE - Miss Emma Wolfe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wolfe, of Burnsville, died at her home Sunday afternoon, February 28, 1897.  The funeral took place on Tuesday at 11 a. m., Rev. E. M. Kennison having charge of the services.  She is survived by the parents, one brother and six sisters, two of the sisters being teachers in the township schools -- Miss Haly and Mary.  Miss Wolfe was an earnest member of the Windy Gap [C. ?] P. church, and an efficient worker in the Sabbath school and Endeavor Society.  She spent several months in the West with her sister, Mrs. Anna Rockey, at Russell, Iowa, hoping to improve her health. - Claysville Recorder."  


Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1897, page unknown:
Before Judge Taylor. March 4. - Eastate of Jane Anderson, deceased - Answer of executor to will to lift confirmation of his account filed.
Mary M. Cain vs. David K. Cain - Libel in divorce; subpoena issued.

Acknowledgement of sheriff's deeds.
Martin, trustee for use vs. R. W. Munnell - Auditor's report filed and confirmed nisi. [sic]

Before Judge McIlvaine.
Estate of Andrew Horn - Return of inquest in partition approved."

Advertisements [regarding funerals]:
"Funeral designs a specialty by Crall, Swan building."




Transcript of Obituaries from The Washington Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., July 2, 1900, p. 4:
"Mrs. C. S. Currie, Cambridge, Ohio, June 30 - Editor Reporter: The name Clara G., daughter of Samuel J. and Cornelia McClelland Rogers, will be familiar to many in Washington Co., Pa. especially in the eastern part. She was born in Beallsville November 9, 1853 and her earliest years were passed there. After the death of her father April 3, 1860, her mother moved to Bentleyville. There Clara joined the Methodist Episcopal Church at about ten years of age. There, and in that neighborhood, and also in the vicinity of Kammerer, a number of years were spent. She was married to C. S. Currie of Cambridge, Ohio, in the fall of 1898 and soon after they came here to make their home. A house was begun, and the building went on. As it progressed, a heart trouble that had been noticed, was seen to be gaining, and it was only a little time, a few short months, till she was practically shut in, only able to go out occasionally. When the house was so far completed as it could be occupied, they moved into it, and three sad, beautiful weeks, the family, her mother, her husband and herself lived in it and in June, that month of roses and opening flower buds, she fell asleep. In the early morning of June 15, a brief service as held and the remains were taken to Caldwell, Ohio for interment."

"CURRIE - June 13 at her home in Cambridge, Ohio, of heart disease, Mrs. Clara G. Rogers, wife of C. S. Currie, aged 46 years.



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