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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
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1880 - 1890



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Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Mon., Nov. 8, 1880, page unknown:
"DEATHS - MILLER - On Wednesday, Nov. 3d, at Clarktown [sic], Pa., Jas. Edward, son of Rev. Miller, of typhoid fever, aged 16 years.
"SMITH - In Amwell township, Monday, Nov. 1st, of scarlet fever, Jas., son of Jas. Smith, aged 5 years.
"OGIER - In Washington, on the 6th inst., of typhoid fever, Miss Drusilla Ogier, aged about 49 years.
Funeral from the residence of her father, Franklin street, this, Monday, afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends of the family respectfully invited." [NOTE: punctuation as in the original].




Article from The Daily Evening Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Mar. 18, 1881, page unknown:

"SUDDEN DEATH - Mr. John W. Smith, a Prussian, a blacksmith, living at Alexander Sullivan's, in Carrol [sic, one 'l'] township, working at the Victory smithy, died very suddenly on the 10th inst. He was quite well in the morning, had been to work all day, but on his way home, stopped near Terry Hanlon's, and leaning on the fence began to moan; a little girl heard him, and called assistance; but he soon died of heart disease with which he was affected. Smith was a bachelor, 75 years of age, an industrious man, noted as a maker of miner's tools, in which art he was very proficient. Mr. Sullivan, with whom he has lived for four years, informs us that he was a kind, gentle and worthy man, and was endeared to those who knew him - especially to the children of the neighborhood, of whom he was quite fond. -  Mon. Republican ."



Article from The Daily Evening Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Mar. 18, 1881, page unknown:

"Local Affairs -
"ROBBING A GRAVE - Miss Christena Huffman, aunt of Simeon H. Deems, of West Pike Run, this county, died very suddenly while at church, near her home in Carrol [sic, one 'l'] county, Ohio, on the 2nd of January last, and on the 4th was buried. The following night the grave was opened, the coffin broken and the body carried off. The grave clothes were stripped from the body and left in the broken coffin. A detective was placed on the track and on the next night taking a sleigh followed two men who were in a sled, and gaining rapidly upon them they threw the body into the road. When the detective's horse reached the body he took fright and overturned the sleigh, thus delaying the detective. During this detention the grave robbers escaped. The detective placed the body in his sleigh and returned it to the friends of the deceased who had it reinterred [sic]. The affair created great excitement in the neighborhood."



Transcript of Obituary from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., May 16, 1881, page unknown:
[See 1881 file page for articles.]
"Died, on the 4th inst., at 7 o'clock, the little son of George Nickerson, of Scenery Hill, from the effects of concentrated lye, which, by mistake he had drank."



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., May 23, 1881, p. 1:

"FOUND DEAD. - Early on Sunday morning Mr. Berthel noticed Mrs. Hornlsh, widow of the late Wm. Hornish, sitting, on a box on a box on her porch in her night clothes. Mrs. Hornish lived on the opposite side of the street from Mr. Berthel.
The latter called the attention of his wife to the matter and she went over, and to her great surprise she found Mrs. Hornish dead.  Since the marriage of her other, daughters she had lived alone with her youngest daughter, Nora. For a long time she had been suffering with disease of the heart, and on Friday night she got up and went down stairs accompanied by the daughter.  She told Nora that if she had occasion to get up another night it was not necessary for her to get up also.  The mother had arisen from her bed, procured a lamp, which as burning, went down stairs, placed the lamp on a table, and gone to the pomp where she procured a pitcher of fresh water.  On reaching the porch on her return it is apparent that she was over taken with a sick spell, and sat down on the box leaning against the wall, with one arm resting upon the pitcher, which was on the box by her side.  She evidently died without a struggle.  This is supposed to have been between one and two o'clock.  The daughter thinks that she beard her mother make some noise but was afraid to go down fearing she would scare her  ___ another.  It is supposed that the excitement incident to going downstairs and the exertion of pumping brought on the attack from which she died.  Drs. Grayson and Thompson held a [italics] post mortem [italics] examination, and ascertained that she died from natural causes.

      Coroner C. V. Greer summoned the following jury of inquest: J. B. Ruple, D. M. Donahoo, James B. Kennedy, S. C. Clark, L. M. Marsh, and Wm. S. Parker, who rendered a verdict in accordance with the foregoing facts.  Mrs. Hornish was fifty-six years of age, and had been in ill health for some years.  She was a sister of Mr. George Hiles, of Canonsburg, but had been a resident with her husband of Washington for many years.  Of her four daughters, three are married, Mary to Mr. Converse, of New York, Alice to Mr. Chapman, of Allegheny City and Margaret to Mr. Lane.

Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Chapman arrived in Washington, on Monday morning."



Article from the The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Apr. 5, 1881, page unknown: "Beallsville" - buried in Beallsville cemetery from Apr. 1, 1880 to Apr. 1, 1881
[not a complete article or list of names] - 

April 18 John Hawkins, 77 years old, pneumonia; 
Sept 28 - Orilla Hawkins, 20 years old




Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Wed., Oct. 7, 1885, page unknown:

"HOLBERT - On Monday October [5th ?], 1885, of gangrene, Mrs. Holbert, of Buffalo township, aged about [78 ? 79 ?] years.
"MARTIN - On Tuesday, October [4th ?], of nervous disability, Mrs. Phillip Martin, of Hickory, aged about 60 years.
"METENER [?] - On Sunday, October 4th, of general debility, Michael Metener, aged [61 ? 81 ?] years and [6 ?] months.
"McDONOUGH - On October 1st, of typhoid fever, John, son of Henry McDonough, of Somerset township, in his __th year.
"VANKIRK - On Wednesday morning, September __th, 1885, in Franklin township, of cancer of the stomach, Mrs. Dryden Vankirk, in the 79th year of his age.
"ASHBAUGH - In Canonsburg, on Sept. 24th, of typhoid fever, Flora, daughter of Wm. Ashbaugh, aged [10 ?] years.
"BLACK - On Sept. _th, at the home of her son in-law, Rev. J. B. [Barr ?], D. D., near Canonsburg, Mrs. Eleanor Black, aged 81 years.
"PEAS - On October 2d, in North Strabane township, Mr. John Pees, over 80 years of age."
"MOULDER - In Washington, On October 2d, of general debility, Mrs. Sarah Moulder, aged [96 ?] years."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 16, 1885, page unknown:
"Wyland - December 15, 1885 - A most distressing accident took place yesterday morning at Finleyville. When passenger train No. 4 started, Johnny Lycott attempted to jump on the hind end of the train, and in some manner was jerked off and fell under the wheels and was cut in two. The remains were immediately gathered up and conveyed to the residence of his parents who live but a short distance from the depot. He was 10 years of age."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Dec. 16, 1885, page unknown:

"Miss Eliza Zediker who died on Saturday at A. B. Wolfs, West Chestnut street had been an upright member of the Methodist Episcopal church for over 40 years.  She had been Superintendant of one of the departments of the Fulton House for about 20 (?) years.

"Zediker - On Sunday, December 13, 1885, of dropsy Miss Eliza Zediker, West Chestnut street, aged about 70 years.

[Both these were hand-written.]




Article from The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 1887, page unknown: [names only, sorry]

Deaths - 

Gertie Baker 
Thomas Ross
H. R. Baker


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 1887, page unknown:

"DEATHS - McGOWAN - On Monday, August 1st, at the residence of her son, Jas. H. McGowan, Franklin, of general debility, Mrs. Mary McGowan, in her 87th year. "Funeral on Wednesday at 10 a.m."

"BAKER - On the 1st instant, in South Side, Pittsburgh, Gertie, daughter of John W. Baker, in her 21st year.
         "Her remains will arrive at Washington, on the 4 p. m. train, Chartiers Railway, to-day, Tuesday. Interment at the cemetery. 

"KEYS - On July 31st, at Hillsboro, of consumption, Miss Sarah [might be Farah ?] Keys, aged about 36 [or 26 ?] years. 

"DEVORE - On July 31st, at Curry, Pa., J. H. Devore, brother of W. H. Devore, aged 49 years.

"MULDEAR - On July [26th ? or 28th ?], at Coal Bluff, infant son of Frank and Fanny Muldear. PATCH - On July 26th, 1887, at Fort Huschuca, Arizona Territory, [Kisle ?], daughter of Lieutenant and Mrs. A. M. Patch, U. S. Army, aged nineteen months. 

"ROSS - On the 30th of July, in East Finley, of paralysis, Mrs. Thomas Ross, aged [56 ?] years. 

"MONINGER - On July 31st, at Lone Pine, Mrs. James Moninger, aged about [37 maybe 57 ?] years.

"FATE - On Saturday, July 30th, 1887, of cholera infantum, infant daughter of John Fate, Olcan, N. Y., formerly of Washington. "BENTLEY - On Saturday, July 30th, at the residence of Wm. Chartiers, of paraylsis, Mrs. Harriet Bentley, aged about 78 years. 

"MELVIN - On July 29th, at Waynesburg, of cancer, Samuel W. Melvin, aged [60 ?] years."


Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Aug. 27, 1887, p. 1:

"Dead by the Fountain - Mrs. John Myers, of Bentleyville, was buried on the 22nd.  The lady had been sick for sometime and toward the last she expressed a desire to go to a certain spring near by, whose waters she fondly loved.  This her physician forbid, as she could not be allowed to leave her bed or room.  She thirsted for that water, and to be by the side of that bubbling fountain once more, she thought would bring healing to her frail body, and the going there grew to be a mania, constant in her thoughts and on her lips.  On Sunday, while her daughter, who was her nurse, was at dinner, the invalid slipped quietly from the house and went to the spring - her dream was fulfilled - she tasted of its waters, she sat by the banks of the fountain - alas, it proved both Lethe and Nepenthe.  She was found dead by its side an hour later. - Monongahela Republican."  



Article from The Washington Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Sat., Aug. 27, 1887, page unknown:

"WILLIAM HORNER - A Native of Washington county, Dies in Iowa - We are in receipt of a copy of the Burlington Hawkete, of August 18th, sent by J. C. Clever.  It contains a notice of the death of Maj. Wm. Horner, who died at his residence in Burlington Iowa, on the 11th inst.   Mr. Horner was born in this county in 1822.  He served his country gallantly during the late war.  He was married in 1847 to Miss Josephine Taylor, of Frederick, Knox county, Ohio .  His wife and two daughters survive him.  His death was caused by a complication of diseases, aggravated by wounds received during the war."




Article from The Daily Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Feb. 21, 1888, page unknown: 

Estate of Maria P. [F. ?] [Fergus ?] - can't read notice as it is blurred on Xerox 

Deaths -

SARGENT - On February [16th ?], at the residence of J. B. Garee, near Lowhill, East Bethlehem township, Miss Sarah Annie Sargent, at an advanced age. 

HARTLY - On the 17th of February, at his residence in East Bethlehem, Mrs. Hartly, relict of Peter Hartly, aged about 80 years.  

DINSMORE - In Washington, on Monday, February [20th ?], 1888, suddenly, Mrs. Locinda C. Dinsmore. The funeral will take place from her boarding house, opposite the Seminary, to-morrow, (February [22nd ?]), at 2 p. m. 

DAGUE - On February 13th, 1888, at his residence, near Odell, this county, Deacon John Dague, aged 80 years.
He was baptized into the fellowship of the Pigeon Creek Baptist church, by Rev. Levi Griffith, in April, [1838?].  Thus nearly fifty years he has lived to adorn the profession which he made. In his death the church [2 words; 1  is 4-5 letters; 1 is 2 letters] a great loss and the community parts with a good citizen.  Father Dague was married to [3 letters+ann] Ruffman, December 9th, [18_9 ?].  He is the father of eleven children, ten of whom are living.  There are fifty-seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.  Mr. Dague was married a second time, Sarah [Chemean ??] being the maiden name of his second wife.  His second wife died [last fall ?].  Many sorrowing friends gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of the deceased.  A funeral sermon was preached to a large and attentive audience by Rev. G. W. Gardner ?] ....[rest is cut off on the Xerox]."

NOTE: A website visitor suggested that "Ruffman" in the above might actually be Huffman.  The old newspapers are often hard to read. 




Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mon., Mar. 18, 1889, page unknown:

"George B. Mitchell, who has been sick for several weeks, died on Monday morning.  The funeral services will be held at his residence in Wheeling on Tuesday afternoon and the funeral will take place from the Union depot, Pittsburgh, on Wednesday morning at 9:45.  Mr. Mitchell is a brother of I. W. and J. K. Mitchell, of this place.


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1898, page unknown:
YATES - At his home, at West Alexander, at 7 o'clock Sunday morning, March 31, 1898, from the effects of paraylsis, A. F. Yates, aged about [68?] years.
Funeral Tuesday at 2 p. m.; inhumantion [sic] to be in West Alexander cemetery.

COSGROVE -- On Sunday afternoon, March 27 [?] 1898, at his home on Hall avenue, of kidney trouble, Henry A. Cosgrove, aged 49 years
Funeral at 9 a. m. Tuesday at the Catholic church. Interment in the Catholic cemetery."


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1898, page unknown:
- Henry A. Cosgrove died Sunday afternoon at his home on Hall avenue, near North Franklin street, after a protracted illness, aged 49 [?] years. He has been ill of kidney trouble and other ailments so that he has been kept in doors nearly all the time for two years. A part of that time was spent in hospitals but for several weeks he has been at home, having borne his intense suffering with patience and fertitude. The deceased came to Washington about 14 years ago at the opening of the oil excitement and was employed on the first ____ well near Clark's school house, that was among the first wells to be drilled in this field, and which turned out to be a strong [gusher ?]. He has also been employed at McDonald in this time. The deceased was a member of the Roman Catholic church. Some years since he was united in marriage with Mrs. Amon, who, with three step-children, survive him. He also has a sister, Mrs. Oliver Edgar, of Buffalo, N. Y., and a brother, Charles, of St. Petersburg, Clarion county."

Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1898, page unknown:
- A. B. Crouch, ticket agent at Butler[?] for the P. & W. R. R., died at his home there Saturday morning, March 26, 1898. He had been in poor health for over a year, and the past week was in such a condition that his death was momentarily expected. Mr. Crouch was born in Washington county, but had been connected with the P. & W. R. R. since boyhood, being stationed at Butler eight years. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, and was popular. A wife and two children survive him."

Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 1898, page unknown:
A. F. Yates, a well known and respected citizen of West Alexander, died at his home Sunday, at 7 a. m. Mr. Yates had been in an almost totally ______ condition for about ___ months... [can't read next line] ...paralysis. During the late war he served with ________ in the Twelvth _____ [Virginia?]...[copy is very black and I can't read the last 4 lines]. [Last 3 words look like "son and daughter.]"


Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., July 18, 1889, page unknown:


"BOYER - July 7, in Monongahela City, of kidney troubles, James B. Boyer, aged sixty-seven years.

"CONKLE - July [5 ?], in West Bethlehem township, Elizabeth Gertrude, daughter of Thomas and Sarah F. Conkle, aged nearly two years.

"CRUMRINE - July [_?] in _____, of general disability, George Crumrine, in the seventy-sixth year of his age.

"CRAWFORD - July [9 ?], in North Strabane township, of paralysis, Mrs. Crawford, aged about eighty years.

"HORN - July 5, in West Bethlehem township, of general disability, David Horn, in the eighty-third year of his age.

"[cannot read last name of deceased] - July [7 ?], in [about 4 letters ?  possibly Cecil ?] township, of general disability, Mrs. Mary _. [cannot read last name], in her seventy-[can't read number] year."

NOTE: This newspaper had been re-folded many times, as in rolling and folding it about every 1/4 inch; so the microfilm has those fold lines and they show up as dark lines on a Xerox copy].



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Apr. 18, 1890, page unknown:


"DEEMS- On April 18th, 1890, in West Pike Run township, suddenly, Mrs. Eliza Deems, aged 65 years.  The deceased was the mother of Prothonotary E. R. Deems, this place.

"MORRISON - On April [16th ?], at his home in Finleyville, of dropsy, Matthew Morrison.

"RUE - On April 16th, at Sunny Side, Monongahela City, of measles and pneumonia, Alice Rue, aged 7 years."




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