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Group of People



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Aug. 26, 1904, p. 5:

"SOCIETY - Reed-Wallace Reunion - Claysville, Aug. 25 -- The descendants of William Reed and Robert Wallace today met at the home of Jacob Bane and held their sixth annual reunion. About 100 members of the two families were present and sat down to the dinner which was served at noon. Although no formal program was carried out, a most enjoyable day was spent in social fashion. The Reed and Wallace families originally came from the North of Ireland and settled in 1803 in Buffalo township where they engaged in farming. Although their descendants have scattered to other parts of the country, there are many representatives of the two families still living in this immediate region. The next reunion of the two connections will be held at Blayney's grove, near Roney's Point, W. Va. Guests present yesterday from a distance were Miss Nannie Reed, of Enterprise, Kan.; Mrs. William Reed and daughter, Mrs. Graham, of Pittsburg[sic]."




Article The Reporter newspaper, Washington, Pa., Tues., Nov. 13, 1907, p. 7:

"A Pleasant Reunion - A reunion was held Saturday at the home of John Maxwell and family, of Buffalo, in honor of of [sic, repeat] A. W. McElroy, of Minnaeapolis [sic], who is visiting in this section for the first time in 18 years. The Maxwell and McElroy families are among the best known families of this end of the county and a large number of the descendants of the two families was present. The day was spent socially at noon an excellent dinner was served. In all, there were 31 persons present, among them being L. A. Patterson and family, Howard Ely and family, of Buffalo township, Frank McElroy and family, of Primrose; Mrs. Mary McElroy and family, Miss Melissa McElroy and sister, Lizzie McElroy. A group photograph was taken. Mr. McElroy returned to the west to-day."



[Technically this is not a reunion article.]

Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mon., Nov. 22, 1909, Whole Number 6283, first page:

"Five Generation Group of Daniel Grable's Descendants" - [Photo of 6 persons, 5 adults and one baby; Photo is a little bigger than 5x 7 inches.] 

The accompanying picture shows a group containing five generations of the Martin family, all descendants of Daniel Grable, who was the grandfather of Mrs. Catherine Martin. The members of this group are Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Martin, who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage on November 9; their daughter, Mrs. Demas Garrett; their granddaughter, Mrs. John Vester; their great-grandson, Everette D. Vester, and Mrs. Amanda Burson, aunt of Mrs. Martin, and daughter of Daniel Grable.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martin, who reside near Ten Mile, were married November 9, 1859, by the late Rev. Charles T**on, of Jefferson, Greene county. To them were born eight children, seven of whom are living. They are, Mrs. G. K. Gilmore, of Washington; Mrs. Demas Garrett and Mrs. J. A. Gilmore, of Washington; Samuel E. Martin, Jr., William M. Martin and Howard B. Martin, of Ten Mile, and Miss Sarah Martin at home. Mr. and Mrs. Martin have 30 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martin were born near where they now reside. Mrs. Martin is a daughter of the late Israel and Hannah Grable Smith and is the second oldest of 15 children of which ten are still living. Mr. Martin is a son of Bonen [or Donen ?] and Sarah Lana Martin, deceased. He is one of ten children, three of whom are living. Daniel Martin, of the Eighth ward, is a brother. His grandparents, Joseph and Russell Lana, who were of noble birth came from Dublin, Ireland over 100 years ago. They settled near Huntingdon where some of their descendants still reside.

"Mr. Martin is a veteran of the Civil war [sic] having served three years. Since the war [sic] he has been engaged in farming." [NOTE: What a genealogical find in this article!]



Article from The Washington Pa. Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Fri., Aug. 10, 1928, page 9:

GRABLE - "All descendants of Joseph and Barbara Garber Grable are invited to join in the fourth annual [reunion] of the family in Washington park [sic] Saturday, Sept. 8.  The same committee that officiated last year will have charge this year.  Eli S. Grable, of Washington, is secretary, and James C. Burson, of Scenery Hill, is president."



Article from The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., June 6, 1936, p. 7:

"Ferguson Reunion - The 15th annual reunion of the Ferguson clan will be held at Deems Park, August 9. All persons knowing themselves to be in any way related are cordially invited to attend with well-filled baskets."



Article from The Daily Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Aug. 24, 1948, p. 7:

"LANE - Descendants of Samuel Alexander Lane held a family reunion Sunday afternoon and evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Friesal, Murray Hill, with 39 persons in attendance. This is the first gathering of the clan in 21 years. [NOTE: so last reunion was held in ca. 1927 ?]. Those in charge of the affair were Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Friesal and daughters, Helen and Marie, and Mrs. Ethel Lane.

Those attending brought well-filled baskets and the committee in charge served a bountiful picnic dinner at 5:30 p. m.

Later is [sic] was planned to hold a reunion each year. Those named on the committee for next year were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Edwards, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Friesal."


"MARQUIS - The annual Marquis reunion will be held at the Cross Creek Presbyterian Church Saturday, Aug. [28 ?]. Each member is asked to take a well-filled basket and table service. Dinner will be served at 12:30. 

The dinner committee includes Mrs. Glenn Stewart, Dorothy Taggart, Mrs. Croft, Mrs. Carl Stewart and Wilda Taggart.

The coffee committee is composed of Glenn Stewart and Madge Marquis. Cold drinks - Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Amos; ice cream, W. M. Taggart, and social, William Marquis.

Officers of the clan are: President, Alvin Taggart; Secretary, Mrs. Margaret Chapman; and treasurer, W. M. Taggart."

"POST-LINDLEY CANCELLED - The Post-Lindley reunion which is scheduled to be held Sunday, Aug. 29, at Washington Park has been cancelled because of death in the immediate family of two of the officers."

All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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