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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
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Marriages in the 1800s



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    Enhance your genealogy research about ancestors from Washington County PA with articles and marriage notices from 1800 newspapers.  See other pages for birth and death notices, obituaries often with cemeteries noted, probate, deed, surname, family trees or family histories, reunions and other information.   



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 10, 1822, page unknown: 
[NOTE: In this newspaper and date, no capitalization was used on Miss or Mr., or on Rev. The groom and bride's names are all in caps.]
[top of list of "Marriages" cut off on this Xerox]

"On [Saturday ?] evening, [3 small words] by the rev'd Charles Wheeler, mr. Abraham Gardner, of Armstrong county, to miss Cath [sic] Christy, of Amwell township.

"On Thursday evening last, by the same [as above], mr. Joseph Price, to miss Hannah Fleming, daughter of mr. John Fleming, of this borough.

"On same day, by the same [as above], mr. William Kirk, of this borough, to miss Agness [sic] Lindsey, daughter of mr. Patrick Lindsey, of Strabane township.

"On same day, by the same [as above], mr. William Crispan, of Morris township, to miss Mary Ann Vankirk, daughter of mr. Henry Vankirk, Jr. of Amwell township.

"On Thursday last at Steubenville, Ohio, by the rev'd Obadiah Jennings, mr. William Cunningham, of Chartiers township, Washington, co. to miss Elizabeth McClure, formerly of Washington."



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Nov. 22, 1871, page unknown: 

Marriages (not quoted)

Weygant-Pees - On the 9th of Novemver, by Rev. J. S. Marquis, Mr. George Weygant of Amwell township to Nannie F. Pees of South Strabane township, Washington county, Pa.



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., June 13, 1877, page unknown:
*This is NOT "all" the marriages on this date.
[copy too poor to read most of these entries][last one reads] "BALDWIN - MYERS - On the 6th instant at B__ Parsonage near Van Buren by Rev. _. H. [Coulter ?], _. _. [initials]  Baldwin and Miss Sarah Jane Myers all of Washington County, Pa." 



Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., June 7, 1878, page unknown: [top of column cut off] -
[See other entries in the 1878 file page.] 

"Miss Lizzie Hatfield, a girl that the gentle summer's sun and the frosts of sixteen seasons have blighted, eloped last Sunday with one C. R. Friend, of West Bethlehem, and report says got married."



Article from The Daily Evening Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., Oct. 21, 1878, page unknown:
'Marriages -
"LIGGETT-GRIFFITH - Oct. 17th, by Rev. W. A. McConnell, Mr. T. M. Liggett and Miss Tish A. Griffith, the former of Independence, the latter of Mt. Pleasant, Washington county, Pa.
"HAMILTON-SUMNEY - On the 17th inst., by Rev. J. P. Davis, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Jas. A. Hamilton and Miss Anna B. Sumney, all of Munntown, Washington county, Pa.
Review and Examiner please copy."



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Tues., Mon., Nov. 8, 1880, page unknown:


HOOTMAN-GAMBLE - November 4th, by Rev. J. S. Marquis, D. H. Hootman, of Kammerer, to Miss Mary Gamble, of Dunningsville, this county.
NEWLAND-WHITEMAN - Nov. 3d, 1880, at the residence of the Bride's parents, in West Finley township, by Rev. W. M. Ryan, Mr. Collin Newland to Miss Sadie E. Whitman, both of Washington county, Pa."



Article from The Weekly Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1887, page unknown: 

"Marriages - Baker-Hays - On Feb. 4, 1887 at the Downey House in Waynesburg by the Rev. W. J. Fisher, Mr. Geo. R. Baker of Centerville, Washington county, Pa. and Miss Jennie M. Hays of Clarksville, Greene county, Pa."



"Marriage Notice" from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 6, 1888, page unknown:
"MARRIAGES - WALLER - DAVIS - In Washington, March 5th, by rev. N. L. Cuyler, Mr. John Waller and Miss Matilda Davis, both of Washington. LANE -HAZLETT - On March 1st, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Wm. Hazlett, Sr., Franklin township, by Rev. Geo. McDonald, Mr. Wilson Lane, of Muskingham county, Ohio, and Miss Luella J. Hazlett."


Wedding Anniversary - excerpt only

Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Feb. 17, 1888, page unknown:

Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Wyland - 5th anniversary
North Strabane - guest list (gifts listed but not typed here)

Jas. Zediker and daughter
Mrs. and Mrs. Jas. Martin
Mrs. Belle M. Zediker
Miss Hattie Zediker
Matt A. and T. J. Martin
W. H. Martin and family
Louis Zediker



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., July 18, 1889, page unknown:


"ENGLAND - LINDLEY - July 7th at Pleasant Grove church, by Rev. S. L. Parcell, S. J. England and Miss Rachel A. Lindley, all of East Finley township.

"GROSSMAN - SAMUELS - July 11, by Rabbi Alter, Lewis S. Grossman and Miss Jennie Samuels, both of Washington.

"HOSIAK - RUSSELL - July 11, by Rev. W. B. Smiley, assisted by Rev. W. M. Ewing, Prof. J. R. Hosiak, of Cambridge, Ohio, and Miss Lulu Russell, of Chartiers township.

"KELLEY - MILLIGAN - July 5, in Cumberland, Md., by Rev. S. F. [Butts ?], John W. Kelley and Miss Annie M. Milligan, both of Claysville.

"KING - [HURNEY or BURNEY] -July _, at the Catholic church, by Rev. Father Doyle, John W. King and Miss Mary [Hurney or Burney ?], all of Washington."



Article from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Apr. 18, 1890, page unknown:

"MARRIAGES - SPROWLS - DANLEY - On April 10th, 1890, at the home of Charley Day, of Burnsville, by Rev. J. Donnell, Mr. Luther Sprowls and Miss Mattie Danley, both of West Finley."



Article from The Daily Reporter, Washington Co., Pa., July 7, 1891, page unknown:

"BOLTEN-EPLER - On July 2d, at _____, Mr. W. R. Bolten, of Washington and ____ Laura Epler, of Marrietta."

ARNOLD-WHITING - On July 8th, at ___ Methodist Episcopal parsonage, by Rev. ___ [Mechem, D. D., Mr. Gregory F. Arnold and ___ Katie [B. ?] Whiting, both of Washington, Pa."

"HARDY-THOMAS - On June 18th, at the residence of Marlon Paxton, Park avenue, by Rev. W. S. Fleming, George Hardy, of Washington, and Cassie Thomas, of Canonsburg."

"DURBIN-BOOTH - On June 24th, ______ his residence, 442 North Main street, by ____ W. S. Fleming, Joseph Durbin and ____ Booth, of West End."


Article from The Observer newspaper, Washington, Pa., Mon., July 6, 1891, page unknown:
"MARRIED - GRAY-GUTHRIE - June 31, at the bride's home, Brown's Station, Mr. William Gray, of Brownsville, and Miss Nora Guthrie, formerly of Monongahela City."



Article from The Reporter, newspaper, Washington Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1897, page unknown: "SOCIAL - [caps added by typist]

[Other non-wedding items omitted here - see files for 1897.] 

"'Squire John JOHNSTON and his wife celebrated their golden wedding Wednesday night at the family residence on Beaver street, Sewickley, surrounded by an unbroken family circle.

March 3, 1847, in Washington county, Pa., John JOHNSTON was married to Mary Ann Buchanan FLANEGIN.

By the marriage there were four children, Jane Guy, now the wife of Daniel de Purton LINN, of Carson Ranch, Cal., was present at this notable event; Martha Richmond, wife of Capt. Nicholas Way; Dr. William McC. Johnston and James Johnston, of Sewickley.

There are nine grandchildren. - Pittsburg [sic] Dispatch."


"West Alexander, March 5 - The latest social event of interest in the neighborhood of West Alexander is the wedding of Miss Laura A. Craig and James P. Reed, two of Donegal's best young people.
The ceremony which was performed by Rev. W. H. Lester, of the West Alexander Presbyterian church, occurred at the residence of the bride's mother two miles north of town on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, only the near relatives of the bride and groom being present.
A large number of useful and costly gifts were bestowed upon the new made bride. [sic]
On Thursday evening a reception was held, many of their younger friends attending.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed expect to take up housekeeping about April 1 near Claysville.
The best wishes of scores of friends in this place go with them to their new home."


"MARRIAGES - REED-CRAIG - On Wednesday, March 8, 1897, at the bride's home near West Alexander, by Rev. W. H. Lester, James P. Reed and Miss Laura A. Craig, both of Donegal township.


ECHERTON - SHARPNACK - On Saturday, February 27, 1897, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. W. T. Gibson, Waynesburg, Lewis Echerton, of Bentleyville, and Miss ____ Sharpnack, of Carmichaels...[not sure if there is more as the Xerox ends here]."


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