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Washington County "Little Washington" Pennsylvania
Genealogy and Family History 



Early Migrations (late 1700 to early 1800) 

from Washington Co PA


Jefferson Co., OHIO

Volume B 1806-1809

*Deed Date*
Robert Boland, Burgetstown     24 Nov 1809  
Abraham Brokaw, wife Margaret      2 Jan 1808  
Peter Brokaw      7 Oct 1808  
John Castner      7 Dec 1806  
James Cellar     20 Apr 1808  
Jacob Crabs     22 Dec 1807  
Philip Crabs, wife Elizabeth     24 Oct 1807  
Robert Cummins     9 Dec 1806  
Andrew Duncan     9 Mar 1809  
Thomas Ferguson     6 Apr 1809  
Jonathan Grable     30 Nov 1807  
William Hawthorne     21 Dec 1807  
Charles Herran     25 Mar 1809  
Robert Hervey     13 Oct 1809  
Thomas George Johnston     20 Jan 1808  
Joseph Larrimore     Dec 1807  
Mahlon Linton, wife Ann     20 May 1806  
George McConnell, wife Phebe     19 Sep 1806  
William McKennan     1 Jun 1808  
James Manholm     9 Feb 1809  
Isaac Martin     11 Jul 1808  
John Montgomery     7 Jan 1808  
Francis Morrison     26 Jul 1809  
Joseph Morrison     6 Sep 1808  
Abner Parsons     12 Jul 1808  
Thomas Sharp, Hopewell Twp     14 Dec 1808  
John Simonson     18 Oct 1806  
William Smith     10 Oct 1809  
Andrew Snider     28 Apr 1808  
John Stephenson     26 May 1806  
Martin Swickart     30 Apr 1807  
James Taggart      20 Sep 1806  
Thoimas McKean Thompson     11 Aug 1809  
Francis Townsend      8 Aug 1809  
Alexander Vincent      5 Apr 1809  
Thomas Williams     17 Jul 1809  
John Young, wife Elizabeth     12 Sep 1806  
Source: (book) Early Residences Stated in Jefferson Co., Ohio Deed Entries. There are 3 volumes, Vol. A 1788-1806, Vol. B. 1806-1809, and Vol. C 1809-1812. 

Note: * The dates for "Left Washington Co PA" are the Deed dates in Jefferson Co Ohio, so the person/family could have actually left the county years earlier and not had their Ohio deed Recorded for some time.

No other information is known except the names listed and the Deed dates.  If you know other details about these persons (date of birth, death, place of origination before Washington County PA, who they married/when/where, please send that to me so I can include the information. PLEASE PUT THE PAGE URL IN YOUR EMAIL so I don't have to guess or search for your family's name. The columns "Entered Washington PA (date)," "From," and "Comments" will ALL be web-user submissions; the contributor will be listed under comments.



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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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