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A man is not dead 
Until he is forgotten - Civil War-WWI-WWII-Korea-Vietnam-Persian Gulf



Are these folks your family?

    Enhance your genealogy research about ancestors from Washington County PA with newspaper articles about the men and women who have served our country in peace and war. See other pages for birth, death, and marriage notices, obituaries often with cemeteries noted, probate, deed, surname, family trees or family histories, reunions and other data. 

Names from Monument Erected in front of the Ninevah Fire Hall, Morris Twp., Ninevah, Greene Co., Pa. Members of Community who served in the armed forces:  [Copied by Catherine L. Caldwell and husband William D. "Bud" Caldwell.]

WORLD WAR II names: Not all in Alphabetical Order  
Beabout, George A. Fields, James W.  Peters, John W.
Beabout, Ralph W. Fields, John Peters, Lester W. Jr.
Beabout, H. Wayne Finch, Arthu_? Peters, Richard A.
Black, Charles Fonner, Henry B. Peters, Robert L.
Carter, Albert Fonner, James Phillips, Carl D.
Carter, John Jr. Gordon, Wm. O. Phillips, Charles L.
Cathers, Glenn M. Jr. Grinnace, Elmer Phillips, Doyle D.
Cathers, Harold J. Hamilton, Cecil C. Phillips, David A.
Chadwick, Wm. I  Hildreth, Benjamin W.  Phillips, Margaret
Clutter, Donald E. Hildreth, James H. Jr. Pierson, Glenn
Clutter, Harry Hlipala, John R. Powzoo, Irving
Cole, Delmer Hopkins, Alva Price, Charles F.
Conkey, Thomas Hopkins, Glenn W. Price, Samuel
Ackley, Ray Huffman, Victor Ray, Boyse W.
Andrew, Charles Iams, Hazel  Ray, Clarence A.
Auld, Robert W. Kahlbaugh, Elias Robinson, Harry R. Jr.
Baker, Clifford E. Kelly, Kenneth Robinson, Jesse C.
Baker, Harry A. Kilgore, Oakley M. Roupe, Ernest F.
Baker, Octave G. Kilgore, Ralph F. Rush, Alvie Jr.
Beabout, Charles King, T. Dale  Rush, Calvin S. 
Conklin, John A. King, Orval B. Rush, George F.
Conklin, Ralph C. Lightner, Ralph Rush, Leo F.
Conklin, Robert I. Lough, Arthur Rush, Ralph
Cooper, Ray E. Loughman, Alan D. Rutan, Floyd Jr.
Crouch, Clyde Loughman, H. Gibson Rutan, Harry M.
Crouch, John Loughman, Kenneth R. Rutan, Lloyd
Daily, Jesse A. Loughman, Merle Jr. Rutan, Thomas
Dailey, Rex Loughman, Dennis Shriver, Donald
Davis, Harry R. Mankey, Edward Stewart, Donald
Davis, Basil G. Mankey, Mont. W. Stewart, Roy
Davis, Marvin C. or G.  Mankey, Raymond  Tharp, Samuel L.
Deitreich, Kenneth G. Milliken, John S. Thomas, Orval
DeMurry, Fred M. Milliken, Paul D. Toland, Kenneth
DeMurry, James J. Milliken, William L. Jr. Toland, Kenneth W.
DeMurry, Richard R. Moore, William Toland, Ralph
Dunn, Colie Mosley, Wm. W. R. Tustin, Raymond
Dunn, James J. McCullough, Oscar L. Walker, Edward R. S. Jr.
Dunn, Neil E. McCullough, Ralph S. Walker, James R.
Ealy, Cecil W. McCullough, S. Rush Walker, Melven Jr.
Ealy, Charley L. McCullough U. Ivan Wise, Jess
Ealy, A. Acton McCollum, Clifford A. Wise, Keith L.
Ealy, Gerald R.  McCollum, Hallie Jr. Wolfe, Harry Jr.
Ealy, Paul R. McNeely, Marvin  Wolfe, William
Ealy, Thomas E. Orndoff, June Wright, Raynor

VanScyoc, Ralph 

Heroes Wrongfully Forgotten..Nurses throughout History


       To our 
men and women in uniform...past, present and future - God bless you...and thank you.                        It 
is the duty of the people to care for him who shall have borne the battle, his widow and orphan. - Abraham Lincoln



WWI Veterans

McDonald PA WWII Veterans



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All newspaper items posted with permission of the Observer-Reporter Oct. 13, 2005.

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