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     Until the appearance of the book in 1995 by Gladys Donson and Lawrence F. Athy, The Thomas Flora Family of London, Maryland, and Virginia, very little was known about the family of Thomas Flora of England who was transported over here at the age of 19 as an indentured servant.  He does not really make an appearance in Walter Bunderman's book of 1948, although one of his lines is mistakenly attributed to Englehardt Flori.  The genealogy constructed below is that of Gladys Donson, who admits that some of her attributes are speculative.  Many of the probable children of Thomas Flora listed below do appear in the land records of Maryland and Virginia. One of Thomas' sons, Jacob, appears to dovetail somewhat with Jacob Flory, probable son of Joseph Flory, immigrant father of the C-Line.  Donson does not claim that the two Jacobs are necessarily the same person but did indicate in a telephone conversation that the possibility exists that there might be some confusion over the two.  This listing below  incorporates her research, and we are grateful to have her permission to use it.   In addition, there are two excellent articles by Tim Flora, one on the ancestry of Jacob Flora, whose line was mistakenly attributed to Englehardt Flori in Walter Bunderman's book, and the other on Thomas Flora.

      The records of Old Bailey, where Thomas was imprisoned before he was transported over here are now on-line. The following is a record of the original text along with a transcription.  I am extremely grateful to Carol Carman for providing me with this material.

Thomas Flory, of St. Michael at Quern, was indicted for privately stealing a Silk Hankerchief value 2 s. from the Person of Isaac Tilliard on the 26th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed, that as he was going along Cheapside, just by the Conduit, the Prisoner and another jostled him, and he lost his Handkerchief. Mr. Holland deposed, that as he was going through Cheapside between 3 and 4 in the Afternoon aforesaid, he stopt to buy some Fruit, and the Woman told him there were two Pickpockets followed the Prosecutor, whereupon he made haste after them, and saw the Prisoner take the Prosecutor's Handkerchief out of his Pocket and drop it on the Ground; upon which he took him by the Collar, and acquainted the Prosecutor therewith. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that the Prosecutor's Handkerchief was half out of his Pocket, and he rushing by, it fell on the Ground. The Jury considering the Matter, found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. Transportation. 

      Tim Flora has graciously contributed his file on Thomas Flora's line which repeats the list of the first two generations shown here and then continues.  This line may be viewed by clicking on The Continuation of Thomas Flora's LinePlease be patient.  This file will take several moments to download.



Descendants of Thomas Flora


Generation No. 1


1. THOMAS1 FLORA was born December 1702, and died Aft. 1760. He married ?.

      Thomas Flora was the son of James and Penelope Davis Flora; also listed as FLURRY, FLORIE, FLOREY, FLORRY, FLOWRE, and FLORA;  christened St. Sepulchre, Newgate, in London on December 6, 1702.  He was indentured for five years to be transported to Maryland by an agent, Captain John Larkin, witnessed by his mother, Penelope Flora, St. Giles Cripplegate, London, 1 February 1719; transported on the ship Gilbert by Captain Darby Lux, October  1720, and landed at Annapolis, Maryland, May 1721.  His wife's name is unknown.  Once having served out his indenture, he moved several times including to Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, Orange County, Virginia, and Washington County, Maryland. His probable children lived in the Maryland and Virginia region. Since so little was known about Thomas until recently, some of his descendants may have been attributed in the past to other lines.

Children of THOMAS FLORA and ? are:

1.1.  JAMES2 FLORA, b. 1725-1730. Owned land in Frederick County, Virginia, 1750.  Took Oath of Allegiance, Washington County, Maryland, 1778.  Moved to Washington Co., VA, by 1782. n.k.o.

1.2.  ROBERT FLORA, b. Abt. 1730; d. Abt. 1802, 

1.3.  WILLIAM FLORA, b. Abt. 1730. Volunteered to fight the Indians, Capt. William McClellan's Company, Colonel Bouquet's Ohio Expedition, Frederick Co., MD, 1764.  Enlisted in Lieutenant Colonel James Innis' Company of the 15th Virginia Regiment, Continental Line, 22 November 1776, discharged 22 November 1779; appears Tax Lists, Hampshire Co., Va. 1782 and 1784; granted 200 acres of land, Hampshire Co., Va., 1804.  He had five children.

1.4. ISSAC FLORA, b. Abt. 1730. Volunteered to fight the Indians, Captain William McClellan's Company, Colonel Bouquet's Ohio Expedition, Frederick Co., MD, 1764.  n.k.o.

1.5.  JOHN FLORA, b. 1730-1740; d. February 1810, Washington County, MD.

1.6.  JACOB FLORA. He received a Maryland Bounty Grant for 100 acres for service in the Revolution, 24 December 1791;  He witnessed a land sale, Hampshire Co., Va., 13 April 1795.  He may have moved to and was taxed in Lincoln Co., Kentucky, 2 June 1795.

1.7.  ALBRIGHT FLORA, b. 1750-1755; d. 1820-1830, Adams County, OH. Several people have asked about Albright.  To help them in their researches, we are including a genealogical listing of his descendants compiled by Dawn Florea.  Click on Albright.

1.8.  THOMAS FLORA, b. 1735-1736; d. Abt. 1811, Hampshire County, VA.


Generation No. 2


1.2. ROBERT2 FLORA (THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1730, and died Abt. 1802  probably in Kentucky. He married CHARITY ?.  He bought "Flora's Choice" from /1.8/ Thomas Flora, Jr., Frederick Co., MD 1773;  He took the Oath of Allegiance, Washington Co., MD 1778.  While he was still living in Pennsylvania but on his way to Kentucky, he sold land in Washington Co., Maryland in 1787.  He then owned land in Mason County, Kentucky, 1789-1802.  He probably died in Mason County around 1802.  Some of the children below may actually be his grandchildren.

Children of ROBERT FLORA and CHARITY ? are:

1.2.1.  ROBERT3 FLORA, b. Abt. 1760. d. by 1814.

1.2.2. JAMES FLORA. He married Mary ? and owned land in Mason Co., KY 1791-1796.  n.k.o.

1.2.3. DAVID FLORA, b. 1760-1770. d. after 1822

1.2.4.  THOMAS FLORA. He was killed by Indians at Flora's Station, Kentucky.

1.2.5. JOHN FLORA. Recorded in Mason Co., Kentucky 1790-1800.  Perhaps he was the son of /1.7/.

1.2.6. MARY FLORA.  She married William Ruddle of Bourbon County, Kentucky on September 25, 1878.

1.5. JOHN2 FLORA (THOMAS1) was born 1730-1740, and died February 1810 in Washington County, MD. died March 1810 in Washington Co, MD.  He married ANNA MARIE SEGESTERIN December 26, 1769 in First German Reform Church, Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD.


1.5.1.  JACOB3 FLORA. For an article on the scholarship surrounding Jacob, click on Jacob Flora.

1.5.2. GEORGE FLORA, d. about 1808.

1.5.3. MARY FLORA.  She married Peter McKiernan in Washington County, MD on June 24, 1803.  n.k.o.

1.5.4. CATHERINE FLORA. She married ? ________ Hutcheson.  n.k.o.


1.5.6. ELIZABETH.  She married John McKain, in Washington County, MD on December 6, 1806.

1.5.7. JOHN FLORA. b. about 1783, Frederick Co., MD

1.5.8. EVE FLORA.

1.7. ALBRIGHT2 FLORA (THOMAS1) , possible son of Thomas Flora, was born 1750-1755, and died 1820-1830 in Adams County, OH. He married RUTH ? before 1790.  He died in Adams Co., Ohio 1820-1830.  His name appears on the census of Frederick County, MD in 1792.  He sold his land in Frederick County, Maryland in 1795, and next appears on the tax records of Mason Co., KY 1800.  He appears on the tax list of Adams Co., OH 1810.  For a listing of his descendants, who are not represented in the chart below, click on Albright.

Children of ALBRIGHT FLORA and RUTH ? are:

1.7.1.  JOHN3 FLORA, b. Abt. 1776.

1.7.2.  NANCY FLORA, b. Abt. 1778.  She married James Davis in Mason County, KY on April 18, 1799.  n.k.o.

1.7.3. ELIZABETH FLORA, b. 1780; d. 1857.

1.7.4. REBECCA FLORA, b. Abt. 1781; d. 1862.

1.7.5. MARY FLORA, b. 1784; d. 1865.

1.7.6. JOSHUA FLORA, b. 1787; d. 1867.

1.7.7. ISAAC FLORA, b. 1789; d. 1854.

1.7.8. CHARITY FLORA, b. 1791; d. 1849.

1.7.9. RUTH FLORA, b. 1794. 

1.7.10. RACHEL FLORA, b. 1796; d. 1875

1.8. THOMAS2 FLORA (THOMAS1) was born 1735-1736, and died Abt. 1811 in Hampshire County, VA. He married PRUDENCE ?.  Thomas patented 50 acres called "Flora's Choice," in Frederick County, MD on Feb. 2, 1761.  He then patented 40 acres called "Better Than Mount Misery," in Frederick County, MD in 1770.  He sold this Frederick County land in 1773, but then appears on the tax records of Hampshire Co., VA in 1782.  He acquired additional land in this county, primarily 37 1/2 acres in 1795 and 91 acres in 1800.  His name appears on the census of Hampshire County in 1800.  He lived at "Flora's Mills" on the Potomac River near the present day town of Paw Paw.

Children of THOMAS FLORA and PRUDENCE ? are:

1.8.1.  ABIJAH3 FLORA, b. 1757; d. 1840

1.8.2. JOSEPH FLORA, b. 1760-1770; d. 1833

1.8.3. RUTH FLORA, b. 1760-1770; d. 1840-50.  Ruth married PHILIP HARTLEY.

1.8.4. DEBORAH FLORA, b. 1769; d. 1849.  DEBORAH married Thomas Tarvin.

1.8.5. ISAAC FLORA, b. Abt. 1770; d. by 1850

1.8.6. SARAH FLORA, b. 1770-1780; d. by 1850.  SARAH married Sylvester Warfield.

1.8.7. MARGARET, b. Abt. 1778; d. by 1850.  MARGARET married BASIL ATHY.

1.8.8. RACHEL FLORA, b. 1780-1790; d. 1843-1850

1.8.9. ANN FLORA, b. 1775-1780; married Jacob Smith (b. VA, 1775-78; d. VA after 1850); d. Morgan Co., VA by 1850 n.k.o.

1.8.10. ARCHIBALD FLORA, b. 1780-1790; d. ca. 1845.  ARCHIBALD married Barbara Hardy.

1.8.1l. ABSALOM FLORA, b. 1780-1790; d. 1843.




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