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St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Florence, Oneida County, NY
Preserving the past for future generations
1845 - 2003

1858 Map of Oneida Co., NY

Found in the attic of an old house in Camden, Oneida Co., NY. The owners kindly let me photograph the 150 year old map in order to preserve and share the history that it contains.
Thank you SO much to Kevin & Kelly Lafferty for sharing this wonderful resource!

(House is across the street from what was my great-grandparent's house and where my mother was born.)

Map Title
Transcription of Map Title
1858 map title
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
From actual Surveys under the direction of
No.'s 517, 519 & 521 MINOR ST.
Assistants - A. J. Cowles, A. Pomeroy, C. O. Titus, C. Bachman

Wall Map with Landowner Names

Size: 66 ½ x 64 inches. Scale: 1 ¼ in = 1 mile.

This map was the largest and best for Oneida County, New York, in the nineteenth century. The route of the Erie Canal is shown, as are several railroad lines.

1858 map - top left
1858 map - top middle
 1858 map - top right
1858 Map of Oneida Co., NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Top Left
Top Middle
Top Right
1858 map - bottom left
1858 map - bottom middle
1858 map - bottom right
Bottom Left
Bottom Middle
Bottom Right
Above Photos: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Silas N. Beers and Frederick W. Beers were cousins and well-known mapmakers. Along with the young D. Jackson Lake, they had studied under J. H. French at Newtown Academy in Newtown, CT. When French left the Academy in 1855 to become head of the New York State mapping project, he enlisted his former students as associates. This project was the most ambitious and accomplished for any American state to its time. The map of Oneida County is the first joint project on which Beers and Lake collaborated, under the leadership of the eminent surveyor, J.H. French. They produced several important New York county maps. Ristow hypothesizes that French used the Oneida project as a "training ground" for the three young talented mapmakers.
      Source: pages 393-94 of book by Walter W. RISTOW, American Maps & Mapmakers: Commercial
      Cartography in the 19th Century. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1985. 488pp.
          An essential reference book for American map collectors. Walter Ristow, who retired in 1978 as
      the Chief of the Map Division of the Library of Congress, brings together in this work commentary on
      the great variety of American published maps that appeared in the nineteenth century.


Seven surrounding engravings show prominent homes and buildings in the region.
Res. of Hastings F. Curtiss Esq., Camden, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Res. of
Hastings F. Curtiss Esq.

Res. of Gen. Lyman Curtiss, Camden, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008

Res. of
Gen. Lyman Curtiss
Home Cottage Seminary, Clinton, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Home Cottage Seminary,
Clinton Oneida Co. N.Y.

Miss L. M. Barker
Court House, Rome, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Court House
City Hall and County Clerks’ Office, Utica, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008

City Hall and
County Clerks’ Office
Res. of D. B. Goodwin Esq., Waterville, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008
Res. of
D. B. Goodwin Esq.
Res. of Stanton Park Esq., Waterville, NY
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008

Res. of
Stanton Park Esq.

Small Map Insets

More than forty insets show the smaller towns and villages. (I have divided some.)

Large Map Insets

Rome is shown in an inset map, with a business directory. (I have divided the inset map in order to see the details better.)
map of Rome - top left
Top Left
map of Rome - top right
Top Right
map of Rome - middle left
Middle Left
map of Rome - middle right
Middle Right
map of Rome - bottom right
Bottom Right
Above Photos: Barb Paufve
July 2008

Utica (left, right) is shown in a large inset map measuring 17 by 27½ inches, giving much detail of the town and buildings, accompanied by an extensive business directory. (I have divided the inset map into smaller portions in order to see details better.)

map of Utica - top left half
Top Left Half
map of Utica - top right half
Top Right Half
map of Utica - top right
Top Right
map of Utica - top middle
Top Middle
map of Utica - middle right1
Middle Right1
map of Utica - middle
map of Utica - middle right2
Middle Right2
map of Utica - bottom right
Bottom Right
map of Utica - bottom left1
Bottom Left1
map of Utica - bottom left2
Bottom Left2
map of Utica - bottom left3
Bottom Left3
map of Utica - bottom middle
Bottom Middle
Above Photos: Barb Paufve
July 2008

Township Maps

Each township is individually coloured, with every rural property owner located and identified by name.

Annsville (Glenmore, Taberg) Scribas Reservation

Augusta (Augusta, Knox Corners, Oriskany Falls)

Ava (Ava Corners, Point Rock P.)

Boonville (Alder Creek, Boonville, Hawkinsville, Hurlbutville)

Bridgewater (Babcock Hill, Bridgewater, North Bridgewater)

Camden (Camden, Hillsboro, West Camden)

(Deerfield Corners, North Gage)

Florence (East Florence, Empey Ville, Florence, Florence Hill)

Floyd (Floyd Corners)

Kirkland (Clarks Mills, Clinton, Franklin, Manchester)

Lee (Lee, Lee Centre, Stokes, West Branch)


Marshall (Deansville, Hanover, Forge Hollow, Pecks Corners)

New Hartford, (top) (New Hartford, New York Upper Mills, Washington Mills, Willow Vale) ***NOTE: "New Hartford " photo is from a different copy of this 1858 map!

Paris (Cassville, Clayville, Holman City, Paris Hill, West Sauquoit, East Sauquoit)

Remsen (top), (bottom) (Forest Port, Port Woodhull, Remsen)

Rome (left), (right) (East Rome, Greens Corners, Lawrence Tract, North Rome, Ridge Mills, West Rome)

Sangerfield (Sangerfield Centre, Stockwell Settlement, Waterville)

Steuben (Steuben Corners, Steuben Station)

Trenton (Holland Patent, Prospect, South Trenton, Stittville, Trenton Falls)


Verona (top), (bottom) (Dunbarton, Durhamville, Higgins Ville, New London, Stacy's Basin, State Bridge, Verona, Verona Mills)

Vernon (Blecher, Oneida Castle, Sconondoa, Seargeant, Turkey Street, Van Emps, Vernon, Vernon Centre, Wemple) Indian Reservation

Vienna (Connell's Ville, Elpis, Fish Creek Landing, North Bay, Pine, Vienna, West Vienna)

Western (Delta, Hillside, North Western, Western Ville)

Westmoreland (Eureka, Hampton, Hecla Works, Lairds Ville, Lowell, Spencer Settlement, Verona Springs)

Whitestown (Colemans Mills, New York Mills, Oriskany, Pleasant Valley, Walesville, Whitesboro, Yorkville)

Population Totals
Transcription of Population Totals
population totals
Photo: Barb Paufve
July 2008

by Census of 1855

Annville 2,715
Augusta 2,383
Ava 1,242
Boonville 4,424
Bridgewater 1,204
Camden 2,900
Derrfield 2,257
Florence 2,812
Floyd 1,443
Kirkland 3,809
Lee 3,020
Marcy 1,767
Marshal 2,147
New Hartford 4,517
Paris 3,695
Remson 2,684
Rome 10,720
Sangerfield 2,424
Steuben 1,592
Trenton 3,987
1st Ward 1,443
2nd " 2,799
3rd " 3,117
4th " 4,827
5th " 3,380
6th " 4,609
    Utica to'l 22,169
Vernon 3,005
Verona 6,923
Vienna 3,248
Western 2, 546
Westmoreland 3,279
Whitestown 4,838
Total: 107,749.

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