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If a documented source is not listed please do not take the information as fact but as a place to start to find the truth.

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I would like to thank Ingrid Flebbe Skov for the research and information
for the Denmark and Germany information.


Descendants of Soldier Christian Flebbe



Generation No. 1


1. SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1 FLEBBE died 1712 in Rendsborg. He married MARGERETHA UNKNOWN. She died Unknown.


2. i. CHRISTIAN2 FLEBBE, b. 1684, Rendsborg; d. 1736, Haderslev- Denmark.

ii. CATHARINA FLEBBE, b. 1685, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. 1702, Rendsborg GERMANY.

iii. WIBKE FLEBBE, b. 1685, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. 26 Jul 1691, Rendsborg GERMANY.

3. iv. HINRICH FLEBBE, b. 07 May 1686, Rendsborg, Germany; d. 22 Mar 1752, Rendsborg, Germany.

v. JOHAN FLEBBE, b. 1688, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. 22 Mar 1752, Rendsborg GERMANY.

vi. JOHAN FLEBBE, b. 1689, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. Unknown.

vii. WIBKE FLEBBE, b. 1691, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. Unknown.

viii. TIM FLEBBE, b. 1693, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. Unknown.

ix. NICOLAUS FLEBBE, b. 1695, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. Unknown.

x. MARX FLEBBE, b. 1697, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. Unknown.

xi. MARGARETHA CATHARINA FLEBBE, b. 1699, Rendsborg GERMANY; d. 1712, Rendsborg GERMANY.



Generation No. 2


2. CHRISTIAN2 FLEBBE (SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 1684 in Rendsborg, and died 1736 in Haderslev Denmark. He married CATHARINA GYDE BUCHOLTZ. She was born 1683 in Flensborg, and died Unknown.


i. HANS CHRISTIAN3 FLEBBE, b. 1706; d. Unknown.

4. ii. PAUL CHRISTIAN FLEBBE, b. 1708, Haderslev - Denmark; d. 07 Oct 1781, Haderslev - Denmark

iii. HINRICH FLEBBE, b. 1719, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 08 Apr 1773, Vonsbaek sogn, Haderslev - Denmark.

iv. NICOLAS FLEBBE, b. 1721, Haderslev - Denmark; d. Unknown.

v. CATHARINA MARGAETHA FLEBBE, b. 1725, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 1739, Haderslev  Denmark.



3. HINRICH2 FLEBBE (SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 07 May 1686 in Rendsborg, Germany, and died 22 Mar 1752 in Rendsborg, Germany. He married MARIE UNKNOWN. She died Unknown.


5. i. JOHAN HINRICH3 FLEBBE, b. 06 Oct 1726, Rendsborg, Germany; d. 27 Feb 1782, Rendsborg, Germany.



Generation No. 3


4. PAUL CHRISTIAN3 FLEBBE (CHRISTIAN2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 1708 in Haderslev  Denmark, and died 07 Oct 1781 in Haderslev  Denmark. He married METTA CATHARINA JYDSEN 28 Jun 1737 in Halk kirke, Haderslev  Denmark. She was born 1711 in Halk sogn, Haderslev,  Denmark, and died 27 Mar 1781 in Haderslev.

Children of PAUL FLEBBE and METTA JYDSEN are:

i. CATHARINA4 FLEBBE, b. 18 Dec 1737, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 05 Aug 1738, Haderslev  Denmark.

ii. CHRISTIAN FLEBBE, b. Abt. 1739, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 21 Mar 1790, Haderslev  Denmark.

iii. MATHIAS FLEBBE, b. 1741, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 21 Jul 1806.

6. iv. PETER FLEBBE, b. Oct 1743, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 28 Mar 1849, Erlev, G1. Haderslev, Germany.

v. PAUL FLEBBE, b. 1745, Haderslev  Denmark; d. Unknown.

vi. CATHARINA ELEONORA FLEBBE, b. 1747, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 12 Jul 1781, Haderslev  Denmark.

vii. ELEONORA FLEBBE, b. 08 Nov 1750, Haderslev  Denmark; d. 08 Nov 1792, Haderslev  Denmark.



5. JOHAN HINRICH3 FLEBBE (HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 06 Oct 1726 in Rendsborg, Germany, and died 27 Feb 1782 in Rendsborg, Germany. He married ANNA HEDEWIG STEEN. She died Unknown.


7. i. JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4 FLEBBE, b. 07 Mar 1766, Rendsborg, Germany; d. 28 Jul 1838, Rendsborg, Germany.



Generation No. 4


6. PETER4 FLEBBE (PAUL CHRISTIAN3, CHRISTIAN2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born Oct 1743 in Haderslev  Denmark, and died 28 Mar 1849 in Erlev, G1. Haderslev  Denmark. He married ELLEN MATTIASDATTER, daughter of MATTIAS NEILSEN and ELSA SORENSEN. She was born 09 Nov 1782 in Haderslev  Denmark, and died 05 Aug 1849 in Erlev, G1. Haderslev Denmark.


i. MATTIAS PETER5 FLEBBE, b. 14 Jul 1806; d. Unknown.



7. JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4 FLEBBE (JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 07 Mar 1766 in Rendsborg, Germany, and died 28 Jul 1838 in Rendsborg, Germany. He married MARIE ELIZABETH WRIEDT. She died 29 May 1853 in Rendsborg, Germany.  Notes for JOACHIM CHRISTIAN FLEBBE: Buried Skt. Marie Church


i. HANS MATTHEW5 FLEBBE, b. 11 May 1795; d. Unknown.

ii. NICOLAUS CHRISTIAN FLEBBE, b. 17 Sep 1795; d. Unknown.

iii. ANNA ELISABETH FLEBBE, b. 04 Jun 1797; d. Unknown.

8. iv. JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD FLEBBE, b. 21 Jan 1800, Mendsborg, Germany; d. 21 Oct 1874, Rendsborg, Germany.


vi. HANS CHRISTIAN ERNST FLEBBE, b. 11 Aug 1805; d. Unknown.

vii. CATHARINA DOROTHEA HENRIETTE FLEBBE, b. 31 Jul 1808; d. Unknown.



Generation No. 5


8. JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5 FLEBBE (JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 21 Jan 1800 in Mendsborg, Germany, and died 21 Oct 1874 in Rendsborg, Germany. He married ANNA MARGARETHA MARIA HEITMAN 25 Apr 1830. She died 07 Aug 1887 in Rendsborg, Germany.


i. MARIA MARGARETHA CATHARINA6 FLEBBE, b. 10 Jan 1832; d. Unknown.

9. ii. NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN FLEBBE, b. 12 Aug 1835, Schleswig, Holstein, Germany; d. 15 Jan 1924, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska.

iii. ELISE SPHIA GEORGINE FLEBBE, b. 03 Jan 1837; d. Unknown.

iv. JOACHIM CHRISTIAN DETLEV FLEBBE, b. 05 Nov 1839; d. Unknown.

Notes for JOACHIM CHRISTIAN DETLEV FLEBBE:  Records show Nicholas had a brother in Old Mexico that was married twice. I don't know if it was Joachim or not.

v. JOACHIM HERMANN THEODOR FLEBBE, b. 24 Jan 1845; d. Unknown.

vi. CHRISTINE MARIA NICOLINE FLEBBE, b. 12 Dec 1847; d. Unknown.



Generation No. 6



9. NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6 FLEBBE (JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 12 Aug 1835 in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, and died 15 Jan 1924 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. He married (1) ANNA SOUTHMAN in Germany. She died Unknown. He married (2) BABETTA DIETRICH Abt. 1875, daughter of UNKNOWN DIETRICH and ANNA UNKNOWN. She was born 23 Apr 1854 in Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, and died 23 Feb 1941 in Hastins, Adam, Nebraska.
Notes for N
ICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN FLEBBE: 1880 census- Center, Porter, Indiana call # 305, E.D. 141, Sheet 13,
Line 33.    Occupation- Butcher in Germany, Farmer in USA. 1900 Census     1920 Census he is listed as an inmate in Nebraska at the age of 85. All inmates are German

From "Germans to America" Vol. 23 ships arrivals June 1869 to Dec 1869.

Ship "Silesin" from Hamburg and Havre to New York arrived Oct, 12 1869.


i. AGNES ELISE WILHELMINE7 FLEBBE, b. 09 Dec 1860; d. Unknown.

ii. MAGGIE FLEBBE, b. Abt. 1863; d. Unknown.

10. iii. GEORGE W. FLEBBE, b. 25 May 1865, Schlesburg, Holestein, Germany; d. 19 Oct 1918, Cairo, Hall, Nebraska.

iv. NICOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN FLEBBE, b. 18 Feb 1868; d. Unknown.

v. HERMANN MARIUS GERHARDT FLEBBE, b. 03 Apr 1869; d. Unknown.

vi. ANNA FLEBBE, b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

11. vii. OTTO CONRAD FLEBBE, b. 03 Dec 1876, Indiana; d. 12 Dec 1928, Sell Lake, Sask., Canada.


viii. EMMA7 DIETRICH, b. 09 Feb 1877, Chicago, Illinois; d. 06 Mar 1958, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.   Notes for EMMA DIETRICH: Never married

12. ix. WALTER HENRY FLEBBE, b. 20 Jul 1881, Chicago, Illinois; d. 25 Jun 1957, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska.

13. x. OSCAR THOMAS FLEBBE, b. 09 Feb 1886, Michigan City, Indiana; d. 16 Feb 1971, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

14. xi. ROY FLEBBE, b. 02 Mar 1891, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska; d. 29 Jan 1980, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

Picture of Nicholas Flebbe and grandchildren



Generation No. 7



10. GEORGE W.7 FLEBBE (NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6, JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 25 May 1865 in Schlesburg, Holestein, Germany, and died 19 Oct 1918 in Cairo, Hall, Nebraska. He married (1) MAY WILSON 20 Oct 1886 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, daughter of UNKNOWN WILSON and UNKNOWN. She was born 17 Mar 1859 in , Blackford, Indiana, and died 19 Aug 1910 in Cairo, Custer, Nebraska. He married (2) EMMA HEIN Abt. 1911. She was born 17 Jan 1896, and died Unknown. 
Notes for G
EORGE W. FLEBBE: 1900 NE CENSUS Buffalo County Herrey Creek township.
Flebby, George bd May 1866 age 34 married 14 yrs
            May            Jan 1859         41              14 yrs. born IN
Goddard, Earl    Bo Dec 1886        13                                  NE
No marriage certificate in Hall County, Nebraska for Emma and George
Notes for E
MMA HEIN: Emma, Kenneth, Cecil, George Jr. and Dorothy moved to Lodgepole, NE in 1919. In 1923 Emma married Lewis Englert and they moved to the Flebbe ranch at Koshopaka, NE.

Children of GEORGE FLEBBE and EMMA HEIN are:

i. CECILE GERHARDT8 FLEBBE, b. 27 Nov 1912, Cairo, Custer, Nebraska; d. Apr 1980, Golden, Jefferson, Colorado; m. FRANCES FEATHERSTONE; b. 19 Jul 1912; d. 03 Jun 1998, Evans City, Welks, Colorado..

ii. DOROTHY MAY FLEBBE, b. Private.

iii. GEORGE HERBERT FLEBBE, b. 30 Aug 1917, Cairo, Custer, Nebraska; d. 04 Nov 1991, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska; m. JO UNKNOWN, Private; b. Private. Notes for GEORGE HERBERT FLEBBE: Nov 1958 Grand Island Telephone directory list George H. Flebbe at 1703 N. Grand Island.



11. OTTO CONRAD7 FLEBBE (NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6, JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 03 Dec 1876 in Indiana, and died 12 Dec 1928 in Sell Lake, Sask., Canada. He married CORA RODOCKER 03 Jun 1910 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, daughter of WILLIAM RODOCKER and MARY WINNIE. She was born 28 Apr 1893 in Gothenburg, Brown, Nebraska, and died 15 Nov 1988 in Maple Ridge B.C. CANADA. Picture of Otto and Cora 

Children of OTTO FLEBBE and CORA RODOCKER are:

i. ADELLA MAY8 FLEBBE, b. 18 May 1911, Giles, Brown, Nebraska; d. 18 May 1911, Giles, Brown, Nebraska.

ii. IONA MAY FLEBBE, b. Private; m. (1) JIM HAMEL, Private; b. Private; m. (2) AMIL HAFFTER, Private; b. Private.

iii. WALTER GLENN FLEBBE, b. Private; m. ANNE GUSTA, Private; b. 28 Oct 1921, Farm Bruce Alberta CANADA; d. Nov 1973, Kamloops B.C. CANADA. Picutre of Walter and Ann

iv. ANEMONA FLEBBE, b. 04 Jun 1915, Giles, Brown, Nebraska; d. 04 Jun 1915, Giles, Brown, Nebraska.

v. GAYHART FLEBBE, b. 23 Sep 1917, Giles, Brown, Nebraska; d. 23 Sep 1917, Giles, Brown, Nebraska.

vi. CECIL CONRAD FLEBBE, b. Private.

vii. WILLIAM NICHOLLS "BILL" FLEBBE, b. Private; m. ANN GUSTA, Private; b. Private.

viii. HOWARD LOUIS FLEBBE, b. Private.

ix. LURA ELSIE "ELSIE" FLEBBE, b. Private; m. VICTOR CARTER, Private; b. Private.

x. GENIEVE EDITH FLEBBE, b. 20 Apr 1923, Shell Lake, Sask., Canada; d. 12 Dec 1927, Shell Lake, Sask., Canada.

xi. HAROLD RICHARD FLEBBE, b. 12 Jul 1925, Shell Lake, Sask., Canada; d. 20 Feb 1945, Holland during WWII.



12. WALTER HENRY7 FLEBBE (NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6, JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 20 Jul 1881 in Chicago, Illinois, and died 25 Jun 1957 in North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska. He married GRACE CHANEY 20 Jul 1908 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. She was born 17 Nov 1883 in Tablerock, Nebraska, and died 13 Sep 1972 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.  Notes for WALTER HENRY FLEBBE: 1914-1915 Grand Island , NE. phone directory list Walter H. and Grace Flebbe at r 107 E. 9th, Walter H., eng. UPRR


i. WALTER EDWARD8 FLEBBE, b. 12 Aug 1909, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska; d. 23 Apr 1986, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California; m. BERNICE DAVIS, Private; b. Private.

ii. PAUL EMERSON FLEBBE, b. 19 Nov 1910, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska; d. 26 Sep 1974, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska; m. FERN VIVIAN FITCH, Private; b. Private.

iii. RICHARD ARTHUR FLEBBE, b. 08 Mar 1914, Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska; d. 04 Mar 1955, Sutherland, Nebraska; m. ALICE JANE VICKERY, Private; b. Private.

iv. ELMER FREDERICK FLEBBE, b. Private; m. ROSE LALLEY, Private; b. Private.

v. ESTER RUTH FLEBBE, b. Private.

vi. GEORGE RANDOLPH FLEBBE, b. 29 Jan 1922, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska; d. 28 Dec 1994, Missouri; m. LAVERA RUTH DAMKROGER, Private; b. Private.
Headline: Obits Publication Date: December 29, 1994  Source: The Kansas City Star  Page: C4; C5  Obituary 
Obituary: GEORGE R. FLEBBE SR. George R. Flebbe Sr., 72, Lee's Summit, died Dec. 28, 1994, at the home. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Ruskin Heights Lutheran Church; burial in Memorial Park Cemetery, Kansas City. Friends may call from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday at the Park Lawn Chapel. The family suggests contributions to the church. Mr. Flebbe was born in North Platte, Neb., and had lived in this area since 1958. He was a mechanical engineer for the Bendix Kansas City Division for 26 years, retiring in 1984. He was a graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Engineering. He was an Army veteran of World War II. He was a member of the church.
Survivors include his wife, LaVera R. Flebbe of the home; a son, George R. Flebbe Jr., Springfield, Va.; two daughters, Patricia Ann Flebbe, Blacksburg, Va., and Linda Marie Flebbe, Kansas City; a sister, Esther Ruth Flebbe, Denver; a brother, Elmer Flebbe, Longmont, Colo.; and a grandson.



13. OSCAR THOMAS7 FLEBBE (NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6, JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 09 Feb 1886 in Michigan City, Indiana, and died 16 Feb 1971 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. He married HAZEL IRENE MARSH 10 Dec 1914 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska. She died Unknown. Notes for OSCAR THOMAS FLEBBE: 1914-1915 Grand Island, Nebraska Phone directory list Oscar and Mrs. B. Flebbe wks Indiana Pub Co., r 109 E. 9th

Children of OSCAR FLEBBE and HAZEL MARSH are:

i. OSCAR ROLLAND8 FLEBBE, b. Private; m. ROSELMA LOUISE MCCALL, Private; b. Private.

ii. GERALDINE HAZEL FLEBBE, b. Private; m. JOHN DAMIEL COE, Private; b. Private.



14. ROY7 FLEBBE (NICHOLAS CARL CHRISTIAN6, JOHANN JOACHIM CONRAD5, JOACHIM CHRISTIAN4, JOHAN HINRICH3, HINRICH2, SOLDIER CHRISTIAN1) was born 02 Mar 1891 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, and died 29 Jan 1980 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. He married ZELLA MARGARET BLOOM 10 Dec 1916 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. She was born 13 Apr 1891, and died Sep 1987 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. Notes for ROY FLEBBE: Grand Island, NE 1914 1915 city directory list Roy Flebbe with G I Electric Light Company 109 E. 9th

Children of ROY FLEBBE and ZELLA BLOOM are:


ii. ELEANOR CLAIRE FLEBBE, b. 02 Jul 1922, Omaha, Nebraska; d. 31 Oct 1970, Tekamah, Nebraska.

iii. DAVID ROY FLEBBE, b. 08 Mar 1924, Omaha, Nebraska; d. 16 Jun 1990, Omaha, Nebraska; m. (1) MILDRED MARILYN LEEPER, Private; b. Private; m. (2) PATRICIA REAFLENG, Private; b. Private.



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