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My Mystery Missing Kruse Family

New -  This family has been found in Belle Plaine, Wisconsin !!  See Picture

Johann Joachim Kruse
    - born, 14 August 1804
    - place, Viezen, Buetzow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany
    - married 1st Wife, Friederica Sophia Dorothea Knaack 23 Oct 1827, 11 kids
    - married 2nd Wife, Friedricke Magdelina Sophia Lange 17 Dec 1847, 2 kids
    - father, Jacob Martin Albrecht Kruse
    - mother, Friedericke Sophia Margaretha Koppelmann
    - brother, Ferdinand Vollrath Friedrich Kruse, my Great Great Grandfather

Friedricke Magdelina Sophia Lange
   - born 28 November 1815, Viezen
    - married Johann Joachim Kruse
    - father, Johann Heinrich Gottfried Lange of Gross Belitz
    - mother, Maria Magdelina Lucille Trost


    Ferdinand Peter Friedrich KruseFound Family in Belle Plaine
         - born, 27 Jan 1849 in Viezen, Germany
          - baptised, 28 Jan 1849 at Neukirchen, Germany

      Maria Sophia Christiana Kruse
         - born, 4 February 1852 in Viezen, Germany
          - baptized, 8 February 1852 at Neukirchen, Germany

Other Details:

They came with my direct descendant Kruse family on the ship Allemannia on 28 October 1869. They arrived at Castle Garden, New York Port with my Gr-Gr Grandmother, Maria Sophia Dorothea Kruse nee Jenning, my Great Grandfather, Johann Ferdinand Christian Kruse, and Johann's sister Wilhelmine Elisabeth Friedricke Kruse.

Also on board were Johann's 2 other sister's families; Sophia Maria Caroline Schroeder nee Kruse, her husband, Ludwig Schroeder, their children; Wilhelmina and Charles. Second family; Maria Thode nee Kruse, her husband, Adolph Thode, and a child, Wilhelmina. Also with the Kruse's and the other families was a farmer from Gross Tessin, M-S, Germany, Carl Friedrich Lehmann.

This whole group, except for my missing Kruses went on to Chicago, Illinois. From Chicago many  stayed in Chicago, some went to California, and some to Wisconsin. Carl Lehmann married Johann's sister Wilhelmine Kruse in Chicago and re-settled in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

Updated March 2001

New information received March 2001.  My Aunt has a diary that mentions a "Tante Tina" from Buffalo, New York writing back and forth to my Great Grandfather's daughter Sophia Kruse in Chicago.  This may be the Maria Sophia Christiana Kruse mentioned above born in 1852.  Apparently Tante is the German word for Aunt.  Also Maria's half sister, Wilhelmine Elisabeth Sophia Kruse, married Johann Buller in Germany and they immigrated to Wolcottsville (near Buffalo) several years earlier.  Johann Buller is buried in Wolcottsville but his wife Wilhelmine has not been found.  She possibly died on the way over to America at sea.  Johann went on to marry a couple of times.  It was postulated that the "Missing Kruse's" also went to Wolcottsville instead of Chicago.  As of this writing I have not been able to verify or find any Kruse relatives in the Buffalo area, and would appreciate any more leads on this family.

Updated 1 January 2002

I found a John Kruse, age 74, with a Mina Kruse, age 64 living with the William and Anna Kelling family on the 1880 Census. It shows them in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The ages of John fit within a year of the birth ages. This may be the missing family. This is the first proof of a Kruse family that fits fairly well. It says on the 1880 census they were from Prussia and also their father and mother. The Kelling family is listed as coming from Mecklenburg. The children of John and Minna (Magdelina), Ferdinand and Maria, are also not listed, and they are possibly gone out of the household and married.

Just received some very intriguing info from Lisa E. She found a Ferdinand Kruse in the 1900 Census that fits with my missing Ferdinand Kruse who was one of the children. It shows Ferdinand as born in January 1849 and immigrated from Germany in 1869...this is exactly what I have from records in Germany. The census also shows he married Augusta, born April 1851 in Wisconsin. They are shown as having 11 total children together and were married around 1878. The children listed are: Ferdinand, born Apr 1878; August b. Aug 1882; Ella b. Oct 1885; Alma b. Sep 1888; Lydia b. Feb 1890: Laura b. Apr 1892; John b. Apr 1894; Grover b. Jul 1895; and Dalia b. Apr 1898. This is 9 out of the 11 children, so 2 of the kids must have died. The 1900 Census shows they were living in Belle Plaine, Shawano County, Wisconsin. Laura Kruse, one of the kids, possibly married Frank Heling of Shawano. I found an obit from the Shawano message board on RootsWeb that listed on obituary for Roland O. Heling, age 76, born 11 Aug 1925  in Belle Plaine, Wisconsin to Frank and Laura Kruse Heling. So far this relationship to my missing Kruse needs to be verified. I will have to find Laura Kruse Heling's obit to see what is listed for her father and mother. Click on the hyperlinks above to go directly to my family tree information on each individual.

Updated 12 January 2002

I just received information from Ted H. in Wisconsin verifying the link to the Kruses in Belle Plaine, Wisconsin. Laura Kruse Heling is one of the children of Ferdinand Kruse and Augusta Retzlaff of Belle Plaine and was married to Frank Heling. Ferdinand's death record from Shawano County, Wisconsin shows his father as John Kruse and mother as Friederike Lange and his birthdate of 27 January 1849. This is the same as birth information that I had from Neukirchen church records in Viezen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. No one knows how Ferdinand met Augusta or why Ferdinand went to Belle Plaine from Buffalo.

Welcome aboard to all my new Kruse cousins in Wisconsin. Our common ancestors were my Great-Great-Great Grandparents, Jacob Martin Albrecht Kruse and Friedericke Koppelmann of Klein Belitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. They were married on 5 Dec 1800 in Neukirchen. One of the children from this marriage, Johann Joachim Kruse, and his second family were on-board with my direct line ancestor, my Great Grandfather, Johann Ferdinand Christian Kruse, and my Great Great Grandmother, Maria Sophia Dorothea Kruse nee Jenning. Johann Joachim Kruse is the direct line ancestor for the Belle Plaine family and is my Great Great Grand Uncle. For a picture of my Great Grandfather, Johann Kruse, click on his name. Also see his wedding picture in Chicago to Marie Sommer in 1884.

Still missing is Ferdinand's sister, Maria Sophia Christiana Kruse, from Buffalo and Viezen. 

Updated 26 January 2002

Another puzzle piece solved yesterday. I subscribed to the 14 day trial at and found 3 Kruse families in Royalton, Niagara Co., NY near Buffalo all living in the same household in the 1860 Census. These are all brothers and sisters from Viezen.

#1 was Johann Joachim Kruse and Cath Sophia Schmidt who came on the ship Keplie in 1853. Destination Buffalo. They went to Belle Plaine sometime before 1880, probably in 1866.

#2 was Jaspar Fried. Kruse born in 1829 and Maria Sophia Schmidt came on John Bertram in 1857. Destination Michigan. They went to Belle Plaine around 1866 probably with #1 above. The children show born in NY before 1866 and after 1867 in Wis.

#3 was Johann Buller who married Wilhelmine Elisabeth Sophia Kruse in 1857 (she is sister to Kruses #1 and #2) came on ship John Bertram with #2 in 1857. Destination La Porte, Michigan. They stayed in Royalton and he is buried in Wolcottsville.

Still don't understand what the Michigan destinations mean?? Still is possible they briefly stayed in Michigan a very small time before going to Buffalo, or did they just go directly to Buffalo at Royalton??

And my Ferdinand Kruse, shows in Belle Plaine next door to the #1 and #2 Kruse families in the 1880 Census. He is a step brother to Kruses above. So Ferdinand may have actually come directly to Belle Plaine, Wis in 1869 with my direct line Kruse on the Allemannia. It must have been quite a reunion in Belle Plaine when the father, Johann Joachim,  to all these Kruse families finally got to see his kids in 1869. Anyway the Kruses are falling out of this work from parts of eastern Wisconsin from near Belle Plaine, Omro, Appleton, Clintonville, etc. that we never knew about. .

Another Kruse, Sophia Maria Ehren Friede, came on the John Betram on 1 May 1858 with a Schmidt and a Schoof family. She may have
gone to Royalton and married? She was also a sister to the above Kruse family.

So it looks like this entire Kruse line starting with Johann Joachim Kruse b. 1804 in Reinstorf, (son of my 3rd Great Grandfather, Jacob Martin Albrecht Kruse) who first married Friedricke Knaack with 11 children, and secondly married Friedricke Sophia Lange with 2 children, all came over to Royalton and Belle Plaine eventually.

See the register on the Royalton and Belle Plaine Kruse families.  Also see a photograph of Ferdinand Kruse's family here.
Oh, here is a neat link with picture of John Bertram ship.

Updated 30 June 2002

More Kruse families are being found. Diane Zimmer e-mailed me of a possible connection to her great grandmother, Mary Ann "Mae" Kruse.
Mary married Charles Zimmer in Eagle River, Wisconsin in 1900. I am happy to report a connection has just been found. Mary Kruse was a daughter of Johann Wilhelm Kruse and Martha Stroinski who married about 1876 in Belle Plaine, Wisconsin. Johann was a son of Johann Kruse and Catharina Schmidt who were my first known immigrants from Germany on the sail ship Keplie in 1853. They moved from Royalton, New York to Belle Plaine, Wisconsin about 1866.  The Zimmers went from Argonne, Wisconsin to St. Clair, Michigan. See #1 from the 26 January 2002 update.

Welcome aboard to our newly discovered cousins and families !!!   See the photo of the Mary Ann Kruse and Charles Zimmer wedding.

New - Updated 14 October 2002

Maria Sophia Christiana Kruse married Friedrich Peters in 1871 in Belle Plaine, Wisconsin. This is the final missing Kruse. Thanks
to everyone who contributed to these findings, without you guys I would have never found them.  Also see new pictures of the church
and cemetery at Belle Plaine, called St. Martin Lutheran Church.

If anyone has any more updated information on these Kruses, e-mail me at:
Frederick Kruse
or just click on the link