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Dependon Motor Company - Chicago, Illinois 1917

Dependon Motor Company around 1917

This is a picture of Uncle Dick's, William Kruse's, shop in Chicago called "Dependon Motor Company".  It was located on 3821 Michigan Avenue.  Uncle Dick bought this around 1917 and his wife Bertha "Betty" Kaiser was a stenographer along with Minnie Kruse at a large mail order house, Larkins.  The front garage door sign reads, "Expert Oldsmobile Service" and in the middle of the door it is hard to read but says something like, "STUDEBAKER TOUR 100 - HUPP TOUR CLASS SYS95 - OLDS TOUR 85".  Dick's youngest brother, Ferdinand, also worked their as a mechanic and met Annabelle Vercruysse while she was also working as a clerk.  Ferdinand "Frederick" married Annabelle in 1930 and then moved nearby the house that Dick's oldest sister, Sophie, owned on 8443 Oglesby Avenue.  By 1935 Fred was offered the job as an Oldsmobile Representative and they moved to Des Moine, Iowa and then to Pueblo, Colorado.