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23 November 1654 at Montreal - Toussaint Hunault & Marie Lorgueil were married.

( Latin transcription and English translation (below)  from the latin by Fr. Owen Taggart)

Latin transcription

Anno D.  1654, die 23 Novembris denunciationibus praemissis, tribes continuis debus festis, inter missarum solemnia, nulloque Legitimo impedimento detecto, ego Claudius Pijart, sacredos Societiatis Jesu, vices agens Parochi Montisregalensis, Tussannu Hunault filium Nicolai Hunault and Mariae Benoist, parochial Sti Petri, dioceses Bellocvacensis, et Miriam Lorgueil orbs de Cognac, filiam Petri Logueil et Mariae Gruyere interrogavi, eorumque mutuo consensus habito solemniter per verba de praesenti matrimonio coniunxi, praesentibus testibus notis de Paul de Chomeday, Gilberto Barbier et aliys plurimis.  Postea eis ex ritu Stae Romanae Ecclaesiae in Missal Celebratione benedixi.

English translation

In the year of Our Lord 1654, on the 23rd day of November, having published the banns on three consecutive feast days during the solemn Masses, and no lawful impediment having been discovered, I, Claude Pijart, priest of the Society of Jesus, assistant priest in the parish of Mount Royal, examined Toussaint Hunault, son of Nicolas Hunault and Marie Benoist of the parish of St-Pierre, diocese of Beauvais, and Marie Lorgueil, of the city of Cognac, daughter of Pierre Lorgueil and Marie Gruyere, received the mutual consent solemnly by words of present and conjoined them in marriage in the presense noted by Sieur Paul de Chameday and of Gilbert Barbier, and of several others.  I then blessed them according to the rites of the Holy Roman Church during the Celebration of the Mass.