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10 Oct. 1690
Cession par les héritiers de Toussaint Hunault à Charles de Couagne
(I have a copy of the original in my file but it is very dark and doesn't scan well.)

Translation by Fr. Owen Taggart

Transfer of Rights of Inheritance by the heirs of Toussaint Hunault to Charles de Couagne

Before the Royal Notaries and of the area in seigneurie of lsle de Montreal in New France, was present Marie Lorgueûil, signee, widow of the deceased Toussaint Hunault, living inhabitant of Riviere des Prairies on the same island.  Also in her name, and stipulated to stand for her and act for the minor children of the deceased, are Andre and Pierre Hunault, inhabitants of Montreal, major children of the deceased Hunault and the widow Hunault in this village of Montreal; all of whom of their own good will voluntarily give up, in good grace, and quit without other guarantee the deeds and obligations to Sr. Charles de Coûagne, merchant also living there. Those present are giving up all such rights, pretensions, civil interests, and excuse, pity and generally anything that they might expect and demand in a suit against Sieur Dumont of Blaignac, Lieutenant of a company of a detachment of the Marines of the peace, for reason of murder committed by him of the deceased (Toussaint) Hunault on the 13th of September last, when he was killed by a stroke of sword to his body.  For this reason, the cedants have instituted action against Sieur Dumont, aware of the fact that the order of their request and the extraordinary process continues currently in default by the the flight of Sr. Dumont.

Before Monseigneur L'Iintendant and his Commissioner of peace, supported by the cedeants, Sieur Cessionnaire (Couagnue), in this place and room, is given all rights, actions and pretensions, and any generalalities, which may result from the suit, the same as when the suit began.  For this purpose he will continue on to the last, and will make and dispose, in good will, the sum of Five hundred-and-twenty livres that the said Sr. Cessionnaire (Couagne) has already paid to the deceased's widow.

Certified Notaires signed, payable on demand this day, having recourse to the cedants, who admit having received from him the contents; thus promises obligiance and relinquishment of any further claims.

Issued in Montreal in the house of Sr. Cessionnaire (Couagne) in the year 1690, 10th of October, after midday.  With André and Pierre Henault, Sieur of Couagne Signed. The said widow Hunault having declared unable to write, the head of this enquiry approved her three marks (xxx).

(signé): Andre Henaux      (signé): Pierre Henaux
(signé): Charles de Couagne    (signé): Maugue (par.) Not. Royal
(signé): Basset (par.) Not. Royal.