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Translation by Fr.Owen Taggart of Toussaint Hunault's contract to come to Canada

18 Apr 1653


The eighteenth day of April One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Three after noon before Pierre de Lafousse, Royal Notary and Scribe at La Fleche, and residing there were established as present the undersigned the honourable Heirosme (Jerome) Leroyer Sieur de la Dauversieres, procurator of the Company of Associates for the conversion of the native people of New France in the Isle of Montreal, residing in the said La Fleche, on the one part, and Tousaaint Hunault, day laborer and land clearer, native of the parish of Saint Pierre aux Champs, near Gournaye in Normandy, Diocese of Beauvais in Beauvoison, being at present a resident of this town, on the second part.   Who between them made the following agreement, namely that the said Hunault has promised and obliged himself to serve at the said isle of Montreal doing the sort of work mentioned previously, and all other duties that might be required of him by Monsieur de Maisonneuve, Governor of the said Isle and Fort of Montreal, to the extent that he is able, during the term of five full and consecutive years, beginning on the day he arrives at the said isle under the command of the said Sieur de Maisonneuve, in which effect he has promised and obliged himself to go to the city of Nantes, and to appear personally at the home of M. Charles Licocq, Sieur de la Buissoniere, on the last day of the present month, where he will set sail, together with the said Sieur de Maisonneuve for the aid scountry. For which purpose the said Sieur de la Dauversiere has promised to provide nourishment, shelter and bedding, both during the voyage and during the term of his service, and when that term is ended, to have him brought back to France at his own expense, without any cost to the said Hunault.  And he will furnish him all of the tools required for the tasks for which he will be employed, and also to pay him each year the sum of sixty pounds, payable at the end of each year, except that in the first year he will be advanced the monies necessary for him to acquire the aforesaid equipment.  These things have been stipulated by both parties, and agreed to by each of them, and for these purposes oblige & renounce &.  Done and enacted at the said La Fleche in the presence of Michel Pelesson and François Siete, practicing at the said La Fleche.

 The said Hunault declared that he was unable to sign.
Pelesson (with flourish)
Siette (with flourish)
Delafousse (with flourish)