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Welcome to our family history pages.

This site is laid out from the known individuals to the unknown ones, like an Ancestor Chart. The known person is given the number 1. Their father is number 2 and mother number 3. The Grandparents of the individual listed as number 1 are numbers 4 and 5, and so on. Information on each surname will have its own page.

Key to graphics used on this site

sources.gif (1291 bytes) Source documents (birth, marriage & death certificates as PDF files)
child_is.gif (131 bytes) Children of that couple
icon_camera.gif (109 bytes) Pictures
book.gif (494 bytes) Notes
tombstone.gif (324 bytes) Headstone picture

new.gif (224 bytes) Margaret Tilley Ramsey's application for her husband's, Smith Ramsey, Civil War pension.

I have started adding notes on some individuals as well as some images. Most are depicted as links from the sources pages. For example, if you look at the sources for an individual and Death Certificate is a link, clicking it will load the image of the certificate. Other images that are not sources, like pictures, are loaded by clicking the icon_camera.gif (109 bytes) icon. Additionally, the book.gif (494 bytes) icon depicts that some notes have been added for that individual.

I have started adding source documents as PDF files so they can be easily downloaded. PDF files are read using a free reader. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at

Please note that if you are using dial-up, the images will take some time to display - please be patient...

The following pages do include JavaScript popup windows containing information on each cemetery listed. However, if you have a pop-up blocker enabled, the window should display itself in a new screen instead of laying over the opened window.

NOTE: Please use the email link below when making family related inquiries.

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Kinship Chart for Descendents of a Common Progenitor (This is not my creation. I cannot remember exactly from where I downloaded this chart, but it was from a genealogy BBS before the days of the world wide web.)


If you run across a name that may be identified with your family please email me so we can try to make a connection.  I also welcome comments and suggestions.

I have a small (20kb) utility that converts names to Soundex. Since it is against the policy of these 'freepages', I am prevented from putting it here for download. If you are interested in it just email me and I will send it to you without obligation. It's something that I'd like to share with other researchers.

CURRENT PROJECT: Obtain source documents for Freeman & Ramsey


Surnames covered by this site:

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Date Updated: 10 December 2008

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