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NameEdward BLIVEN157
Birth1665, Scotland
DeathApr 1718, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island
Birthabt 1676, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Deathabt May 1753, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island
FatherJohn MACCOONE (~1630-1705)
MotherMary (~1643->1705)
Marriage31 Oct 1691, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island
ChildrenJoan (1692-~1718)
 Edward (1694-1774)
 Rachel (1697->1746)
 James (1702-1753)
Notes for Edward BLIVEN
Note: VRRI: Arnold & Beaman.
1988 IGI (extractions).
According to "Representative Men And Old Families Of Rhode Island" published in Chicago, IL in 1908 by J.H. BEERS & Co., the immigrant Bliven ancestors were three brothers: Joshua, James, and Edward Bliven, all coming from England and arriving in Salem, MA before 1650.
According to this account, James remained in Salem, Edward's whereabouts are not mentioned, and Joshua is reported as being in Newport by 1669, and it mentions that his sons, James and Edward, both settled in Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island.
"Five Families of Charlestown, Rhode Island", 1993, Earl P. Crandall, Higginson Book Co.
This "history" of the Bliven family is, unfortunately, not documented, yet has been copied by many genealogists since 1908 and perpetuated as truth. There is, however, no proof for this origin of the Bliven family. Therefore, this lineage begins with Edward-1 Bliven of Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island.
NOTE: There is an Edward Bliven in Oyster Bay, LI, NY who makes his mark as a witness to a deed of James Blevin, dated 1687. An Edmon Blevin also is a witness 12 Apr 1687.

Edward Bliven. Born in Wales circa 1650. Died in April of 1718,in Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island.
THE EARLY BLIVENS. A great deal of this file comes from that written by William Warren Bliven's folder entitled "The EarlyBlivens". The earliest mention of the Bliven name in Rhode Island so far as known, is the record, in Westerly of the marriage of Edward Bliven and Isabel Maccoon, daughter of John, 2 Oct, 1691. Edward's ear mark was recorded under date of 4 Feb 1697. He was admitted a freeman (i.e., a voter) of the town 13 Jun 1698, and was mentioned in a list of freemen dated 1 May 1704. In July 1704, he received from the town 100 acres of land. In 1705 he was Town Sergeant. (Town Records - New Book 1661-1707, p39. He was impressed for Queen Anne's War - n.d. -General Register of the Society of Colonial Wars 1899-1902. 821pp. New York, 1902. October the 2nd the 1691: then Edward Bleavin and Isabel Maccoon both of Westerly was joined together in marriage by and before me. Tobias Saunders conservator of the peace. Entered June 20, 1742 by W. Babcock TC. Page 121,Book 2, Westerly Town Records. 3 Jan 1707/8 he bought for 10 Pounds 100 acres of land near the great bridge from Ninecraft, Sachem of the Narragansetts. 9 Feb 1707/8 he bought from Job Babcock 100 acres more. Also 8 Nov 1715 he bought of Edward Larkin 4 1/2 acres of swamp land. His farm was mortgaged 10 Oct 1715, and the mortgage discharged after his death by his widow Isabel, 12 May 1721. Edward and Isabel were Seventh Day Baptists. Isabel's name appears on the church rolls in 1708,1712, 1718 and 1740. Edward's name is found there 5th of 9th month, 1712. Edward died early in 1718. His will, made 22 Aug 1716 was proved 30 April 1718. He gives the land bought of Ninecraft to his son Edward, the homestead to his son James, it being the 100 acres bought of Job Babcock, and six acres also bought of Job Babcock and the land bought of Edward Larkin to his son John. He directs that the Homestead be cleared of the mortgage for 50 Pounds and that his son John shall on coming of age pay his sisters Jane and Rachel 10 Pounds each. His widow Isabel and Capt. John Babcock were executors. Letters were granted them 2 May 1718. On 2 June 1718 Isabel was fined 30 shillings by the Council, as a meeting of that body has been called by her omission. 26 Nov 1742 Commissioners set off her thirds in her husband's estate. Her will made 14 Oct 1742, was proved May 28, 1753. It names her daughters Jane Clark, Rachel Sa(u)nders, her daughter-in-law Mercy Bliven and granddaughter Mercy Bliven, and her sons Edward and James Bliven. (Her son John had died in 1728). Contemporary with Edward in the same town was James Bliven an inn-keeper. On 22 Aug 1698 he applied for a license to keep public entertainment and received it. It was renewed as of date. 22 Aug 1700, on 17 Feb 1700/01, 6 Jul1702 and 2 Aug 1703. 22 Jan 1702/3 he was granted 100 acres by the town on consideration that he had lived a considerable time in the town. 29 Jan 1702/03 his ear mark was recorded. (His name appears as that of a witness on 14 Jul 1704, 6 Oct, 31Oct, and 1 Dec 1705). 13 Apr 1708 he bought for 5 Pounds 100 acres of land from Ninecraft, and the next day conveyed the title to his son James after the decease of himself and wife. 12 Aug 1714 James Sr and his wife Ann, and James Jr with his wife Margery Acres, sold this land to Daniel Maccoon for 56 Pounds. On 1 Jan 1714/15 James Jr and Margery appeared to swear to their signature on this deed, and 25 Jan 1714/15 James Sr appeared alone for the same purpose. There is a record which seems to show that the wife of the younger James was Margery Tosh, dau. of XXXX. No further record of these Blivens appears, but tradition alludes to the removal to South Kingston and Newport of an early branch of the family, which tradition I suppose to relate to the younger James. From all the circumstances I conjecture that the elder James was an older brother of Edward. 157

1. Type: Book
Title: Five Families of Charlestown, Rhode Island - Bliven
Author: Earl P. Crandall
Publication: Higginson Book Co.
Date: 1993
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