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The Widow Coil


Below is documented facts and fiction of Widow Coil.  Widow Coil is Hannah Heavener Coil, wife of George Coil-Kile, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Seybert Heavner.

Over the past few years we have worked on John Kile.  John was really hard to get straightened out because there were two John Kiles listed in Franklin County, OH at the same time.  (Sort of like more than one George or Jacob at any given point!) The quest for John Coil-Kile resulted in the accounting of his mother’s life which took some much unexpected turns.

This summary is not something we put together over a short period of time and was not created by any one person.  It is the result of many hours, many people and lots of hard work!  I am hoping we will meet with other successes in the future regarding more lines. 

The beginning of this is:

Valentine Coil and wife Margaret.
George Coil-Kile and wife Hannah Heavner Kile.
Hannah Heavener was the child of Nicholas and Elizabeth Seybert Havener.


Hannah Hevener Coil-Kile was married to George Coil aka Kile by the time the following was recanted however, we know this is the late childhood location of Hannah and where her future husband George Coil-Kile became acquainted with his future wife.



In the fall of the ensuing year (1768) Samuel Pringle, and several others who wished first to examine for themselves, visited the country which had been so long occupied by the Pringles alone. Being pleased with it, they, in the following spring, with a few others, repaired thither, with the view of cultivating as much corn, as would serve their families the first year after their emigration. And having examined the country, for the purpose of selecting the most desirable situations; some of them proceeded to improve the spots of their choice. John Jackson (who was accompanied by his sons, George and Edward) settled at the mouth of Turkey run, where his daughter, Mrs. Davis, now lives – John Hacker higher up on the Buchannon river, where Bush’s fort was afterwards established, and Nicholas Heavener now lives–Alexander and Thomas Sleeth, near to Jackson’s, on what is now known as the Forenash plantation. The others of the party (William Hacker, Thomas and Jesse Hughes, John and William Radcliff and John Brown) appear to have employed their time exclusively in hunting; neither of them making any improvement of land for his own benefit. Yet were they of very considerable service to the new settlement. Those who had commenced clearing land, were supplied by them with abundance of meat, while in their hunting excursions through the country, a better knowledge of it was obtained, than could have been acquired, had they been engaged in making improvements.

The confusion of Hannah Hevener began way back in VA starting with the missing daughter of Nicholas Heavener and includes the “Widow Coil.”


We can not understand the complications of identifying our ancestors until we leave no stone uncovered and continue to put pieces of the puzzle together.  The following is an excerpt of oral history which for the most part ended the search for Hannah Heavner before she led the life she did.


At one point in the Heavener history, there is a recount of the Indian raid on the family and there was mention of Miss Hevener having been taken and no mention of her return.  Most researchers stopped there.  Meaning they no longer looked for her, taking the story as being the end of her. 


The publication:  Heavener-Hefner-Hevener of the Virginias Vol. 1, Jacob Compiled by Dennis Hevener states the following:


"Maria Johanna Hevener, daughter of Nicholas Hevener and Anna Elizabeth Seybert, was born 29 May 1747 in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA.  Maria Johanna was baptized on 6-7-1747.  Her sponsors or God-Parents were Henrich (Henry) Lorentz and his wife Johanna ?? Seybert Lorentz, a maternal grandmother. Henry Lorentz died in 1757 and Johanna in 1758 "On the frontier" in Pendleton County**, at the hands of the Shawnee.


Research has provided no further records of Maria Johanna (Nicholas and Elizabeth's daughter).  The 1769 Will of her father does not refer to Johanna by name but rather by inference in his reference to "my two sons and two daughters."  It is noted that Catern, her sister and brothers Jacob and Frederick are mentioned by name.  Johanna was provided for under the will to the extent of her one fourth participation in the remainder of the will after specific bequests.


There is the possibility that at the time Nicholas was preparing his will in 1769 there was uncertainty of the whereabouts of his daughter Maria Johanna.


The following is taken from the FORT SEYBERT MASSACRE, Ft. Seybert by Mary L. Keister Talbot. page 52 and quoted in part as follows:  "after a journey of nine days the band reached Indian village in the Ohio near Chillicothe.

The captives whose names are known were Nicholas Seybert, James Dyer, Mrs. Hawes, Miss Peterson and a Miss Hevener.  The words "the band" in the preceding sentence refers to the Shawnee--the mention of Miss Hevener was a reference to a sister Maria Caterina or more likely Maria Johanna Hevener."


End of quotes from Heavener-Hefner-Hevener of the Virginias Vol. 1, Jacob Compiled by Dennis Hevener


Let’s take a look at the “real” facts of Maria Johanna Heavner:


1.  Nicholas Hevener's will confirms the children he had--2 sons, 2 daughters.


2.  No where in the recount of the Indian raid (FORT SEYBERT MASSACRE ) does it state--the captives died or the first name of Miss Hevener..


3.  Nicholas Heavener did include his (Maria Johanna) daughter in the will of 1769--she was alive and well.


4.  Maria Johanna was married to George Coil, who was listed on Nicholas's estate settlement, named George GILE on the original document and as Geo. Coiles on the clerk’s record.


5.  Nicholas crossed out his daughter Hannah GILE in the original will and the clerk did not include this in the court transcription--because Hannah did not require any assets from her father as she was married.


It is a hard stretch to think "Miss Hevener" even refers to Hannah.  It could have as easily been her sister Catern.  Especially, since the writers chose to assume it was Maria Johanna because they could not find her in the court records.  The writers never looked at the real source, which is the original will of Nicholas Hevener.


This is a classic example of not looking at the REAL records and relying on court transcriptions as well as local historical recounts of events.  This is also a classic example of researchers leaning on other's publications to prove their family lines.


We now know Maria Johanna not only survived her ordeal with the Shawnees but, found her way back to her VA home, married George Coil-Kile and raised her children until adulthood in VA.


All of the VA land records called George's wife the “Widow Coil.”  When a child of George's and Hannah's is mentioned in the land records their names are often times recorded as “George, of Widow Coil” or “Jacob, son of Widow.”  Once you understand this concept of identification it helps to sort the families.  So, today I refer to Hannah as the Widow Coil.

George Coil's Will  was probated in 1794 and Hannah was left with several young children.  The elder children were Barbara, George and Catherine.  All of these children married between 1796 and 1797 in VA.  Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah and John were the younger children and married in OH.

In 1805 John Kile was at least the age of majority (21) and the family could finally dispose of the land holdings in VA and make a move with the rest of the Coils who had already settled in OH.

George Jr. inherited the tract of land consisting of 200 acres plus an additional tract purchased from Tho. Summerfields.

Jacob inherited the 200 acres of land of the lower end of the 500 acre tract where his father lived in 1793.

Jacob also inherited an additional tract of 100 acres on the Dry Fork of the Cheat.

John inherited the remaining 300 acres, part of the home place tract where his father (George Sr.) was living in 1793.

John also inherited the small tract of land lying near the Switzer Gap.

ALL of the lands were to remain in the possession of Hannah, providing she remained a widow.  Hannah could keep the land for raising and supporting the younger children, until the manager --George's oldest son George Jr., provided he is married before son Jacob arrives at the age of 21, after that period ---All of the stock that could not be supported by the upper place was to be sold at the discretion of George's executors.  The remaining portion of George's personal property was to be sold when John arrived at the age of 21.

Now, one can presume Hannah was a very smart lady.  First off she was the Executrix of George's Will.  She never remarried and she did provide for her children, as directed by her husband.

John Coil aka John Kile learned well from his mother too.  Keeping in mind he was young when his father passed away, he must have kept a watchful eye on the dealings between his siblings and his mother.

In 1805-1806 the family of Hannah, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah and John moved to OH.  Hannah disposed of the land along with John.  George Jr. and Jacob were married and remained in VA.  It must have been hard for Hannah to leave her sons and go with her children to OH.

George was married to Mary Conrad and they had five children by this time. Jacob was married to Catherine Meffort and they had a family of three children and expecting the fourth.

In the year 1805 Widow Hannah Coil-Kile and her children minus George Jr. and Jacob moved to OH.  Barbara was married to Jacob Fisher and they made the trip with four children and Barbara was probably pregnant with the fifth child.  Catherine and her husband Nicholas Hawn had five children and Catherine was probably pregnant with the sixth child Nicholas Hawn Jr.

John Kile is recorded in OH as early as 1805:  Franklin Co., OH Chancery Records:  John KILE owns land in Pendleton Co., VA. 1805. pgs 323-338.

Once the family became settled in OH the younger children of Widow Coil began to marry.

Below is the outline of the family of George and Hannah Heavner.  Like I said before, this looks easy and it is once you have the facts.  However, this list took a
LOT of work, a LOT of time and effort by many people.  We do not know it is 100% correct, but we have a pretty good idea about the early life of Hannah and George.  Hannah is a woman to be admired!

I am very glad we finally found out what her last name was.  She remained a mystery for over 230 years.  This poor woman has gone down in the history books as Hannah Bogard!  Not, that Hannah Bogard was not a woman to reckon with---it just that she was not the Widow Coil.

The children of George and Hannah were:

1 Catherine Coil b: 31 March 1768 in Virginia d: 30 May 1837 in Franklin Co., OH

+Nicholas HAHN m: 1797 in VA b: Abt. 1768 d: 13 November 1861 in
Cumberland Co., IL

2 George Jr. Coil b:
24 December 1770 in VA d: Aft. 1810 in Pendleton Co. Virginia
+Mary Conrad m: Abt. 1796 in VA  b: 18 June 1776 in VA d: in Pendleton Co., WV

3 Elizabeth Coil b: Abt. 1772 in VA

4 Barbara Coil b: 17 January 1778 in VA d: 11 April 1855 in Concord Twp, Ross Co., OH

+Jacob Fisher m: 1796 in VA  b: 3 January 1774 in PA d: 20 February 1866 in Concord Twp, Ross Co., OH

5 Jacob Coil b: 10 February 1780 in Virginia d: 2 June 1845 in Warren County Missouri

+Catherine Mifford/Meffort m: 5 January 1802 in VA  b: 27 October 1777

*2nd Wife of Jacob Coil:

+Sarah m: Bef. 1825 in MO? b: 6 August 1793 in Kentucky d: 7 April 1855 in Warren County Missouri

6 John Kile b: Abt. 1784 in VA d: 18 July 1845 in Miami Twp. Saline, Co., MO

+Susanna Van Meter m: 31 July 1810 in OH  b: Abt. 1791 in Prob VA d: 1 March 1847 in Saline Co., Miami Twp. MO

7 Hannah Coil b: Abt. 1786 in Virginia

+Steven Thomas m: 10 September 1807 in OH

8 Mary Coil b: 1787 in VA

+William Sinnet m: 30 March 1809 in OH  b: 1786

John Coil-Kile’s mother, Hannah moved to Franklin County, OH 1805 with all of her children except son George Jr. and Jacob.  Hannah is recorded in Franklin Co., OH in 1823 signing a Power of Attorney for William SINNETT (her son-in-law) to go back to VA and settle her deceased husband’s estate.  The record is filed in Pendleton Co., Deed Bk. 9, page 119.  The affidavit was signed in Franklin Co., OH and witnessed by William Duff Justice of Peace for Franklin Co., OH.  William Sinnet and wife Mary (dof Hannah and George) signed the POA and the signatures were witnessed by Arthur O'Harra and William Woods...State of
OH, County of Franklin.

Nicholas Haughn (Catherine Coil) had entry # 420 for 1000 acres in
Franklin County in 1811 and Stephen Thomas (Hannah Coil Jr.) had entry # 424 for 1000 acres the same year that John Kile had entry # 426.

John Kyle(Kile) and Susana Van Meter married
31 July 1810 in Pickaway County, OH.  In 1828 John and Susana of Franklin County sold the Pickaway County land previously owned by Isaac Van Meter. This was land conveyed to them by the Will of Isaac Van Meter, dec., Susana's father.

Marriage records for Franklin County OH lists the following:

1809 Mar 30 KILE, Polly and Wm. Sennett by Arthur O'Harra,
Franklin County.

1807 Sept 10 KILE, Hannah and Stephen Thomas by Arthur O'Harra,
Franklin County, OH.

John Kile and wife Susanna Van Meter moved to MO some time after 1830.  It is not known if Hannah went to MO with them or if they made the move after Hannah's death.  Hannah and her daughter Catherine Kile Hawn were deceased by 1837.  The entire family had made an exit from OH at this time.

Pendleton Co., WV Deed Book 6, page 81

William Sinnett and wife Mary sell to Frederick Crummet land in Pendleton.  The deed was signed by William and Mary (X"s) and recorded in Franklin Co., OH.  4 Sept 1813.  Witness:  ARTHUR O'HARRA, George Wood


Arthur O'Harra preformed the marriages of Mary and William and Hannah and Thomas Stevens, in Franklin County, OH.

John KILE son of William Kile has been confused with John KILE, the son of George and Hannah in Franklin County, OH.  They both lived in OH at the same time and both were active in land transactions.  John Kile of William Kile,  remained in OH after John of George Coil-Kile moved to MO.  The records found after 1837-1840 in OH belong to John of William.  These two families are not related.


Subsequent research has determined that Hannah Coil did not move to MO with her son John and his family.  Hannah moved with her daughter Mary Coil Sinnett, most likely around 1824.  Hannah Kile, widow to George late of Pendleton Co. decd, have nominated and entrusted these people:  William Sinnet and Mary his wife.  (This is the POA from Hannah to William and Mary) William to collect monies due Hannah from bond given to her by sons Jacob Coil and George Coil 7 September 1805.  William given POA to make sale if necessary to claim her rights as provided by will of George Coil, dec.

Hannah COIL (X) signed:  William Duff and Samuel Graham 22 Feb 1823  County of Franklin, State of OH.1830


1830 Federal Census Chariton Co, MO

Sinnett William




1 - under 5 (William Brown Sinnett)

2- 10 under 15 (George & John Sinnett)

1 - 40 under 50 (William Sinnett)



1 - under 5 (Jane Sinnett)

1 - 10 under 15 (Mildred Sinnett)

1 - 15 under 20 (Catherine Sinnett)

1 - 40 under 50 (Mary Coil Sinnett)

1 - 80 under 90 (Hannah Hevener Coil)


Augusta County Maria Johanna Heavener, Pendleton County “Widow Coil”, aka Hannah Heavener Kile was deceased by 22 February 1837. Proved by the following receipt.


Receipt by William Sinnett recorded Pendleton Co., VA 22 Feb 1837

Jacob Coil    $ 54.29

George Coil   $ 43.75

Dyer fee:      $   6.00

Total Balance Due:  $92.00

Recorded 8th day of March 1837  Hannah COIL, dec.



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