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Compiled Cail-Kale-Cale Records


The following records are compiled from a variety of sources.  William Capper ( has contributed most of the Kail-Capper source records and documents.  George Kail appeared in the Capon Bridge area of VA in the late 1700’s.  All of the various Cail-Kale-Kail records listed do not represent the family of George Kail. This page is a compilation of MANY different Kail-Cale-Kale families.  Our DNA project is actively seeking a male descendant from the George Kail family from Capon Bridge, VA.  We have DNA participants from most of the early VA lines with the surnames Coil, Coile, Kile, Kyle. If you are interested please enter here.  How to Join



Cail, Nicholas

Place:  Georgia     Year:  1741     
Primary immigrant:  Cail, Nicholas     
Permanent entry number:  1736570     
Accession number:  9677931     
Source publication code:  3388     
Source publication page number:  5     
Ga.: Genealogical Enterprises, 1970. 27p.     
Source annotation:  Over 1,000 names, with much information, including occupations and land grants accorded. Arrivals mostly in the 1730s and 1740s. Lists all persons found in the colonial records of
Georgia. See also nos. 1312 and 1322, Coulter; and no. 6494, "Passenger List of the Ann."     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, John

Place:  Maryland     Year:  1774     
Age:  42     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, John     
Permanent entry number:  2305516     
Accession number:  9675793     
Source publication code:  9151     
Source publication page number:  321     
Source publication:  TEPPER, MICHAEL, editor. Passengers to
America: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register." Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977. 554p. Reprinted with new introduction and indexes, 1978. Repr. 1980.     
Source annotation:  Contains 35 articles excerpted from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1847-1961. About 17,000 names. Similar lists in Boyer, nos. 0702, 0714, 0717, 0720.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, John

Place:  Maryland     Year:  1774     
Age:  42     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, John     
Permanent entry number:  2305515     
Accession number:  9675794     
Source publication code:  2128     
Source publication page number:  99     
Source publication:  FOTHERGILL, GERALD. Emigrants from
England, 1773-1776. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1913. 206p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1965. Repr. 1987.     
Source annotation:  About 6,000 names from treasury records in the Public Record Office,
London. Much information on each passenger. Reprinted from Fothergill's own articles in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vols. 62-65. Also in no. 9151, Tepper, Passengers to America, pp. 222-403.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, John

Place:  Maryland     Year:  1774     
Age:  42     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, John     
Permanent entry number:  468114     
Accession number:  9675795     
Source publication code:  1219.7     
Source publication page number:  230     
Source publication:  COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1751-1776. A comprehensive listing compiled from English public records of those who took ship to the
Americas for political, religious, and economic reasons; of those who were deported for vagrancy, roguery, or non-conformity; and of those who were sold to labour in the new colonies. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1993. 349p.     
Source annotation:  Date bound and intended destination; some are date and place of first mention of residence in the
New World or date and place of death. Data was extracted from several sources. Dates prior to 1752 were rendered according to the modern calendar. Listings from 1607-1750 were indexed in PILI 1992, 1993, and 1994.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     



Cale, John

Place:  Virginia     Year:  1711     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, John     
Permanent entry number:  1737069     
Accession number:  9675796     
Source publication code:  6223     
Source publication page number:  119     
Source publication:  NUGENT, NELL MARION, abstractor. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants. Vol. 3: 1695-1732.
Richmond [VA]: Virginia State Library, 1979. 578p. Indexed.     
Source annotation:  Abstracts of Virginia Land Office patent books 9 through 14, covering the early decades of the eighteenth century. Includes numerous references to land patented by "French refugees," the Protestants (Huguenots) who fled
France after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685. The index is on pages 430-578.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, Mary

Place:  Barbados or Jamaica     Year:  1686     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, Mary     
Permanent entry number:  2950926     
Accession number:  6971067     
Source publication code:  1220.11     
Source publication page number:  131     
Source publication:  COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775.
Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988. pp. 1-461.     
Source annotation:  Date and port of arrival, date and place of sentencing, or date and place of transport. Name of ship, crime convicted of, and other information may also be provided. The remainder of the book will be indexed as source number 1220.12 in PILI 1999 Part 2.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, Mary

Place:  Barbados or Jamaica     Year:  1686     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, Mary     
Permanent entry number:  2305517     
Accession number:  9675790     
Source publication code:  1223     
Source publication page number:  173     
Source publication:  COLDHAM, PETER WILSON, compiler and editor. English Convicts in Colonial
America. Volume 2: London 1656-1775. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1976. 193p.     
Source annotation:  Comprehensive list from the Corporation of London Records Office: Royal Pardons 1662-1693; Transportation Bonds 1661-1772; Landing Certificates 1718-1736, and other records. Names with sentences, ships, dates of sailing, and destinations. Pages i-ix report Newgate pardons granted on condition of transportation, 1656-1716. Also see nos. 1217.2-1217.3, Coldham.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cale, Thomas

Place:  Maryland     Year:  1681     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, Thomas     
Permanent entry number:  3808953     
Accession number:  9999971466     
Source publication code:  2524.55     
Source publication page number:  40     
Source publication:  GIBB, CARSON. A Supplement to The Early Settlers of
Maryland. Annapolis, MD: Maryland State Archives, 1997. 248p.     
Source annotation:  Date and port of arrival. Extracted from Maryland Land Office records of patents and warrants. Reference to original record or transcript and microfilm number are also provided. Other historical and genealogical information may also be provided. The first publication, The Early Settlers of Maryland, was indexed as source number 8510 in PILI 1982.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     


Cale, William

Place:  Maryland     Year:  1672     
Primary immigrant:  Cale, William     
Permanent entry number:  1737071     
Accession number:  9675785     
Source publication code:  8510     
Source publication page number:  77     
Source publication:  SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of
Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986.     
Source annotation:  Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     


Kaile, Elizabeth

Place:  America     Year:  1654-1663     
Primary immigrant:  Kaile, Elizabeth     
Permanent entry number:  2455121     
Accession number:  8820395     
Source publication code:  943     
Source publication page number:  41     
Source publication:  BRISTOL AND AMERICA; A RECORD OF THE FIRST SETTLERS IN THE COLONIES OF NORTH AMERICA, 1654-1685, Including the Names with Places of Origin of More Than 10,000 Servants to Foreign Plantations Who Sailed from the Port of Bristol to Virginia, Maryland, and Other Parts of the Atlantic Coast, and Also to the West Indies from 1654 to 1685.
London: R.S. Glover, [1929]. 182p. Reprinted, with index of 16 pages bound in, by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967. Repr. 1978.     
Source annotation:  From the archives of
Bristol, England, with the title, "Servants to Foreign Plantations." Emigrants to New England, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. The information was transcribed by R. Hargreaves-Mawdsley, and occasionally the work will be found under his name rather than "Bristol...." An index of 16 pages was issued in 1931 separately, but it is now incorporated in the G.P.C. reprint. Pages 1-26 of Book 1 of "Servants to Foreign Plantations" were also in no. 2899, Hargreaves-Mawdsley, and in nos. 3438 and 3440, Gordon Ireland.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Kaile, Joanis

Place:  Pennsylvania     Year:  1741     
Age:  20     
Primary immigrant:  Kaile, Joanis     
Permanent entry number:  1920931     
Accession number:  8820394     
Source publication code:  1804     
Source publication page number:  209     
Source publication:  EGLE, WILLIAM HENRY, editor. Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of
Pennsylvania, 1727-1775, with the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808. (Pennsylvania Archives, ser. 2, vol. 17.) Harrisburg [PA]: E.K. Meyers, 1890. 787p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967.     
Source annotation:  Taken from original manuscripts in the state archives. Names given throughout pages 1-677. Foreigners arriving in
Pennsylvania named on pages 521-667. No. 3776, Kelker, supplements this.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Kaile, Joanis

Place:  Philadelphia     Year:  1741     
Age:  20     
Primary immigrant:  Kaile, Joanis     
Permanent entry number:  2455122     
Accession number:  8820393     
Source publication code:  9041     
Source publication page number:  293     
Source publication:  STRASSBURGER, RALPH BEAVER. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the
Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinke. Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. 3 vols. Vols. 1 and 3 reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964. Repr. 1983. Vol. 1. 1727-1775. 776p.     
Source annotation:  Contains 29,800 names, with annotations written by Krebs (see no. 4203). Various references to the names in Strassburger will be found in other listings, mostly where authors have attempted to line up their information with that in Strassburger. This work (often referred to as Strassburger and Hinke) is much superior to no. 7820, Rupp, and no. 1804, Egle. It forms a revision with additions to Rupp and Egle, and was prepared and edited with great accuracy. Vol. 1 contains captains' lists, 1727-1775; vol. 2 has facsimiles of all signatures of signers of oaths of allegiance and oaths of abjuration, and was not included in the G.P.C. reprint; vol. 3 has captains' lists from 1785-1808, and indexes to captains, ships, ports of departure, and surnames in all volumes. The set was originally vols. 42-44 of the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Kaill, Ludovick

Place:  South Carolina     Year:  1739     
Primary immigrant:  Kaill, Ludovick     
Permanent entry number:  1920932     
Accession number:  8820379     
Source publication code:  9144     
Source publication page number:  110     
Source publication:  TEPPER, MICHAEL, editor.
New World Immigrants: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Periodical Literature. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979. 568p. and 602p. Repr. 1980. Vol. 2.     
Source annotation:  Covers 27,500 immigrants from the years 1618-1878, with excellent index. Similar lists are in Boyer, nos. 0702, 0714, 0717, and 0720.     
Source:  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index     

Cail, David

Married:  Dec 15, 1850     in:  Stark Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0897628.     

Cail, David

Married:  Oct 19, 1848     in:  Carroll Co., OH     
Spouse:  BOWER, MARY
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0333249.     

Cail, Gabriel

Married:  Aug 18, 1807     in:  Jefferson Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  State Library, Columbus, OH and the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0900072-0900073.     

Cail, Jacob

Married:  Apr 23, 1835     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Cail, Jacob

Married:  Feb 17, 1831     in:  Columbiana Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0927766.     

Cail, Jacob

Married:  May 26, 1831     in:  Columbiana Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0927766.     

Cail, John

Married:  Dec 16, 1830     in:  Columbiana Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0927766.     

Cail, John L.

Married:  Aug 21, 1823     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Spouse:  McCanslin, NANCY
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Cail, Margarett

Married:  June 30, 1836     in:  Carroll Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0333249.     

Cail, Mary

Married:  Aug 16, 1846     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Cail, Mary

Married:  Oct 17, 1847     in:  Stark Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0897628.     

Cail, Peter

Married:  Dec 18, 1844     in:  Hamilton Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0344451-0344463.     

Cail, Sarah Ann

Married:  Apr 15, 1849     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Spouse:  FOSTER, JOHN W.
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Cail, Susannah

Married:  Oct 09, 1834     in:  Stark Co., OH     
Spouse:  BETZ, PETER
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0897628.     

Cail, William

Married:  June 11, 1835     in:  Stark Co., OH     
Spouse:  BETZ, JANE
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0897628.     

Caile, Joseph

Married:  Sep 03, 1835     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Spouse:  McGriff, EFFY
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Cailes, Betsey

Married:  Aug 24, 1804     in:  Ross Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0281637-0281639.     

Cailey, Abraham

Married:  June 17, 1832     in:  Highland Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0570612-0570614.     

Cailey, Catharine

Married:  Mar 30, 1843     in:  Highland Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0570612-0570614.     

Cailey, Clarissa

Married:  Nov 13, 1847     in:  Highland Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0570612-0570614.     

Cailey, Eliza Jane

Married:  Sep 30, 1847     in:  Ross Co., OH     
Gender:  F     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0281637-0281639.     

Cailey, George W.

Married:  Apr 11, 1838     in:  Ross Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0281637-0281639.     

Cailey, Terance

Married:  Oct 19, 1846     in:  Cuyahoga Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0877912-0877913.     

Cails, George

Married:  Jan 24, 1833     in:  Preble Co., OH     
Spouse:  McCabe, HENRIETTA
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0564963.     

Caily, Aaron

Married:  Dec 28, 1820     in:  Ross Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0281637-0281639.     

Caily, George

Married:  Dec 07, 1807     in:  Highland Co., OH     
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0570612-0570614.   



Page 378.--18th August, 1778. David Kail (Cail) and Bethemia to Peter Cail (Cale).
     Page 381.--18th August, 1778. Peter and Jacob Kail (Cail) and Grizzel to David Cail, plantation in Beverley Manor whereon Peter and Jacob now live. 
Delivered: Wm. Cale by order of Barthemia, his mother, 21st April.


Gabriel Kail found in:

Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850

Married:  May 18, 1843     in:  Carroll Co., OH     
Spouse:  Harper, Mary
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0333249.     

Gabriel Kail found in:

Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850

Married:  July 13, 1815     in:  Harrison Co., OH     
Spouse:  Devore, Betsy
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0894637-0894638.     


Hampshire County, VA Land Deeds

Book 13, page 242
13 April 1803
Peter Kail, John Kail, and George Kail, sons of George Kail, deceased of Hampshire County sell to Jesse Pugh of Winchester part of tract of land of 400 acres conveyed to George Kail, deceased, including 1 acre where the said Kail's saw mill formerly stood, also the mill dam and bed of old water course

Book 13, page 560
13 April 1803
Peter and Catherine Kail, John and Catherine Kail, and George and Mary Kail, devisees

of late George Kail, deceased sell 105 acres to Jacob Roser


The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia, Richmond County, Page 143

John Kail


Lists of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies
Lists of Swiss Emigrants in the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies: Volume 2

gel, Wilhelm, born 1733, baker, in Brazil (Pfistern).




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Philadelphia County





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Capper Family Headstones, Frederick Co, VA/ Hampshire Co, WV/Maryland

by William E. Capper

Photographs of all but three of the listed headstones are available, for the asking.

Updated July 2003.



Capper Cemetery, High View, Virginia.

Brief explanation of the 1752 calendar conversion affecting recorded births from

earlier days.  Norfolk, Virginia, presumed military burial of Jacob Bruner.

Timber Ridge Christian Church Cemetery, High View, West Virginia.

Fairview Lutheran Church Cemetery, Frederick County, Virginia.

Ebenezer Christian Church Cemetery, Frederick County, Virginia.

Mount Hebron Cemetery, City of Winchester, Virginia.

Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Mary's City & St. Mary's Chapel Cemetery, Ridge, Maryland.


Also searched were Mt. Hebron Church Cemetery on State Route 522 northwest of Winchester, Timber Ridge Cemetery about 11 geographic miles northeast of Timber Ridge Christian Church Cemetery, the Cale Cemetery on River Road 5 miles south of Capon Bridge, and the Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery at Trone. No tombstones of relatives were found in these, although our Kail ancestors are known to be buried at the Cale Cemetery (aka Parke Cemetery.) Gravestone pilferage has been rampant.



Located six feet inside the Virginia state border at High View.

Black granite monolith engraved with CAPPER erected May 1, 2002.

          A. Capper, Died June the 24th 1791, Ad 54 yes 8 m ----. *

          John Capper Junr, Died Dec 31, 1794., Aged 9 years.

          Michael Capper, Died June 15, 1804, Aged 50 years.

          A C.

          E M C.

          THOS CAPPER ____ D+P2, FEB + __28, +1838+. **


* The A. Capper stone was returned to High View in June 2003 after being in northern Michigan

for about 37 years. It was removed by a descendant for its own protection from the declining condition of the cemetery.   We all feel grateful for its return by the son of this descendant, and to his daughter for letting us know where it was. The inscription has helped identify Alice Fawcett as the wife of John Capper, as I will attempt to demonstrate in the ensuing paragraphs.


**The original February date appears to have been chiseled off and corrected to 28. The first part of the

inscription makes no sense yet, as is. We do not know who Thomas was.


Lindy and Barbara Seldon and son, property owners, tell the story that a family used to visit the cemetery, and one time asked to drive across the pasture to it, since they had an older lady along who could not walk. When they were leaving, the Ford Fairlane station wagon was riding low, and the Seldons stopped them at the road. The car was loaded with tombstones. The Seldons directed the visitors to return the stones, but did not accompany the people to make certain the car was totally unloaded. This event so angered Mrs. Seldon that she stopped admitting visitors, and doesn't like to admit them now.


There appear to be several possible tombstone-shaped rocks scattered about the surrounding pasture, partially engulfed by sod, which may or may not be actual gravestones. Word has been left offering to pay the young Seldon grandsons $20 for any tombstones they might find and return to the cemetery gate. And double for any with writing on them.



Date subtraction yields the birth date of A. Capper as October 24, 1736. Author Thomas Hayes Fawcett, in his 1936 book THE FAWCETT FAMILY Of FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA, gives a birth date for Alice Fawcett of August 24, 1736. The two month difference is probably the result of a transcriber not adjusting for the Julian to Gregorian calendar conversion in 1752.


Alice Fawcett's grandfather and three paternal uncles were Quakers, even though her father was not a registered Quaker. Her birth was probably, therefore, recorded in the Quaker manner. The Quakers refused to call the months and days by their traditional names, most of which were based upon the names of pagan

gods. Numbering served this purpose. Despite a mammoth effort spanning years, we have never learned Thomas Hayes Fawcett's source for this date of August 24, 1736.


Before 1752 in Virginia, the new year began on the first day of Spring, March 25 in that era. March was the first month (1 Mo.), October was 8 Mo., and February was 12 Mo. After 1752, New Year's Day moved to January 1st and January became 1 Mo., and August was 8 Mo. If Alice's birth was recorded by Quakers as 8 Month 24th, in 1736, it meant October, not August, and this would be a very easy mistake to make if one weren't aware of the needed calendar adjustment. This would put Alice Fawcett and A. Capper born on the same day, October 24, 1736.


This strongly makes the case that A. Capper was nee Alice Fawcett, taken with records that John Capper fought with Alice's father as a Minuteman in the French and Indian War, that John Capper witnessed the Frey Will in 1752 along with Alice's uncle John Fawcett, and John Capper's son Michael swore he had an uncle Joseph Fawcett matching Alice's brother Joseph.




From the time of Julius Caesar and for about 1600 years afterwards, the Julian calendar was the widely accepted standard for time keeping. It had a small inaccuracy that accumulated over the centuries until Easter was noticeably drifting off toward the summertime. Pope Gregory XIII had this mostly fixed in 1582 with the instatement of a better calendar and a corrective leap getting to it. The number of days in some of the months was adjusted, and we began having leap year day on February 29 every fourth year. Country by country, the Gregorian calendar gradually became accepted as the new standard, Catholic countries first. Not wishing to follow the Pope, Britain and the British colonies resisted adopting it until 1752. By then, it required that 11 days be skipped to align with the Gregorian calendar. The day immediately following Wednesday, September 2, 1752, was Thursday, September 14, 1752. Dates recorded by the Julian calendar were referred to as O. S. - Old Style, while those from the Gregorian calendar were called N. S. for New Style. 


Additionally, it was decided to stop calling March 25 New Year's Day, and move that honor to January 1. March was written in Old Style as 1st Month by the Quakers. March 24 had been in the old year and March 25 was in the new year. April was 2 Month, May was 3 Month. For quite a while, dates falling between January 1 and March 25 were recorded with a double year (O.  S. & N.  S.), for example, February 20, 1734/5. In the Quaker manner of writing, this would be 12 Mo. 20, 1734/35. In the New Style, February became 2 Mo. instead of 12 Mo., so it was then N. S. 2 Mo. 20, 1735. The often quoted example of just how confusing things got is that George Washington's birth date changed from February 11, 1731, to February 22, 1732.


Thomas Hayes Fawcett stated in the Foreword of his book, page v, that dates before 1752 are given by him in O. S., confirming his proper usage, but he proceeded to name the months instead of using Quaker numbers, so we do not know if he remembered to make the conversion or not. We do not know his source, so we can not know if the source he found used unconverted or properly converted or improperly converted dates. Since we have exactly two months to explain away, the two month conversion in Quaker timekeeping is the logical culprit, that 8 Month is now August but in 1736,  8 Month was October. This fits like a glove.  



THE FAWCETT FAMILY OF FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA by Thomas Hayes Fawcett, 1936, page Foreword v, page 36. 

THE JULIAN AND GREGORIAN CALENDARS by Peter Myers, last modified Oct 28, 2002.  <>


Twenty six burials are indicated at Capper's Cemetery by headstones and stumps of  broken headstones. Two of these are simply boulders which were submerged in the soil and discovered in May of 2002 during repair work as I was replanting loose stones in the most likely locations.  The rows are only three to four feet apart, indicating many buried here probably died as young children. In addition to the 26 headstones, gaps in spacing indicate at least 10 or more missing stones. Some of the headstones were scattered around the area and retrieved by descendant Mary Bernabucci during her initial discovery of the cemetery during the early 1990s. The Capper cemetery is marked on the 1974 county map surveyed and drawn by Eugene M. Scheel. There was no fence to keep cattle out until September 2001. Presumably also here are John, and Sarah (Stewart) Capper. This cemetery is listed as LOST in the 2001 INDEX TO BURIALS IN FREDERICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA. The property owner reported to the Historical Society that the only legible stone had been stolen, and that the cemetery was in Hampshire County, not Frederick. Corrected information has since been provided to the Society, and a new edition is planned soon which will show corrected information. Surprisingly, the children of Michael are not buried here at High View, at least the thirteen we know about. Alley is still lost, possibly beside Peter Groves somewhere.


Next door neighbor Junior Seldon, age 80, told me that when he was young there was a mammoth American chestnut tree growing in the NW corner of this cemetery, which later died and fell.  It laid there until he bought the property adjacent to it and cleaned it up.


There is a poor quality copy of a photograph of the Michael Capper headstone that was taken in 1949 by Captain Theodore P. Foster. Typed notes with it say it is at High View, Virginia, on Capper's Ridge, and that the Family Cemetery of Capper's in corner of field is rapidly deteriorating. With this copy is a copy of the original 1808 tax receipt of Mrs. Sarah Capper (Michael's wife) given to Capt. Theodore P. Foster, 32 Upland Drive, Salem, Virginia by Edward Capper, Winchester, Virginia, a descendant of Michael Capper.


Of the 14 children of Michael, we do not yet know where Alley Bruner is buried, other than that no Bruners are indexed in Frederick Co., VA. She is possibly in the Capper Cemetery at High View, as she never left the neighborhood where she grew up, but census records indicate she lived with Peter Groves and she could be buried with him. She died there on March 21, 1859, aged 78.  The others are all accounted for elsewhere. Son Michael (II) is in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, daughter Priscilla Spaid is close by at Timber Ridge Christian Church Cemetery, and daughter Sidney McKee is at Fairview Lutheran Cemetery nearby. Sidney's headstone was missing for about 30 years until being replaced by the Capper family in June, 2003. 


Son Charles moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1839 or 1840, then died June 16, 1852, in Lafayette Co., MO, of cholera while on a trip.  The other nine had already settled near each other in Ohio.  Meredith and Eleanor moved on after a time.  Meredith died in Cass Co., Illinois; Eleanor Hemry is in Asberry Cemetery, Perry Co., Ohio.   The seven others died in an area bisected by the county line between present day Carroll and Harrison Counties, Ohio.  Gabriel, Delila Hemry, and Lydia Harrison were in Harrison County, while David, Mary Kail, Sarah Barnhouse, and Ann Kail were in Carroll County. 

Ann and Mary married brothers.  Delila and Eleanor married brothers.


Known visitors to High View Capper Cemetery:

Captain Theodore P. Foster (then living in VA) - 1949.

Holland (II) and John Capper (Michigan) - 1955.

Same John Capper with wife and child - about 1965. 

Holland (I) Capper (Michigan) - about 1966.

David and Mary Bernabucci (Alexandria, VA) - early 1990s, May 2002. 

William Capper (Ohio) - Aug & Oct 2001, May & Sept 2002, May & June 2003.

Lynn and Judy Capper and grandchildren (Ohio) - July 2002.

Tyrone and Debbie Hemry (Ohio) - March 2003.

Holland Capper (II) (Michigan) - June 2003.

Anita Carper, Pat and Dick Lee (Winchester, VA) - May and June 2003.




Jacob Bruner , husband of Alley Capper, died December 22, 1814, of disease superinduced by exposure during military service at the port of Norfolk during the War of 1812.  The body was not returned to the family.




C. Capper, Died Sep 9, 1831, Aged 44 Yers. (Catherine McVickers, first wife of Charles Capper. Previously erroneously reported in church records to be the grave of Charles.)

Priscilla (Capper, 2nd) wife of Frederick Spaid, Died Dec 11, 1863, Aged 69 yrs & 7 mo.

Margaret (McVickers, buried beside Catherine, her sister.) In Memory of Margaret (1st) Wife of Frederick Spaid who departed this life August 21, 1831, Aged 42 yers 3 months 6 days.

"Mary Spaid was born the 17 Day of September 1820 and she died the 18 Day of November 1823".  (Mary was a daughter of Frederick and Margaret Spaid, and was the first burial in this cemetery.   Her homemade headstone is unforgettable.)

Frederick Spaid, In memory of Frederick Spaid, Died January 28, 1872, Aged 86 years, 1 mo, 25 days.

Margery Almira (Spaid, dau of Frederick and Priscilla [Capper]), wife of F. J. Sine, Died June 20, 1914, Aged 79 yrs, 7 mos, & 23 dys.

Flavius Josephus Sine (son of Elder Christy Sine), Died August 14, 1908, Aged 82 yrs, 4 mos, 16 dys. (Maker of fine Sine saddles.)

Mary K. Sine, Born May 13, 1851, Died July 8, 1861, Aged 10 years, 1 month, & 26 days. (Daughter of Flavius and Margery)

Freddie, son of F. J. and M. A. Sine, Died May 12, 1862, Aged 3 yr, 11 mos, & 26 days.

Eld. Christie Sine (father of Flavius, circuit minister, Justice of the Peace, he was the father-in-law of Priscilla's daughter Margery as well as of Sidney's son Jeff). July 5, 1789 - April 14, 1858.

Eaton, J. Edward 1863 - 1938 (The church music director, trumpeter, shared stone with):

Hattie V. (Sine) 1867 - 1935.  (Daughter of Flavius & Margery, wife of Edward Eaton.)

Walter F, Son of J. E. & H. V. Eaton, Nov 17, 1891 - Dec 14, 1913; (two stones, second one erected by the Mountain View Cornet Band.)

Harriet F., wife of Elias Arnold, Died Oct 5, 1890, Aged 56 yrs, 10 mos, 17 dys. (daughter of Frederick and Priscilla Spaid).

Elias Arnold, Died March 26, 1885, Aged 55 yrs, 6 mos, 7 dys.

Drusilla Capper, "daughter of Michael & Elizabeth Capper, died in the 22 year of her age".  (Church records and the 1850 census spell her name as Daucilla, stone is engraved as Drusilla. Census of 1850 lists her as age 16 and notes her as an idiot.)

Mahlon R. Capper, September 24, 1859 - October 7, 1863.  Son of Meredith and Malinda

Jonathan Capper, Dec 28, 1813 - Jan 4, 1885. (Son of Charles and Catherine.)  

Elizabeth Capper, (his wife), July 16th, 1810 - Nov 15, 1872, Aged 62 yrs and 4 mo.

Asa Hiett Capper, (their son), Oct 3, 1850 - Oct 18, 1873, Aged 23 years & 15 Days.

Mary S. Capper 1845 - 1913, (Shared stone with her sister Malvina Xantippe aka "B". Daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth.)

Malvina X. Capper 1847 - 1927, (Shared stone. Daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth.)

Infant Johnson.

Lydia A. Johnson, daughter of Elias and Sarah Johnson, May 8, 1844 - Aug 23, 1878. (Birth year of Lydia newly corrected from previously stated 1841 to 1844.)           

Elias Johnson Born Oct. 8, 1810, Died Oct. 9, 1869.

Sarah C. Johnson, (daughter of Charles and Catherine [McVickers] Capper, wife of Elias Johnson), Died Jan 14, 1884, Aged 69 yrs, 3 mos, & 8 ds. (born Oct. 6, 1814, by subtraction, other family record says 1815, Dr. Kerns's Back Creek book says 1814, page 534. See below.).

Broken stone between Sarah C. (Capper) Johnson and her daughter Sarah E. (CEMETERIES OF HAMPSHIRE COUNTY by Ralph Triplett, 1974, which appears to be largely copied from church files, names the following two in this row, which are now missing :

Flora J. Johnson, Born March 14, 1841, Died Jan 18, 1863. Stone missing.

David A. Johnson, Born March 5, 1852, Died June 9, 1861.) Stone missing. 

Sarah E. Johnson, Born Dec 23, 1842, Died June 2, 1861.  She died shouting and praising God.

Charles N. Johnson, Born Oct 15, 1845, Died Mar 22, 1852.  In heaven.

Benjamin F. Johnson, Born May 12, 1855, Died May 12, 1861.  Come unto Me.

(Triplett also wrote that according to the Frederick County death register, there was an 1861 epidemic of scarlet fever.)

Nettie L. Johnson, wife of  John W. Capper, 1880 - 1950.


In the year 2000, Anita Carper of Winchester was given a list of information by one of her neighbors who has a connection with the Johnson family. It had been copied by Richard Chrisman, who is a nephew of Nettie Johnson Capper and a grandson of one of the Spaid ladies. It is a list of the five children of Charles Capper and his first wife Catherine McVickers, information we have searched for very hard. We could only name two previously. The list:

Jonathan, born November 28, 1813. (Tombstone says December 28, 1813.)

Sarah, born October 6, 1815, married Elias Johnson. (Tombstone math indicates a birth on October 6, 1814, which is too close to Jonathan, unless one can conceive within a month of delivering a baby.)

Mary, born December 28, 1816.

Priscilla, born March 16, 1820.

Gabriel, born November 5, 1822.


These are consistent with ages and sexes given in the census reports of 1820 and 1830, which did not yet include names other than that of head of household. I had hoped Gabriel would turn out be the Archibald Capper buried beside Charles Capper's second wife Elizabeth McKeever Capper in Indiana.  He is the correct age to qualify. Perhaps we will learn he had a middle name.



Sidney P. McKee, Wife of Joseph McKee, Died Nov 20, 1879, aged 75. (Daughter of Michael Capper I.  This is the only place yet found that indicates she had a middle name. Sidney's stone was probably broken and lost in the early 1970s when the large pawpaw tree next to it broke down and was removed. The stone was replaced in June 2003 by the Capper family.)

Joseph McKee, (her husband), Died Nov 3, 1877, Aged 82 Years.

Mary E. McKee, (their daughter), Died Jan 6, 1909.

G.R. McKee (Riley, son of Sidney & Joseph), Died July 4, 1903, Aged 73 yr, 11 mo, 7 da.

Elizabeth J. McKee.  (Wife of  G. R.., according to Ralph Triplett.).

Lydia P. McKee, Died Jan 20, 1873, Aged 19 years. (Probably daughter of Riley.)         

V. Dorsey McKee, (Sidney and Joseph's 2nd child), 1824 - Aug 3, 1899.

Sarah E., wife of V. D. McKee, 1832 - 1857.

Lemon R. McKee, son of V. D. & S. E. McKee 1853-1860.

Mary E., wife of V. D. McKee 1840 - 1862.

Mary E., daughter of V. D. & M. E. McKee, 1862.

Susan E., wife of V. D. McKee, 1843 - 1873.

John, son of V. D. & S. E. McKee, 1868 - 1875.

Unmarked old stone beside John and within McKee plot cornerstone.

Aljourn W. McKee, (Algernon Wood, seventh child of Sidney and Joseph) Dec 16, 1841 - Jan 26, 1898.

Mary V., (2nd) wife of A. Wood McKee, Aug 12, 1852 - June 12, 1885.

Malissa E. McKee, (Next to above, has a new stone.), 1881 - 1949.

Sidney V. Johnson, (1st) wife of A. Wood McKee (No dates, stone has been replaced)

Howard, son of A. Wood & Sidney J. McKee. (No dates, conflicting initial, new stone.)

Roett M. McKee, 1878 - 1880. (New stone. Misspelled as Roelt in several published lists, all probably derived from the list made by Evelyn McKee in 1961. These same lists all coincidentally omit Sidney's daughter Mary E., so they have a common origin.)


Mrs. Aneta Hahn and her brother, who mow and maintain this cemetery, said that there used to be a second very large pawpaw tree nearer the other end of the McKee rows. A stump is present at the foot stone of Mary E., wife of V. D. McKee. This is conceivably a reason four graves in Algernon's family have new stones, although they were replaced by 1961, since the new ones are quoted in Evelyn McKee's list, without the typical information usually inscribed.


Sidney's daughter Mary E. McKee has only a date of death on her tombstone, January 6, 1909. Mary probably wasn't fully equipped. She is buried beside her father. Her ages on the census reports are all over the map. In 1850, she was 16 years old. In 1860, she was 24; in 1870, she was 31; all at her parent's home. In 1880, living at Algernon's house after her parents died, she was 43.


Census records spell these names as Algernon and Riley G., also Ridley, Sidney alternating with Sydney. G. R. McKee is not shown in the county burial index published by the Historical Society in 2001, but his stone is next to his mother's. Joseph McKee is included twice, but with incorrect numbers both times. The order of Algernon's wives is quoted from Ralph Triplett.




Sidney A. Foreman, (dau. of V. Dorsey & Sarah E. McKee) Aug 4, 1856 - Feb 23, 1937.

James W. Foreman, (her husband, shared stone) Sept 1, 1858 - Aug 21, 1943.

Maurice W., son of J.W. & S.A. Foreman, Died Sept 21, 1911, Aged 21 yrs, 1 mo.

Carrall G., son of J.W. & S.A. Foreman, Died Sept 18, 1902, Aged 12 yrs, 5 mos, 29 dys.

Mitchell H., son of J.W. & S.A. Foreman, Died Dec 30, 1895, Aged 3 yrs, 10 mos, 12 dys.

Jamie A., son of J.W. & S.A. Foreman, Died Jan 6, 1904, Aged 3 yrs, 4 mos, 5 dys.

Next to Sidney are three unmarked replacement headstones, connection unknown.


They had a daughter Alice, Aug 26, 1898 - Jan 8, 1919, who married Holmes Rosenberger on Jan 24, 1917.  She was pregnant with their first child when she died in the influenza epidemic.  Burial site unknown to us at this time.  Source:  The Nuri Files, Vol 2, p 25.


Sidney A. was listed twice in the 1860 census, once in Hampshire Co in the home of her father Vincent Dorsey McKee (as a male) and again (as a female) in Frederick Co in the home of her grandmother Sidney McKee, both times as age 4.  Sarah E., wife of Dorsey, died in 1857, and Dorsey must have placed the infant daughter with his mother. They lived close to each other, but the county line separated them into different census districts.



LOTS 54 B, 55 1/2 B, 115 A, 474 OLD, & 507 OLD Lot 507 OLD

There are a few revised dates in this version, this Lot, as marked.

Michael Capper, cemetery records said born 1775, "interred" 5/4/1879.  This makes 104 years. This error has now been deleted in the Mt. Hebron office. Other reports claimed 93 and 94 years for him. His headstone says Died May 4, 1879, 92 years, 1 month, & 25 days. Subtracting yields birthdate of Mar 10, 1787. 

Elizabeth, wife of Michael Capper, Born Oct 11, 1796 - Died Nov 6, 1876. (LaFollette)

Meredith Capper, Nov 20, 1820 - Dec 8, 1904. (Their son)

Malinda, wife of Meredith Capper, June 16, 1826 - Jan 28, 1897.  (Spaid)

Sarah E., daughter of M & M Capper, Born April 2, 1857 - Died Sep 26, 1875.

Lydia B., daughter of M & M Capper, Born April 17, 1864 - Died Oct 31, 1875. (Newly corrected birth year, not 1861 as listed earlier. Maud Pugh says she died Oct 1, 1875.)

Mary Beulah Kline Capper, "Mother of D.W. Meredith Capper and Mary H. Capper, Died Sept 25, 1943". (D. W. Meredith had the Capper's Nursery at Tyson's Corners, Maryland.)

Clen M. Capper, July 12, 1883 - Nov 3, 1958. (Son of T. Walter, married Beulah Kline.)

Kathleen N. Capper, March 23, 1895 - Sept 12, 1964. (Unknown)

Mary H. Capper, July 27, 1907 - Aug 21, 1987.

Irene V. Capper, Dec 23, 1847 - Sept 25, 1909. (Maud Pugh says born Dec 25, 1847.)

Letitia Capper, June 23, 1849 - March 24, 1899. (date newly corrected from June 2.)

A stone inscribed:  "In memory of John W. Capper, Husband of Nettie Johnson. Buried in Masonic Lot, Jacksonville, Florida".  (John William born Sept 16, 1853 - died Oct 22, 1938, aged 85. Nettie is buried at Timber Ridge Christian Church, 1880 - 1950).


Lot 474 OLD

Irene Capper McDonald, Sept 18, 1891 - June 17, 1977, Loving Mother. (Irene Letitia, daughter of Walter and Henrietta. Letitia is Latin, meaning  joy.)

T. Walter Capper, May 27, 1855 - Oct 14, 1926. (T. for Tilberry)

Henrietta Griffin, His Wife (shared stone), Aug 22, 1860 - Jan 5, 1944. (T. Walter and Henrietta had four children - Clen Meredith, May Carper, Irene McDonald, and Capt. Harry.)

Clendening M. Capper, Pennsylvania (his ship?), PFC US Marine Corp, April 16, 1932 - April 18, 1952. (Unidentified relationship. Walter had a son named Clendening Meredith born in 1883 who married Beulah Kline in 1903 and they had a son named D. W. Meredith Capper born in 1904. This grave is for someone born in the following generation. Since he is in this family's lot, he is probably a son of D. W. Meredith Capper or Capt. Harry Capper. D. W. Meredith lived at Tyson's Corners, Maryland, while Harry lived in Philadelphia after the War.)

Harry Walter Capper, Capt US Army, World War I, March 5, 1896 - Oct 8, 1982. (Son of Walter and Henrietta.)

Lot 115A

John F. Rodman Jr., March 9, 1931 - Dec 23, 1991 (grandson of Michael Lohr Capper).

Mattie G. Capper, Nov 2, 1873 - June 17, 1954. (wife of M.  Lohr Capper).

M. Lohr Capper, Feb 25, 1862 - April 9, 1941.

Frances Capper Rodman, June 10, 1901 - March 16, 1953. (daughter).

John F. Rodman, Oct 21, 1901 - Nov 2, 1960. (son-in-law of M. Lohr Capper).


Lot 54 B

E. Bruce Capper, 1862 - 1941. (twin of M. Lohr).

Margaret C. Capper, Apr 28, 1901 - Sept 6, 1992. (wife of Wayne)

W. Wayne Capper, July 27, 1903 - March 14, 1980. (shared stone with Margaret).

Anna Belle Capper, 1911 - 1983. (shared stone with her sister Jane Wilda).

J. Wilda Capper, 1905 - 1985. (shared stone with her sister Anna Belle).

E. Belle Capper, 1874 - 1953.  (wife of E. Bruce).

Willis Lee, son of E. Bruce & E. Belle Capper, July 29, 1909 - Sept 19, 1915. (Died of blood poisoning [tetanus] after stepping on a nail, according to his niece Anita Carper.) .

Malinda Lee, daughter of E. Bruce & E. Belle Capper, Jan 15, 1908 - Aug 4, 1909.


Lot 55 1/2 B

Edward Bruce Capper, Aug 2, 1901 - May 24, 1950. (Edward Bruce II)

Jacque Burner Capper, Nov 15, 1904 - Jan 31, 1994. (shared stone with Edward).


Obituary of Louisa (Jacque) Capper, says she was preceded in death by (son) E. Bruce III and daughter Jane Muller. Survived by daughter Patricia C. Lee, Claremont, New Hampshire, nine grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.


Jacque is the last burial of a Capper in this area. Her daughter Pat said that Jacque (pronounced Jack) was her adopted name in French class, and she kept it.


There are no Cappers in the Winchester telephone book in the year 2001. Potted flowers are being maintained at these last two groups of stones by Mrs. Anita Carper, nee Capper. I met her by taping a letter to her father Bruce's tombstone.


Patricia Lee and her husband Dick have since moved back to Winchester. Their son Mitchell Edward Lee was born in 1955 and died in a motorcycle accident in 1979.


E. Bruce (III) died in Texas aged in his early 50s, of cancer, leaving four children including Edward Bruce Capper IV who is living in Florida.


Jane Muller lived December 22, 1926 - September 17, 1991 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Mount Hebron is the resting place for 32 members of the family of Michael and Elizabeth (LaFollette) Capper, plus the memorial stone for John W. who is buried in Florida. Michael and Elizabeth also have a daughter, Drusilla, at Timber Ridge and a grandson, Mahlon R., son of Meredith, also at Timber Ridge Christian Church Cemetery.



Ira Seever Capper, March 27, 1852 - February 18, 1939, aged 87. (Son of Meredith.)

Ada Byron (Lowe) Capper, his wife, from Washington, D. C., born April 5, 1858, died September 9, 1909, aged 50.

Mary Allen Capper, their daughter, born July 28, 1882, died August 23, 1913, aged 31.

Infant son,  born June 8, 1886. Unnamed in Winchester birth records, died in infancy.





Capper, D. Meredith, 1904 - 1987, (husband of (1) Ruth Naomi Byers & (2) Frances Dorothy Nisbet. Founder of Capper's Nursery at Tyson's Corners. Father of Dan.)  C - 14.2.

Capper, Frances Dorothy Nisbet, 1914 - 1997.  Grave C - 14.19.