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WILLIAM FIELBINDER, SR., father of William Fieldbinder, of this city, died at his home in Hensley Township, yesterday, after a long and painful illness. The funeral occurred at 10 o'clock today.


Source:  The Champaign Daily Gazette, Monday, March 23, 1891


This obituary refers to John Fieldbinder —died 22 March 1891.

May have been called William because possible name may have been John or Johann Wilhelm “William” Fieldbinder.


Two Obituaries have been found for Wilhelmina:

Mrs. Fieldbinder of Rising - Woman dies after eight days illness from pneumonia.

  Mrs. John Fieldbinder of Rising died Thursday afternoon at her home after an illness of eight days from pneumonia and heart trouble.

  Mrs. Fieldbinder was born October 6, 1839, in Germany.  She had lived in this county for thirty years.  She resided near Sidney and at Rising for twenty-three years.  The deceased woman is survived by the following children:  Gotlieb Fieldbinder at home, Mary Miner, Gus Fieldbinder and Mrs. Martha Rayburn of Rising.

  The funeral will be held at 9:30 from the house.  Rev. H. I. Augustus, pastor of the Mount Vernon Church, will officiate.  Burial will be at Lynn Grove Cemetery, south of Philo.

SOURCE: The Champaign Daily News - Friday, March 24, 1911


Wilhemie Troschke was born October 6, 1839 in Lebano, Germany, and died at her home six miles northwest of Champaign March 23, 1911.   She was received into the Lutheran communion when fourteen years of age.   She was married to John Fieldbinder when twenty-one years old and came to this country in 1881.   Her husband died March 22, 1891.   A child, nine years old, died in 1884, and Carl died about eight years ago.   Mrs. Fieldbinder leaves three daughters and two sons:   Gottlieb Fieldbinder, with whom she made her home; Mrs. Augusta Leopard, Mrs. Mary Miner, Gustav Fieldbinder and Mrs. Martha Rayburn, all of this vicinity.   All were present through her sickness and at her death.   She also leaves twenty-one grandchildren.   The funeral services were held at the house Saturday morning and then a twenty-four mile drive to Lynn Grove cemetery southeast of Philo, near which the family had lived for several years.   A grateful surprise awaited those who made the long drive.   Old neighbors and friends near Lynn Grove had prepared a bounteous dinner and brought it to the church, where all were invited to partake at the close of the burial service, nor had they forgotten to bring food for the horses.   The thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by everyone and the bereaved family hereby expresses its thanks to these friends and also to those near their present home who were so kind during the days of sickness and sorrow.

SOURCE: Champaign Daily News, Tuesday, March 28, 1911




Champaign County Deaths

Co Clerk Bk # Library, Volume Page# Ref # Name Sex Death Date Place of Death Father Father's Place of Birth Mother

A 2 145 1881 Fieldbind, Arthur M 29 Dec 1890 Champaign 

3 8 144 3827 Fieldbinder, Minnie F 23-Mar-1911 Champaign Twp. 

A 2 141 1827 Fieldbinder, Ole O. M 20 May 1890 Champaign


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