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by Vern Taylor

Vern Taylor, 2000


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Things to do here:
Don't know where to start or what to do next? Then a FHC has the resources you need as well as friendly volunteers to guide you.

Learn how to do genealogy research using a Family History Center Library (FHC).

Learn to maximize your time before visiting localities where your ancestors lived.

Don't have enough money to travel? Then bring copies of the data to you.

Can't leave your job, family, locality, or lack the time, then a FHC can bring the records to you.

Don't have a computer? Then you need a Family History Center, a friend, or other library where you can use a computer.

Find a Family History Center that has classes and personnel that can coach or teach you.

Have some fun with poetry, songs, and success stories, see serendipity!

For the lastest news and updates see the Stockton FHC newsletters. You can get an email copy for free by sending your name and "subscribe" to email:

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