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Our Kinship With Three Popes

Three Roman Pontiffs of the 1500s and 1600s are among the many notable individuals of history to whom we are distantly related through our noble and royal ancestors. All three shared a descent from Princess Eleanor, daughter of King John of England. The first of them was LEO X (Giovanni de' Medici), who reigned from 1513 to 1521. A lover of fine things and good living, Leo X is chiefly known for his extravagant spending as a patron of the arts and sciences and to finance the new St. Peter's Basilica on the Vatican. Of far weightier historical and religious significance, however, was his 1520 bull Exsurge Domine which condemned the teachings of Martin Luther, followed soon after by Leo X's excommunication of the defiant Luther. The third pope in succession to Leo X was his distant cousin PAUL III (Alessandro Farnese), who reigned from 1534 to 1549. Paul III's reign was occupied with efforts to respond to the religious threat of Protestantism, which continued to spread throughout Europe. Those efforts included the founding of the Jesuits in 1540, the establishment of the Holy Office of the Roman and Universal Inquisition in 1542, and the convening of the Church's 19th oecumenical council at Trent, Italy, in 1545. As such, Paul III was the first pope of the Catholic Reformation. A later Catholic Reformation pontiff was LEO XI (Alessandro de' Medici-Ottaviano), great-nephew of Leo X, who reigned barely one month, from 1 April to 27 April 1605. Leo XI was a disciple of St. Philip Neri and, had he lived, would have continued the necessary work of reform in the Church. However, he was 70 years old at his election, and soon after his coronation he fell sick and died before the month's end.

The following chart illustrates that I am ninth cousins 17 times removed of Pope Leo X; 10th. cousins 16 times removed of Pope Paul III; and 11th. cousins 15 times removed of Pope Leo XI.

                                John Lackland
                               King of England
     |                                                  |
Henry III, King of England                           Eleanor=Simon VI de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester
Edward I Longshanks, King of England                 Guy de Montfort, Conte di Nola
Edward II, King of England                           Anastasia de Montfort=Romano Orsini, Senator of Rome
Edward III, King of England                          Roberto Orsini, Conte di Nola
     |                                       ___________|____________________________
     |                                      |                                        |
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster       Niccolo Orsini, Conte di Nola           Anastasia Orsini=Giordano Orsini
John Beaufort, Marquis of Somerset     Roberto Orsini                          Francesco Orsini di Monterotondo
Joan Beaufort=James I, King of Scots   Pirro Orsini, Conte di Nola             Orso Orsini di Monterotondo
James II, King of Scots                Giovannella Orsini=Giacomo IV Caetani   Giacomo Orsini di Monterotondo
Alexander Stewart, 3rd Duke of Albany  Onorato III Caetani                     Clarice Orsini=Lorenzo I de' Medici
     |                                      |                                                |  "il Magnifico"
     |                                      |                                       _________|_________
     |                                      |                                      |                   |
Alexander Stewart, Bishop of Moray     Giovannella Caetani                   Pope LEO X          Lucrezia de' Medici
     |                                 md. Pier Luigi Farnese            (Giovanni de' Medici)   md. Jacopo Salviati
     |                                      |                                                          |
Margaret Stewart=Patrick Graham        Pope PAUL III (Alessandro Farnese)                        Francesca Salviati
     |                                                                                           md. Ottaviano de' Medici
     |                                                                                                 |
Janet Graham=Dougal Campbell                                                                        Pope LEO XI
Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglass                                                         (Alessandro de' Medici-Ottaviano)
(NN) Campbell=Duncan Stewart of Glenbuckie
John Stewart of Glenbuckie
Isobel Stewart=Walter Stewart of Gartnafuaran
Robert Stewart (1655-1714)
John Stewart
Charles Stewart
Margaret Stewart=John Anderson
Rebecca Anderson=John Linn
George Russell Linn
Mary Rebecca Linn=James Monroe Shaw
Sherman Linn Shaw
Sherman Linn Shaw II
Dolores Frances Shaw=Joseph Olar
Jared Linn Olar

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