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The Fender Family Links

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Links to genealogy related homepages of Fender-Blender members:

On Christian Fender's Trail in Davie Co NC

On Christian Fender's Trail in Yadkin Co NC

Fender Family & Relatives... SC Fender by Nancy Parr

Graveyard hunt in Yadkin Co NC

Debby's Alleghany Co Adventure

Links to businesses owned by Christian Fender's desendants

Books published by Mountain Heritage (A.J. Chapel, Owner)

Sheila Sings the Blues ( Sheila Carlisle, Artist)


Links to Fender Family Pictures

Fenders of Yesterday & Today ( Restricted to Fender Blender Members Only )


Links to areas that Fenders ancestors resided

North Carolina

Topo map of Christian's home

Burke Co NC GenWeb

Burke Co NC library

Ashe Co NC 1850 Census

Carolina Cradle

Rowan Co NC History Info website

Branson's Business Directory, Alleghany Co NC

Madison Co NC

Yancey Co NC Marriage list


Indiana Site

Indiana US GenWeb

Franklin Co IN 1850 census


1850 Clinch Co GA census

Lanier Co GA Fender cemetery

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