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The Christian Fender Family

This is the official homepage of the Fender-Blender genealogy discussion group for the descendants of CHRISTIAN FENDER who was born ca. 1735-1740 in Germany (VA or PA) and departed this life in the spring of 1800 in present Yadkin County NC. The Christian Fender family of NC encompasses many early families of North Carolina who married into the Fender family, thereby creating one of the regions largest families. Although the name is not as common in the region as it once was, descendants of Christian Fender are found all over the USA today. We also are actively seeking other descendants.

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CHRISTIAN FENDER was born Abt. 1740 in Germany / Pennsylvania / Virginia, and died 1800 in Surry County, North Carolina. He married MARY . She was born Abt. 1743, and died Aft. 1813. Her surname may have been "LONG".

Notes for CHRISTIAN FENDER: Christian Fender was the first of the Fender Family that we know in North Carolina. We can account for his movements from about 1768 to the time he died in 1800. In 1768 he is on the tax list on the forks of the Yadkin River.(present Davie County, NC ) He is on the Rowan County, North Carolina tax list in 1778. In 1782 he is on the tax list in Surry County( present Yadkin Co NC) as owning land on Deep Creek. In 1786 he was on the Surry County, North Carolina Census and was the only Fender listed in North Carolina. He was on the 1790 and 1800 Surry County Census. Christian died in 1800; left a will that named his wife Mary and all his children. Christian's date of birth is based on age of his children.

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Timeline of Christian Fender

Christian Fenders Last Will and Testament

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1. GABRIEL FENDER, b. Abt. 1763, Virginia; d. March 24, 1837, Sumption Prairie, St Joseph County, Indiana; m. SOPHIA LONG, Bef. 1790; b. Abt. 1768.

2. NIMROD FENDER, b. 1766, Virginia/North Carolina; d. June 22, 1851, Owen County, Indiana; m. SARAH JANE SUMMERS/SOMERS in North Carolina; b. abt 1766, d. April 22, 1857, Owen County, Indiana.

3. ANNA MARIA "MARY" FENDER, b. Bet. 1767 - 1769, Virginia / North Carolina; d. Abt. 1849; m. DANIEL HOPPES, Abt. 1783, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1757, Virginia / North Carolina; d. 1816, North Carolina.

4. MICHAEL FENDER, b. Abt. 1776, Virginia / North Carolina; d. June 1866, Monroe County, Tennessee; m. WINNIFRED "WINNIE" HOLCOMB, Surry County, North Carolina; b. Abt. 1779, North Carolina; d. December 19, 1868, Monroe County, Tennessee.

5. HENRY S. FENDER, b. December 01, 1778, Deep Creek, Surry County, North Carolina; d. July 08, 1863, Wayne County, Indiana; m. ELIZABETH LONG, September 26, 1797, Surry County, North Carolina; b. May 30, 1780, Surry County, North Carolina; d. April 23, 1861, Wayne County, Indiana.

6. JOHN FENDER, b. September 16, 1780, Surry County, North Carolina; d. April 1836, Montgomery, Indiana; m. ELIZABETH UNKNOWN , North Carolina.

7. SARAH FENDER, b. Bef. 1786, Surry County, North Carolina. She married JONATHAN GENTRY of Wilkes Co., NC..

8. CATHERINE FENDER, b. Bef. 1786. No further information to date.

Sources: The files of Andy Fender, donated to this webpage by Andy. Edited by Carolyn Spence. The research and files of the Fender-Blenders members. As with most internet genealogy pages, the information in the genealogy reports should be used with caution, as not all has been proven. Information has come from family members, other researchers, personal research and county histories. We truly believe that the recording and sharing of family information is an obligation of each generation, and hereby publish our findings on our Fender family.

To protect the privacy of individuals, we have attempted to remove the information on living individuals from these pages. If anyone finds information that should not be here, please email us and we will gladly remove it. The sole purpose of this website is to unite and inform descendants of Christian Fender. We seek and invite corrections to our data.

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