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The Godfrey Arms as noted in:
"Fairbairns Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland".
It is believed the oldest verifiable Coat of Arms for a Godfrey individual lived in Kent County, England, most likely Lydd, and was awarded these arms by the 15th century, and most likely earlier. Later generations augmented the arms as described below, by the marriage into the Pix and Strughill families.

"Arms-Sa. a chev. betw three pelican's heads, erased and vulning themselves or." The meaning of the pelicans "vulning" themselves was an act of piety, they would sacrifice their own blood to feed the young who would live for God. "Sa." is an abbreviation for Sable or Black, "chev." is an abbreviation for Chevron, "or." is an abbreviation for Gold. Hence, the Chevron is black and the shield is gold.

"Crest-A demi negro ppr. holding in the dexter hand a cross crosslet, fitchee, ar." The demi negro depicts servitude to God, the cross crosslet fitchee is a militant Protestant symbol. "Ar." is an abbreviation for silver.

1st Az. a fesse, betw. three cross crosslets, fitchee, or, for Pix.2nd Ar. a fesse betw. six escallops gu. for Strughill. 3rd. Quarterly, 1st and 4th per chev. sa. and ar. three griffin's heads, erased, counter charged; 2nd. and 3rd. ar. on a chief betw. three greyhounds' heads, erased, sa. collared or. as many plates, both for Toke; the latter a coat of augmentation."

"Az" = Blue, "Or." = Gold, "Ar." = Silver, "Gu." = Red, "Per." = Purple, and "Sa." = Sable (black).

The notation that accompanied this Coat of Arms reads:
"Pix and Strughill are family names. Thomas Godfrey, DOB 1547 had a second wife named Elizabeth Pix, daughter and heir of Michael Pix of Folkstone by Emma, only daughter and heir of Richard Strughill. These arms must go back at least to the 1400's". The Godfrey name means "God-like".