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Mary Murrell, wife of Moses Milliken,
as she relates to the earliest Murrell records of South Carolina

The marriage of Mary Murrell and Moses Milliken was recorded in the St Thomas/St Denis Parish records on Sept 9, 1721. The Moses Milliken Bible records gave her date of birth as Sept 15, 1704. To try to determine the identity of her parents, we need records for Murrells who were living in the Charleston area at that time. St Thomas/St Denis Parish lies on the east side of the Cooper River from Charleston and on the north side of the Wando River; Christ Church Parish lies east of the Cooper River on the south side of the Wando River. The two parishes adjoined, and many Murrell records can be found in each.

Robert Murrell I (d March, 1710/11 or March, 1711/12 in Christ Church Parish) can be ruled out as he already had a daughter named Mary who can be traced. She was definitely not the same Mary Murrell who married Moses Milliken. The children of this Robert Murrell I can be proven by the memorials of sons John Murrell, Jonathan Murrell, and Robert Murrell II, and the memorial of  William Porter, husband of daughter Sarah Murrell, plus vol EE p 4-5, 7 (Miscellaneous Records) in which Sarah Hooker named "my surviving children: John Murrel, Jonathan Murrel, Robert Murrell, Susanna Huggins, Sarah Porter, Mary Frissel, Martha Hamlin." The memorials also prove a brother James Murrell and a sister Elizabeth Murrell who had both died. (Although John Murrell's memorial referred to her as his sister, she could have been his sister-in-law, widow of James Murrell.) Sarah Hooker was obviously the remarried widow of Robert Murrell I. The memorials state that Robert Murrell's will was dated the 15th day of March Ann Dom 1711/12. But the Christ Church Parish records give his burial on March 24th Ann Dom 1710/11. It is not known which record is in error and the will no longer exists. The daughter Mary (Murrell) Frissel was the wife of Alexander Frissel. Mary Frisel left her will in Christ Church Parish dated 1 May 1770, proven 22 Feb. 1771.

It is thought that this Robert Murrell I may have moved to the Sewee Bay area of Christ Church Parish about 1696-97 from Salem, Massachusetts along with the Severance, Whilden, and other families who belonged to the Wappetaw congregation. There are birth records for the children of a Robert Murrell in Massachusetts, but neither the names of the children nor the wife were included in the records. Without more than this, we cannot be positive it was the same Robert Murrell.

So Mary Murrell, wife of Moses Milliken, must have been the daughter of some other Murrell who perhaps lived in the Charleston area at the time of her birth. None of Robert Murrell I's sons were born early enough to have produced a child in 1704. (Therefore her father could not have been Robert's son Jonathan Murrell as some have claimed.)

The only other Murrell who appears in the records as early as 1704 was a John Murrell who lived on the Wando River and died ca 1706 leaving wife Elizabeth and an undetermined number of children. Two minor sons can be proven - John Morrall (of Berkeley Co and Craven Co, puchased 611 acres at what's now called "Murrell's Inlet" in 1731, d 1770-71) and William Morrall (of Berkeley Co and Craven Co, d after 1749 when he was named an executor in Elias Lewis's will). Robert Lewis administered the John Murrell estate in right of John and William and left land to John and William in his will. This John Murrell and wife Elizabeth would seem to be the most likely candidates for the parents of Mary Murrell - however there are no documents to prove the identity or even the existance of any daughters.  And there are no records that suggest any association between Mary Murrell or her husband Moses Milliken and John Morrall or William Morrall or the family of Robert Lewis.

No land records have been found for Moses Milliken after his marriage until Aug 26, 1734 when a plat for 350 acres in Craven Co near the Black River was surveyed for him.  A later grant for 350 acres was dated March 10, 1743. He may have been living in the area even earlier since his daughter Mary's birth was recorded in the Prince Fredrick's Parish register in 1732. Moses still seems to have been living in 1763 when William Coachman as administrator of John Moore was trying to recover money that Moore had loaned to Milliken. One of the documents in this folder dated 18 Nov 1763 "did implead Moses Miliken in an Action of a plea of Trespass on the ??? & so forth to which said Action the Defendant ??? Default, and thereupon the Court gave Judgment for the said William." Another document from that set of records contains the original promissory note dated 25 April 1744 - complete with Moses Miliken's signature.

Moses Miliken's signature

Another document in this folder indicates that this is Moses' own signature. It also states that the note was signed at Charleston.

South Carolina      \
Berkeley County   /      to wit

Moses Miliken of the province aforesaid was attached to answer to William Coachman administrator of all and Singular the goods and Chattells Rights and Credits of John Moore Deceased of a plea of Trespass on the Case and so forth and Whereupon the said William by James Grindlay his attorney complains that whereas the said Moses Miliken after the first Day of May which was in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and five to wit on the Twenty fifth Day of April which was in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and forty four at Charles Town in Berkeley County in the Province of South Carolina and within the Jurisdiction  of this Court Did make a certain note in writing commonly called a promissory note with his own proper hand thereunto Subscribed bearing Date and Day & year last mentioned by which said note the said Moses Miliken Did promise to pay or cause to be paid to the said John Moore.....

I have no idea what significance the date 1 May 1705 has in this document.

In 1774, George Evans, James Coachman, John Postell, and James Calhoun, the executors of William Hull, were granted a judgment against "Benjamin Milligen, survivor of Moses Milligen."  An undated document in this folder states:

Benjamin Milligen who hath survived one Moses Milligen deceased otherwise lately & in his Lifetime called Moses Milligen & Benjamin Milligen of Craven County South Carolina planters was summoned to answer to George Evans, James Coachman, John Postell & James Calhoun Executors of the last will & testament of William Hull....

Another document in the folder dated 4 Jan 1774 states:

South Carolina.
George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith and so forth; To all and singular the Sheriffs of Our Province of South-Carolina Greeting :  We command you, and each of you, without Delay, to attach the Body of Benjamin Milligen who hath survived one Moses Milligen deceased otherwise lately & in his Lifetime called Moses Milligen & Benjamin Milligen of Craven County South Carolina planters..... [an order to appear in court concerning the Hull debt]

William Hull had loaned 295 pounds18 shillings on 19 Sept 1760 "in the District & Province aforesaid" (Craven Co) to Moses Milligen and Benjamin Milligen.
So it appears that Moses Milliken must have died between 1763 and 1774.

Although the following record abstract gives the name Mons rather than Moses, this was certainly a transcription error. With the references to William Hull and "greatest creditor", there is no doubt that this record must be for Moses Milliken. I would think it's safe to assume that Moses died earlier in 1767 shortly before this record.

Probate Records of South Carolina vol 3 Journal of the Court of Ordinary 1764-1771 Brent H Holcomb
p 42
Citation Granted to Wm Hull of Prince George Parish to administer on the Estate & Effects of Mons Milligan, as Greatest Creditor, of said Parish, to be Published & Returned Certify'd. 21st July 1767.

No records have been found to place Mary's death, but the birth of her last child Breton or Barton Milliken was recorded in Prince Fredrick's Parish on Feb 8, 1749/50. Mary would have been about 45 at this time. It's not surprising that no more children were born to her.

No records have been found that indicate that Moses Milliken, Mary, or their children had contact with any other Murrell/Morrall families or Lewis families. However, their second son Benjamin Milliken was associated with the Samuel Hargrove family of Horry Co. Horry Co, SC, which adjoins Brunswick Co, NC, was also the home of John Morrall, a proven son of John Murrell d ca 1706 and wife Elizabeth. The Moses Milliken Bible recorded the marriage of Benjamin Milliken and Elizabeth "Betsy" Hargrove on June 7, 1760. No location was mentioned, but if the marriage occurred at the bride's home, it would have occurred in the part of Prince George Parish now known as Horry Co. Betsy was actually Benjamin's second wife. The identity of his first wife is unknown, but he had at least one proven son by her named John Milliken.

Samuel Hargrove Sr and Samuel Hargrove Jr were mentioned in a 1775 memorial by James Semple Sr for 500 acres on the Waccamaw River in Craven Co. Samuel Hairgrove Sr and Samuel Hairgrove Jr appeared in a list of Petit Jurors for the Parish of Prince George dated 1778. These records place them in the Horry Co area near John Morrall at that time. It is not known where this Hargrove family was living in 1760. However, from the record below, it would seem that the family had been living in the same area since at least 1755.  Although some research claims that this John Hargrave was the son of a William Hargrave, I have seen no proof of that. I believe the records indicate he was more likely the son of Samuel Hargrove Sr and wife Lydia who moved from Beaufort Co, NC to the part of SC now called Horry Co. More about this to follow.

Declaration for Revolutionary War Pension of John Hargrave, Sr.

 State of Illinois
 Union County
                              Declaration in order to obtain
                              the benefit of an Act of Congress
                              dated June 7th 1832
 On this 20th day of October 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Hon. Tho. C. Browne, Judge of the circuit court of Union County now sitting, John Hargrave resident of said county and state, aged 77 years on the 23rd Nov. next being born in 1755, having now no record of his age, who, being sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of an Act of Congress dated June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as herein stated: This applicant states that he was born in South Carolina near the state line of N&S Carolina in 1755 where he lived until he volunteered in the service of his country in '75. That sometime in the summer of 1775 when the Tories arose in the back part of the state there was a call for men & that he volunteered under one Capt. Dennis Hawkins & One Col. Daniel Horry, and stood in readiness for service at a minutes warning, being called minute men......

Hargrove/Hargrave research claims his name was actually John Robert Hargrave. If so, he may be the same as Robert Hairgrave who was owed money by the estate William Williams of Little River, Horry Co., SC in an account dated 28th July 1775. Perhaps they were two separate people. I have not seen a record that proves that John Hargrave was also known as John Robert Hargrave. It seems strange to me that he would use the name John for his pension declaration and Robert for the Williams estate record.

The name Dennis Hawkins in the pension declaration was obviously a mistranscription for the name Dennis Hankins. He was actually Dennis Hankins II whose parents were Dennis Hankins I and Martha, daughter of Samuel Masters. After Dennis Hankins I's death, Martha was remarried to John Frink. Her son Thomas Frink, younger half-brother to Dennis Hankins II, is said to have been married in 1769 to an Elizabeth Hargrove who was born 13 Jan 1752. [I do not know what records support this marriage.] The Frinks and Hankins lived in the area now known as Horry Co.  So now we would seem to have two Elizabeth Hargroves, one who married Benjamin Milliken in 1760 and one born in 1752 who married Thomas Frink in 1769. Thomas Frink's name also appeared in the records for William William's estate, but he owed money to the estate. Most likely, the younger Elizabeth Hargrove, Thomas Frink's wife, was a daughter of Samuel Hargrove Sr and a sister to Samuel Hargrove Jr and John Hargrave above, while the older Elizabeth Hargrove, Benjamin Milliken's wife, may have been the sister of Samuel Hargrove Sr. It's not likely that Samuel Hargrove Sr was the father of two living daughters both named Elizabeth.

To make matters more interesting, Samuel Frink, brother of Thomas Frink who married Elizabeth Hargrove, sold land to John Morrall's son Daniel Morrall.  Samuel Frink was living in Brunswick Co at the time. By this time, the Horry Co area was part of All Saints Parish.

S-5 199-201  Lease and release. 9&10 Feb 1784  Samuel Frink of Brunswick County, North Carolina, planter, to Daniel Morrall of parish of All Saints, George Town District, South Carolina, by grant dated [no date given in abstract] 245 acres in All Saints Parish (called Craven County at the time of the grant) to Samuel Masters, and said premises did devolve by heirship to his daughter Martha Frink and by her conveyed to Samuel Frink, now for L1200 SC money. Saml Frink(LS). Wit Daniel Bellune, William Fithful.

Charles Lewis Jr and wife Martha Bollough (stepdaughter of John Morrall) were the parents of William Henry Lewis. William Henry Lewis's second wife was named Rachel. It's suspected she might have been a Frink. William Henry Lewis and Thomas Frink were closely associated.

William Henry Lewis to Thomas Frink. 30 lbs sterling. 200 acres gr. 5 Jun 1786. 12 May 1801. /Wm. H. Lewis. W/John Frink#, Charles Lewis. Receipt. PS/21 Dec 1801. Dower: Rachel Lewis 12 Jun 1801. Recd 10 Jan 1805.

William Henry Lewis to Thomas Frink. 40 lbs sterling. 500 acres (part of tract of 3700 acres gr. to Benjamin Goddin 9 Nov 1735). 12 May 1801. S/Wm. H. Lewis. W/ John Frink#, Charles Lewis. Receipt. Dower: Rachel Lewis, wife 12 Jun 1801. Recd. 10 Jan 1805.

Samuel Hargrove Sr and wife Lydia had moved to SC from Beaufort Co, NC shortly before 1755 when John Hargrave was born in SC near the NC line. As further evidence that this was the same Samuel Hargrove, he did not appear on the 1755 list of taxables for Beaufort Co  although he had appeared in the records there until 1754.

Book 3, page 55 Dec. 1750. Beaufort Co., NC Deed to John Hodges Jr. from Samuel Hargrove--sum of 20 lbs. current money of VA. Beginning at a red oak at mouth of branch that makes out of Grindal granted to Seth Pilkinton 14th Feb. 1739 and afterwards conveyed by said Pilkinton to Elias Hodges as by deed bearing date 11th March 1740....the said Samuel Hargrove....hath good right, title, & est of inheritance.... Witnesses: Benj. B. Hodges, Robert Hodges.

According to a tracing of the Seth Pilkington patent, Samuel Hargrove had acquired this land some time before 1744. This is probably because of  record in Beaufort Co DB II, p 441 dated
19 Nov 1744 in which Elias Hodges sold 270 acres to his brother John Hodges on the north side of Grindal Creek. Samuel Hargrove's corner tree was mentioned. So we know Samuel owned land at that time and must have been of age by 1744. Grindle Creek is now in Pitt Co, NC.

In 1754, Samuel Hargrove Sr appeared in a Beaufort Co, NC deed with his wife named Lydia. I do not yet have this record, but according to Jean Larson, "
As to the deed with Samuel and Lydia it was in Beaufort, NC 1754. It was an abstract: Book 3 pg 172 Samuel to Geo. Collins, land Samuel had received 1748. 100 acres witt John Collins on the Neuse River, which would make it Craven co. later probably." Another record Jean found was of interest as it might help to follow this family further:  1753 Beaufort Co, NC Book 3 pg 183 Samuel Hargraves planter to John Cason. witt. Robert Hargraves. There seems to have been some kinship between Samuel Hargrove and the Hodges family as Samuel Hargrove is said to have been an heir of Elias Hodges. I will leave it to the Hargrove/Hargrave researchers to follow this line further.
Samuel Hargrove Jr and his mother Lydia left SC and moved to Brunswick Co, NC where he (or possibly Samuel Sr if he was still living) proved a deed from Levi Swaine to Benja Milligan for land on the Waccamaw River in 1782.  I have not found a record for Samuel Hargrove Sr's death, so I can't rule out the possibility that it could have been the father who witnessed the deed rather than the son. But no Jr or Sr appeared in the record, so most likely only the son was living at that time.

Brunswick Co, NC
Apr 28, 1800 Josiah Bozman enters 200 acres being Croosos Island a place where Lyda Hargrave use to live.

We cannot tell exactly when Lydia Hargrove lived in Brunswick Co from this record, but we do know that she had left Horry Co and moved to Brunswick Co at some time prior to 1800, possibly many years earlier. (By 1800, her son Samuel Hargrove Jr had left Brunswick Co and moved to Logan Co, KY.) We also know from these records that Samuel Hargrove Sr had married Lydia by at least 1754, possibly earlier since he was of age by 1744, and that he and his family had removed to SC by 1755.

The name Lydia came down in the Hargrove family. On
6 Feb. 1835, Samuel Hargrove (Jr) signed his will in Butler Co, KY. Among others, he named a daughter Lydia. According to the research of Bev Hargrave, John Hargrave (AKA John Robert Hargrave) also had a daughter named Lydia. Others Hargroves/Hargraves who might relate to this family include Hezekiah Hargrave, Willis Hargrave, Seth Hargrave, and William Hargrave. Many left records in Logan Co, KY where both Samuel Hargrove Jr and John Robert Hargrave also left records. Many are believed to have been born in SC during the 1760's. The name Hezekiah is of interest. Samuel Milliken and Elizabeth Hargrove named two of their sons Samuel and Hezekiah. Bev Hargrave's research states that Robert Hargrave b ca 1792 NC or SC, son of John Hargrave b 1755 SC, named three of his children Samuel, Hezekiah, and Willis.

Brunswick Co also became the home of Benjamin Milliken's sister, Sarah Milliken, the wife of Gilbert McKeithan.  Gilbert McKeithan's son, Alexander McKeithan, named a son Hargrove McKeithan. The first wife of Alexander McKeithan and the mother of Hargrove McKeithan has never been identified. Perhaps she too was a Hargrove. But we have no proof. It's not impossible that Hargrove McKeithan was named for Elizabeth Hargrove.

A later Moses Milliken lived in Horry Co and served in the Revolutionary War. His exact descent from Moses Milliken and Mary Murrell is not known. He was born about 1748 - a date that does not agree with either of Moses Milliken's two sons named Moses. The first was born in Jan 1729/30 and the second was baptised in 1737. Perhaps he was an unproven son of Benjamin Milliken by his first wife. Only two of Moses's sons were born early enough to be the father of a child born in 1748 - Jonathan Milliken born 6 Sept 1724 and Benjamin born 19 Feb 1727/28. No later records for Jonathan have been found, and we know Benjamin was associated with the Hargrove family from Horry Co. Certainly Benjamin looks more likely, but without additional records, we can only speculate.


Name: Moses Milligan
Rank: Do (Private)
Annual allowance: 96.00
Sums received: 787.73
Description of service: S. C. cont'' line
When placed on the pension roll: Dec. 13, 1821
Commencement of pension: Do (April 4, 1821)
Age: 73
Laws under which they were formerly inscribed on the pension roll; and remarks: Died June 17, 1829

Although several Millikens or Milliken descendants lived near the families of John Morrall of Murrell's Inlet, Prince George Parish, Craven Co and Charles Lewis Jr (also of Prince George Parish, a grandson of Robert Lewis - Charles Jr's wife was Martha Bollough, stepdaughter of John Morrall by his wife Martha's first marriage to John Bollough), no records have been found that indicate any close association between the Millikens and Morralls or the Millikens and Lewises. There were no marriages between the families and no documents that indicated any association between the families. The opportunity existed since they did live within a few miles of each other - but it just didn't happen. Unless Mary Murrell was separated from her siblings at a very young age and never developed any closeness with them, she would not seem to be the sister of John Morrall, a proven son of John Murrell d by 1706.  But we know she wasn't a daughter of Robert Murrell I, and no other Murrells can be placed in the area as early as 1704. There was an Anthony Murrell who appeared in the records about 1710-12 and a Francis Murrell whose first record was 1720. I have not yet searched out their records. To obtain these records and other SC records, see SC Research. If Mary's family cannot be found in the SC records, there is still the possibility that Mary was born in Barbados or some distant place and was brought to SC as a child by a guardian or an adoptive family.

There has been much speculation that Moses Milliken might have come from Kittery, Maine or even Maryland. This is only speculation - no records have yet been found to prove it.

To correct an error found in some earlier research......

White research incorrectly states that John White who moved from Berkeley Co to Prince Fredrick's Parish in Craven Co (near the Millikens and McKeithans on the Black and Black Mingo Rivers) was a son of Susannah Murrell (daughter of Robert Murrell I) by her first marriage to William White.  This error occurred because of memorials by John White and William White which indicated they had inherited the land from their father William White. A Christ Church Parish record gives the birth of William White to William White and Susannah. It was assumed that John White of Craven Co was a brother to the son William White, and both were children of William White and Susannah Murrell. John White of the memorial was NOT John White who moved to Craven Co. John White and his brother William White of the memorials remained in Berkeley Co where both left wills. So the fact that John White of Craven Co lived near Moses Milliken and wife Mary Murrell means nothing. That John White was NOT a son of Susannah Murrell, but was probably a son of an earlier John White and Hannah of Bermuda and Berkeley Co, and a grandson of Anthony White of Bermuda. More details and records for the Whites can be found at

The Robert Murrell I/Sarah records and John Murrell/Elizabeth records are the collective work of Elizabeth Girardeau, John Morrel, and Frances Cullom Harper. The Milliken and Hargrove records were collected by Frances Cullom Harper. Jean Larson spent countless hours searching her Hargrove records and found Samuel and wife Lydia in Beaufort Co, NC. Additions and corrections will be appreciated. With your help, perhaps more can be proven in the future.