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Amasa Horace Fay (1815 - 1897)
And his Descendants
John Fay
Samuel (OPF #2) (10/11/1673 - 11/10/1732) son of John and Mary Brigham
Samuel (OPF #12) (5/6/1705 - 1788) son of Samuel and Tabitha Ward
Samuel (OPF #23) (8/29/1775 - 1/25/1823) son of Samuel and Deliverance Shattuck
Samuel (OPF p. 176) (11/12/1778 - 7/5/1827) son of Samuel and Mary Kimball
Amasa Horace (OPF p. 176) (12/2/1815 - 1/12/1897) son of Samuel and Phebe Marsh
Obituary for Gerald E. Fay
Amasa Fay: Background and Overview
Supporting Data for the line of Amasa Horace Fay
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World War I, Draft Registration
George Edward Fay   4 Jul 1899   White   Jersey City, Hudson, NJ
Louis P Fay   5 Nov 1893   Caucasian   Rhode Island;USA   Jersey City, Hudson, NJ
James A Fitzgerald   27 Sep 1887   Caucasian   Rhode Island   Not Stated, Kent, RI
Frank E Fay   30 Oct 1892   Caucasian   Rhode Island;USA   Providence, Providence, RI
Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930
NameRelationKin 1Kin 2Death DateAge
Lurana Fayw.A. Horace Fay----02 Feb 186343 yrs
Amasa H Fay   Samuel FayEtta L Favor12 Jan 189782 yrs
George H Fay   Amasa H FayHannah E Fay02 Jul 189515 yrs
Hannah E FaywidAmasa H FayAnn Fay12 May 191166 yrs
Frank E Fay   John FayAnn Fay26 Aug 191724 yrs
Rhode Island Marriages, 1636-1930
Amasa H. FayAnna E. Dailey08 Jul 1865
Harriet P. FayEphraim Harrison03 Sep 1859
John A. FayAnna M. S. Padelford22 Oct 1889
Charles E FayClara M Blakeley03 Jan 1893
Ethel M FayJames A Fitzgerald09 Jan 1910
Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930
George H FayAmasa H FayHannah E Fay23 Sep 1879
Ethel M FayJohn A FayAnne M Fay26 Jul 1890
Louis P FayCharles E FayClara M Fay05 Nov 1893
Harrison [son]Ephraim HarrisonHarriet Harrison25 May 1865
Fay [Frank]John A FayAnna M Fay30 Oct 1892
NEHGS: Massachusetts Vital Records: Births
FAY  Amasa Horaces. Samuel and PhebeDec. 2 1815Auburn
FAY  Maryd. Samuel and PhebeSept. 5 1818Auburn
FAY  Edwins. Samuel and PhebeNov. 14 1811Auburn
FAY  Harrietd. Samuel and PhebeDec. 9 1809Auburn
FAY  George Russells. Samuel and PhebeApril 5 1821Auburn
NEHGS: Massachusetts Vital Records: Marriage
1808  FAY Samuel and Phebe Marsh, int. Aug. 20, 1808 in Sutton, marriage in Auburn
Social Security Record
Ralph M. Fay 7 Sep 1924 6 Nov 2001 Long Island City, Queens, New York