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A list, in numerical order, of the Fay gravestones in the old burial ground at Southborough, with the correct wording inscribed thereon. Memorial verses are not included, only names, dates, etc. The number of the gravestone refers to the location of each particular stone on the map of the old burial ground prepared in 1971 by the Historical Commission.

There are 314 gravestones on the list. The most common names are:
By far the most common is NEWTON.

Remember in looking at this list that a woman born a Fay but married to, for example, a Brigham, would not be listed below. It is possible to check the marriage records, learn whether she was married in Southborough, and then check the grave listings for her under her married name.

There is also a list of persons known to have been buried in Southborough between 1794 and 1842, when Rural Cemetery opened, for whom there is no grave marker in the old burial ground. See below, additional burials.
Part of the Old Southborough Cemetery
Fay Gravestones
4./Mrs. Mary Ann Fay, wife of Mr. Dana Fay of Boston and daughter of Rev. Jeroboam and Ann Parker. died June 10, 1828 aet. 28
5./Husband Dana Fay born Jan. 14, 1787(?) died Oct 31, 1860(?)
6./Martha Fay, wife of Dana Fay of Boston, daughter of Rev. Jeoboam Parker of Southboro. Born Dec. 22, 1802 died Oct 30, 1877
8./Mary Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Greenleaf Fay. Daughter of Mary Ann Parker and Dana Fay. Died March 4, 1895, aged 71 years.
56./In memory of Mrs Betcy Fay, wife of Mr. Manasseh Fay who died Febr 18, 1802 in the 28th year of her age
73./ Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ruth Fay, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Fay, who died February 12, 1812, in the 57 year of her age
93./In memory of Betsey, daughter of Peter Fay, Esq. and Mrs. Eunice, his wife, who died July 25th 1784 AET 7 months
94./In memory of Polley, daughter of Peter Fay, Esq. and Mrs. Eunice, his wife, who died July 13, 1784 AET 3 years
95./In memory of Miss Patty, daughter of Peter Fay, Esq. and Mrs. Eunice, his wife, who died Oct 24, 1822, AET 26 years
96./In memory of Laura Ann, daughter of Peter Fay, Esq. and Mrs. Eunice, his wife, who died March 1, 1836, aged 31
97./In memory of Mrs. Eunice, wife of Peter Fay, Esq. who died May 7, 1813 Aet 50 years
98./In memory of Peter Fay Esq. who died Feb 28, 1833 Aet 73 years
99./In memory of Algernon Whipple, son of Mr. Peter and Mrs Roxanna Fay, who died Oct 27, 1834 aged 10 months.
100./Isabella Roxana, only daughter of Peter and Roxana Fay, died Oct. 19, 1835 aged 6 months
115./ Erected in memory of Gideon Fay, son of Mr. Rheuben and Mrs Esther Fay, who died Sept. 4, 1831 Aet 21 years 11 months and 10 days
116./George G.F., son of Park and Sarah S. Fay, died Oct 2, 1840 aged 1 year and 11 mo. An infant daughter died Dec 20, 1841
117./In memory of Mrs. Amanda, wife of Mr. Samuel Perry, who died April 17, 1833 Aet 31 years
118./In memory of Mrs. Mary L, wife of Mr Sullivan Fay and daughter of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Dolly Nichols (October 10, 1833)
119./In memory of Dexter Fay, son of Col. Dexter and Mrs Sophia Fay, who died April 24, 1813 AET 10 months
120./In memory of Stillman, Jonas and Russel Fay, 3 sons of Mr. Francis and Mrs. Visa Fay (Stillman -Oct 23, 1797, Jonas, no record, Russel (Rufus?) Jan 9, 1800?) [sic]
128./In memory of Mr. Alpheus Fay, youngest son of Major Josiah and Mrs Mary Fay, born April 28, 1767, died Oct. 31, 1830 Aet 63
129./In memory of Mrs. Mary Fay, who died Jan 5, 1833 Aet 95 years and 8 months. Widow of Major Josiah Fay who died in the Continental Army in the city of New York Aug. 8, 1776
130./Mr. Otis Fay died Sept 27, 1844 Aet 58
131./In memory of Miss Molly Fay, who died August 8, 1825 aged 51 years
132./(left side)In memory of Lieut Elisha Fay, who died June 2, 1819 Aet 73. (right side) and of Mrs. Meriam, wife of Lt. Elisha Fay died Aug 5, 1810 Aet 60
133./In memory of Mr. Fortune Fay who died Jan 24, 1810 Aet 26
145./Francis Fay, born Oct 13, 1760, died Nov 27, 1830. Visa Ball his wife, born Oct 30, 176? died Apr 28, 1850 [the copy cuts off the date, not the stone]
148./In memory of Mrs. Lovina Fay, wife of Mr Edmund Fay, who died Dec 7, 1816 Aet 42
149./In memory of Mrs. Jerusha, wife of Mr. William Fay, who died Nov 2, 1829 Aet 19
178./Erected in memory of Deacn Hezekiah Fay, who departed this life Febr 4, 1800 AET 62
179./In memory of Mrs. Martha Fay, relict of Deac Hezekiah Fay, who died Aug. 12 1824 AET 82
202./In memory of Mrs. Joanna Fay, wife of Mr. Isaac Morse and second wife of Lieut. Elisha Fay, who died March 27, 1826 Aet 68
209./In memory of Mr. Nathan Fay, who died Feb. 21, 1831 Aet 84
210./In memory of Mrs. Lucy, relict of Mr. Nathan Fay, who died Feb 10, 1834 Aet 84
236./Heman Fay, died July 17, 1816 aged 63 years. Martha Fay, widow of Heman Fay, died Dec 11, 1843, aged 81 years
246./Erected to the memory of Mrs. Dinah Newton, wife of Mr. Jeremiah Newton and daughter of Lieut Elisha Fay, who departed this life Dec r 2, 1807 Aet 37
253./In memory of William Otis, son of Mr. Lovett and Mrs. Relief Fay, who died Aug 20, 1829 Aet 2 y 2 m and 5 days
291./Erected in memory of Mr. Robert Fay, who died Nov r 10, 1810 Aet 46
293./In memory of Albert Fay, who died Aug. 31, 1813 Aet 3 yrs and 3 months Also Charles Bullard (sunken stone, vital records=son of Rufus, died Sept 11, 1816, 1 year) [sic]
294./In memory of Mrs. Martha Fay, wife of Mr. Rufus Fay died June 20, 1839 aet 57
295./In memory of Mr. Rufus Fay, who died May 25, 1844 aet 64 years
Additional Fay Burials
Fay, Anna, daughter of Reuben15 yearsMay 18, 1796
Fay, Anna, wife of Robert  May 14, 1800
Fay, Anna, wife of Eli43 yearsDecember 3, 1817
Fay, Ana 64 yearsNovember 2, 1815
Fay, Bethiah, daughter of Reuben15 years May 18, 1796
Fay, Betsey, daughter of Reuben   June 8, 1796
Fay, Betsey, daughter of Joseph 20 years January 23, 1826
Fay, Comfort, widow of Asa 82 years March 14, 1835
Fay, Dana, son of Reuben    May 27, 1796
Fay, Daniel    July 15?16?, 1794
Fay, David 50 March 4, 1806
Fay, Dexter, son of Dexter (Colonel) 20 months September 25, 1820
Fay, Edmund 49 years September 21, 1827
Fay, Eliza Elvira daughter of Capt. Grant 4 years November 19, 1836 (bur date)
Fay, Eli 52 years August 12, 1826
Fay, Elliot Claflin son of Appleton 3 years NO SVR April 18, 1837
Fay, Elsa, daughter of Enoch    November 19, 1798
Fay, Elvira, d. of Russell (died, Northboro) 6 yrs September 18, 1833
Fay, Fernando, son of William NO SVR December 22, 1839 bur date
Fay, Ens. Hezekiah 71 years January 12, 1832
Fay, Isaac, son of Reuben 19 years April 27, 1796
Fay, Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah    May 20, 1798
Fay, Jonas, son of David 1 year January 14, 1802
Fay, Jonas, son of Brigham 3 years October 15, 1808
Fay, Jonathon, son of Robert 2 years September 22, 1805
Fay, Lt. Joseph, Jr. 23 years September 25, 1832
Fay, Julia, daughter of Joseph 12 years May 3, 1826
Fay, Lydia, daughter of Nathan NO SVR July 9, 1798 bur date
Fay, Lydia daughter of Edmund 13 years August 14, 1821
Fay, Mary Frances, daughter of Lovett 3 years December 20, 1838
Fay, Nancy Maria, daughter of Joseph 20 years January 30, 1828
Fay, Nancy Maria Augusta, d. of Moses C. 7 mos NO SVR September 23, 1840 bur date
Fay, Nathaniel 65 years August 20, 1812
Fay, Norman Warren, son of Col Francis B. 1 year April 23, 1826
Fay, Patty, wife of Rufus 56 years NO SVR June 22, 1839 bur date
Fay, Rebekah, daughter of Reuben 12 years April 30. 1796
Fay, Reuben 62 years November 14, 1811
Fay, Reuben (died Framingham) 62 years April 5, 1835 bur date
Fay, Robert 93 years December 19, 1808
Fay, Roxa Jane, daughter of Joseph 3 years March 29, 1826
Fay, Stephen, son of Reuben 17 years June 6, 1796
Fay, Sullivan, son of Col. Dexter 2 years 4 mo March 13, 1819
Fay, Susan Flagg, daughter of Samuel 17 years August 24, 1837 bur date
Fay, Tamer, daughter of Hezekiah 20 years July 28, 1801
Fay, Thankful, daughter of Reuben    June 3, 1796
Fay, Wallis, son of Enoch    November 2, 1798
Fay, William Otis, son of Lovett 7 years October 20, 1837
Fay, son of Appleton NO SVR 6 months April 26, 1837 bur date
Fay, child of Francis (not Stillman) NO SVR November 1, 1797, bur date
Fay, child of Francis NO SVR January 4, 1800 bur date
Fay, stillborn infant of Nathaniel NO SVR July 10, 1799 bur date
Fay, infant daughter of Park 1 day December 19, 1834
Fay, daughter of Reuben 2 years July 17, 1813
Fay, infant son of Reuben    July 11, 1804
Fay, son of Sullivan NO SVR 3 days July 9, 1833 bur date
Fay, daughter of Sylvester 1 1/2 years September 10, 1839 bur date