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Special Examiner's Index, Exhibit E
Testimony of M. B. Snedigar
State of Iowa
Clayton County
I, M. B. Snedigar do solemnly swear that I am age 73 years old a resident of Elkader in Clayton Co. Ia. and that I have known and been personally acquainted with Amanda C. Fay and her husband Daniel M. Fay late of Co. "I" 27 Reg Ia Infnt. ever since the year 1851 -- I knew Daniel M. Fay before he enlisted some 10 years before and know that they were recognized as husband and wife. That Daniel M Fay called Amanda C. Fay his lawful wife. From what I know, they were never divorced, that they lived together until Daniel M. Fay abandoned and left his wife Amanda C. Fay, the day or year I cannot remember but think it was about 25 years ago when he left her. That said Amanda C. Fay has lived nearly all the time in this Clayton Co Ia with the exception of a few years in Minnesota, That had she or her husband obtained a divorce, I am quite certain I would know it, my relations with them and the family have been such that I would have known or heard of it had a divorce been granted to either party. I have no interest direct or indirect in this claim of hers for pention.
Mrs. M. B. Snedigar
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me by M. B. Snedigar on this 14th day of July A. D. 1897Realto E. Price  Notary Public in Clayton County Iowa