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The Beginnings
Mary Ann Ward and John Packard Fay
Ward Cousins
from the County Court, Linn County, Iowa, Probate Record, May Term 1864
Contributed by Brett Reece
The Heirs of William Ward
Elizabeth Fay 1/4/1830 (aged 33 y. Jan 4, 1863)
Abraham Ward 12/2/1831 (aged 32 Decr. 2, 1863)
George Ward 8/10/1833 (aged 30 Augt 10, 1863)
Rawzewell Ward 9/16/1838 (aged 25 Sept 16 1863)
William Ward 3/5/1841 (aged 23 March 5 1864)
Hannah Robbins 3/16/1843 (aged 21 years March 16, 1864)
Henry Ward 1/5/1845 (aged 19 years Jany 5 1864)
Jacob C. Ward 4/5/1847 (aged 17 years April 5, 1864)
Alonzo Ward 9/20/1849 (aged 14 years Sept 20 1863)
Mary Melissa Ward 2/5/1852 (aged 12 years Feby 5 1864)
The Probate Record Transcribed
In the matter of the appointment
of D. S. Fay as Executor of the
Estate of William Ward deceased
Now to wit: May 20th A.D. 1864 comes D.S. Fay
and asks to be appointed Executor to administer
upon the Estate of William Ward deceased (the Widow)
of said deceased being present in Court and declining to act as Executrix)
and it appearing to the Court that said deceased departed this life on or
about the 9th day of Appril A.D. 1864 leaving property both personal and
real to be administered upon, the heirs at law of said deceased are as
follows towit: Elizabeth Fay aged 33 y. Jan 4, 1863. Abraham Ward aged
32 Decr. 2, 1863, George Ward aged 30 Augt 10, 1863, Rawzewell Ward
aged 25 Sept 16 1863 William Ward aged 23 March 5 1864,
Hannah Robbins aged 21 years March 16, 1864, Henry Ward aged 19 years
Jany 5 1864. Jacob C. Ward aged 17 years April 5, 1864. Alonzo Ward
aged 14 years Sept 20 1863, Mary Melissa Ward aged 12 years Feby
5 1864, all residents of Linn County Iowa. And it appearing to the Court
that this D. S. Fay is a fit and proper person to discharge the duties of
said Trust, And he having Entered into Bond and taken the oath prescribed
by Law. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the Said David S. Fay
be and he is truly appointed Executor to administer upon the Estate of
William Ward deceased. And that he give notice of his said appointment
in three issues of the Linn County Patriot a weekly Newspaper published
in Marion in Said County. And that a Commission issue to him accordingly.
And it is further Ordered by the Court that [two names can't be read] A Thomas
and William Reynolds be and they are hereby appointed Commission appraisers
to appraise the personal property belonging to said Estate and that a
Commission issue to them accordingly.
The Probate Record Original