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Betsy Fay and Joseph Wells: Directory
Lorraine Allen Hughes
May Emma Perry was a school teacher and the family has a copy of her diploma from 'Normal School' which was a teacher's college and also her teaching. May's children were almost 2 and 3 years old when she died of 'Consumption'. Sometimes in records May's name appears as Mary (in both 1870 and 1880 the census lists her as "Mary"). credential.
William Thomas Campbell was known as W. T. or Willie. He grew up in Hyde Park where he had a large extended family. He married May Perry, a local girl. They had 2 children, Freddie and Lillian. When May died and W.T. was left with 2 small children to raise, the extended family really helped. Lillian had very many colorful memories of growing up in Hyde Park. She often spoke of her father's uncle, Calvin Campbell, who owned the local general store.
Shortly after May's death, W.T. moved to Barre went to work as a machinery salesman. There he met and married May Harris. This is confusing as both his wives were named May. W. T and his second wife established a home in Barre and had Lillian come live with them. They had 2 children, Clarence and Velma. Lillian dearly loved her half brother and sister as she had lost her brother Freddie to a childhood accident.
W. T. became the 'Stationary Engineer' for the City of Barre and remained there until he retired. There is a notice that appeared in the Hyde Park newspaper, The News and Citizen, Oct. 9, 1901: "the many friends of W. T. Campbell, son of Robert Campbell will be pleased to learn he has been appointed Superintendant of Water Works for the City of Barre. It is an important position and one which Will can fill all right. He took charge of the office last week."
There is a picture of the Barre Volunteer Fire Dept which has W.T. in it. W.T. was tall, well over 6 ft and very slim all of his life and is easy to identify in pictures.
After his retirement, he had a small commercial greenhouse where his specialty was roses. In 1932 he became a great-grandfather for the first time when I was born. There is a 4 generation picture of my father holding me, Lillian and W.T. I don't know if I remember him or I have heard so many stories I feel that I knew him.
-- Notes contributed by Lorraine