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Researched, transcribed and contributed by Cathy Kubly
NY City Directory, 1869
NY City Directory, 1869

FAY, Albert (cooper) h 353 E. 46th
FAY, Alonzo Goodrich (lawyer) 271 Broadway - h 152 Second ave
FAY, Andrew (driver) h 300 E. 35th
FAY, Ann, wid. Timothy (vestmkr) h r 69 Henry
FAY, Augustus (engraver) 105 Nassau, h Grove n Evergreen ave Brooklyn
FAY, Benjamin W. (hats) 17 Mercer
FAY, Bridget (wid. Bernard) h 701 E. 12th
FAY, Bridget (wid. Patrick) h 325 W. 42d
FAY, Caroline E. (wid. Thos.) bdgh. 644 Third ave
FAY, Catharine (wid. James) h 15 Cannon
FAY, Charles (laborer) h 381 First ave
FAY, Charles P. Jr. (agent) 13 Platt, h 14 Verandah pl. Brooklyn
FAY, David (shoemkr) h 518 E. 16th
FAY, Edmund B. (hats) 375 Broadway, h B'kyn
FAY, Edward (laborer) h 566 G'wich
FAY, Edward (painter) h 169 Madison
FAY, Ellen (washing) h r 518 E. 11th
FAY, Emery B. (photographs) 100 Nassau, h 80 Seventh
FAY, Francis (mason) h r 454 Ninth
FAY, Francis A. (lasts) h 120 Seventh
FAY, Hannah (wid. Terence) h 236 E. 29th
FAY, James (groom) h 241 W. 35th
FAY, James (painter) 262 Tenth ave
FAY, James (plumber) 820 Third av. h 305 E. 62d
FAY, James (smith) 137 Charlton, h 560 G'wich
FAY, James (smith) h 745 E. 9th
FAY, James (smith) 515 W. 27th, h 516 W. 27th
FAY, James H. (lawyer) 9 Nassau, h 4 W. 22d
FAY, John (carman) h 408 E. 18th
FAY, John (furniture) 62 Madison
FAY, John (laborer) h r 96 Baxter
FAY, John (laborer) h 418 West
FAY, John (laborer) h r 125 W. 25th
FAY, John (laborer) h 554 W. 45th
FAY, John (liquors) 291 Av. C. h r 642 E. 16th
FAY, John (porter) h 635 G'wich
FAY, John (smith) h 447 E. 20th
FAY, John O. (physician) h 233 Bleecker
FAY, Joseph D. (lawyer) 7 Nassau
FAY, J. R. (mer) h 56 W. 10th
FAY, Logan (soap) 62 Broad & 92 Monroe, h S. I.
FAY, Margaret (wid. Patrick) h 45 Essex
FAY, Margaret (wid. Peter) h 337 E. 11th
FAY, Mary A. h 73 Lewis
FAY, Michael (boilermkr) h 139 Goerck
FAY, Michael (driver) h 502 W. 26th
FAY, Michael (liquor) 729 Second ave
FAY, Morris (laborer) h 335 E. 33d
FAY, Owen (liquors) 72 New Chambers
FAY, Patrick (carman) h 413 E. 19th
FAY, Patrick (laborer) h 700 E. 12th
FAY, Patrick (laborer) h 515 E. 15th
FAY, Patrick (marble) h 734 Eighth ave
FAY, Patrick (shoemkr) h 26 Broome
FAY, Patrick (smith) 515 W. 27th, h 505 W. 27th
FAY, Patrick (smith) h 208 W. 36th
FAY, Patrick H. (soap) 62 Broad, & 92 Monroe, h 118 E. 26th
FAY, Peter (butcher) 271 Tenth ave
FAY, Peter (mason) h r 381 E. 10th
FAY, Philip (iron) h 534 E. 14th
FAY, Robert (painter) h 337 E. 28th
FAY, Rosanna (wid. Andrew) h r 76 Henry
FAY, Rufus F. (mer) 35 Mercer, h Mass.
FAY, Samuel B. (tags) 510 W. 24th, h E. 125th
FAY, Sebina (wid. Martin) h 607 E. 14th
FAY, Sigourney W. (mer) 318 Broadway, h N. J.
FAY, Thomas (laborer) h 71 Park
FAY, Thomas J. (builder) h 559 Second ave
FAY, Thomas W. (sec) 98 Duane, h 25 Gt. Jones
FAY, William (laborer) h 102 Bayard
FAY, William (seaman) h 7 Canal
FAY, Brothers (smiths) 515 W. 27th
FAY, Brothers (soap) 62 Broad & 92 Monroe
FAY, & COX (engravers) 105 Nassau
PARKER & FAY (painters) 262 Tenth ave
SARGENT & FAY (lawyers) 9 Nassau
WATROUS, BOYDEN, FAY & Co. (hats) 375 Broadway
NY City Directory, 1869
Posted 7/14/2000