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From the Minnesota Historical Society
The following list has been culled from death certificate information published online just recently by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Death Certificate Search

"Death certificates are a useful resource for genealogical and family history research. The Minnesota Historical Society hosts this online index of death certificates to improve access to this popular resource. Currently, the database indexes the years from 1908 through 1946. "

While the index provides only name, date of death, and county, the complete death certificate, available through the index entry, often provides much more information. Use the search engine to bring up an individual or a family group. The following 128 entries, for example, were obtained by running a search on the family name "Fay."
Fay,     Abbie M. 02/16/42 Hennepin
Fay,     Albert T. 03/12/36 Hennepin
Fay,     Alice A. 04/12/35 Hennepin
Fay,     Alice Margaret 12/01/38 Olmsted
Fay,     Alonzo S. 11/05/16 Olmsted
Fay,     Amanda 03/13/16 Mower
Fay,     Andrew Joseph 11/10/36 Cass
Fay,     Anna 10/19/37 Meeker
Fay,     Anna 02/11/40 Nicollet
Fay,     Anna M. 04/22/21 Winona
Fay,     Anne Fitzgibbon 01/24/13 Clay
Fay,     Arthur 02/22/36 Hennepin
Fay,     Bertha E. 02/09/18 Beltrami
Fay,     Bridget 05/14/44 Ramsey
Fay,     Cairie M. 09/12/18 Rice
Fay,     Catherine 01/07/29 Hennepin
Fay,     Catherine Elizabeth 03/29/25 Hennepin
Fay,     Charles 07/29/09 Nicollet
Fay,     Charles 01/12/16 Ramsey
Fay,     Charles A. 01/18/42 St. Louis
Fay,     Chas Mason 01/12/34 Anoka
Fay,     Christina Julia 02/08/35 Beltrami
Fay,     Christopher Henry 04/12/33 Marshall
Fay,     Clara Maud 06/11/40 Beltrami
Fay,     Dade James 07/02/24 Hennepin
Fay,     Delia 08/25/31 Hennepin
Fay,     Dola 08/15/12 Ramsey
Fay,     Dora A. 03/27/33 Ramsey
Fay,     Eav L. 08/14/30 Hennepin
Fay,     Ed Leonard 04/12/09 Rice
Fay,     Edward 12/02/26 Ramsey
Fay,     Edward 05/01/24 Clay
Fay,     Edward 08/21/30 Meeker
Fay,     Edward J. Jr. 04/04/18 Clay
Fay,     Edwin D. 02/08/34 Beltrami
Fay,     Elderbridge E 03/19/13 Hennepin
Fay,     Elisha Franklin 10/18/12 Otter Tail
Fay,     Elizabeth 02/16/18 Winona
Fay,     Elizabeth 12/08/42 Meeker
Fay,     Ellen 02/06/30 Murray
Fay,     Elsie 08/07/12 Winona
Fay,     Emeline B. 01/28/19 Hennepin
Fay,     Emily 10/17/22 Ramsey
Fay,     Emily 10/22/18 Hennepin
Fay,     Ernest 03/07/13 Ramsey
Fay,     Etta J. 04/23/19 Hennepin
Fay,     Eugene J. 03/29/41 Chippewa
Fay,     Eureka E. 12/16/39 Hennepin
Fay,     Florence Harriett 05/13/10 Anoka
Fay,     Frances Luella 02/09/45 St. Louis
Fay,     Frank Geo. 04/08/09 St. Louis
Fay,     Fransis D. 08/11/13 Winona
Fay,     George 01/09/17 Rice
Fay,     George Amos 07/22/28 St. Louis
Fay,     George Newton 04/14/22 Washington
Fay,     George N. 03/17/28 Washington
Fay,     Grace Sophia 11/13/16 Rice
Fay,     Hanna 02/07/13 Winona
Fay,     Harry Joseph 04/23/36 Fillmore
Fay,     Henry B. 07/15/21 Hubbard
Fay,     Henry Edward 02/12/44 Brown
Fay,     Irene 03/18/28 Hennepin
Fay,     Isable 04/09/20 Hennepin
Fay,     Israel Marth 05/16/14 Douglas
Fay,     Jaur Anni 04/01/23 Goodhue
Fay,     John 03/26/26 Ramsey
Fay,     John Arthur 08/27/44 Hennepin
Fay,     John Charles 04/25/44 Nicollet
Fay,     John Charles 11/20/23 Hennepin
Fay,     John James 10/22/10 Le Sueur
Fay,     joseph Fred 10/05/46 Nicollet
Fay,     Lawrence 05/16/08 Winona
Fay,     Lawrence Benjamin 03/18/45 Steele
Fay,     Leonard Herbert 08/09/29 Fillmore
Fay,     Lila 06/04/25 Otter Tail
Fay,     Lilly Francis 09/06/19 Hennepin
Fay,     Louis 11/20/34 Ramsey
Fay,     Louis Payson 01/03/20 Hennepin
Fay,     Louise Mabel 11/25/38 Marshall
Fay,     Marcus Lafayette 09/10/21 St. Louis
Fay,     Margaret 01/23/34 Winona
Fay,     Margaret 05/08/34 Famsey
Fay,     Marian 02/03/36 Winona
Fay,     Mark W. 05/31/30 Ramsey
Fay,     Mary Brigham 09/15/12 Hennepin
Fay,     Mary Jane 08/03/38 St. Louis
Fay,     Mary W. 05/20/46 Hennepin
Fay,     Mason 01/07/11 Anoka
Fay,     Mathew S. 02/19/16 Ramsey
Fay,     Michael 02/08/08 Winona
Fay,     Millar Clark 03/21/17 Fillmore
Fay,     Mime A. 12/08/17 Anoka
Fay,     Minnie 07/15/26 Hennepin
Fay,     Minnie Samantha 04/14/30 Hennepin
Fay,     Miss Margaret 06/27/24 Blue Earth
Fay,     Patrick Francis 06/23/23 Faribault
Fay,     Paul B 07/28/11 Hennepin
Fay,     Pete 12/09/15 Brown
Fay,     Peter 04/26/32 Winona
Fay,     Peter F. 12/13/43 Nicollet
Fay,     Philip 01/10/29 Hennepin
Fay,     Raymond C. 04/05/27 Hennepin
Fay,     Robert 10/22/20 Nicollet
Fay,     Robert 03/25/27 Hennepin
Fay,     Rosa 04/02/27 Hennepin
Fay,     Sabina 12/09/12 Winona
Fay,     Sarah 08/22/45 Winona
Fay,     Sarah Hanna 11/27/19 St. Louis
Fay,     Sophronia L. 05/27/28 Olmsted
Fay,     Stephen E. 10/09/14 Hennepin
Fay,     Thomas 10/01/12 Hennepin
Fay,     Thomas 05/05/14 Clay
Fay,     Thomas Lawrence 03/08/45 Olmsted
Fay,     Thomas P 06/10/39 St. Louis
Fay,     Tom 12/24/18 Brown
Fay,     T. S. 04/17/20 Olmsted
Fay,     Unnamed 06/07/13 Hennepin
Fay,     William Henry 06/19/08 Winona
Fay,     William H. 05/11/25 Freeborn
Fay,     William P 01/15/19 Ramsey
Fay,     Baby Boy 10/07/30 Hennepin
Fay,     Baby Boy 04/04/31 Ramsey
Fay,     Baby Boy 11/24/20 Ramsey
Fay,     baby girl 05/24/30 St. Louis
Fay,     Baby Girl 05/08/13 Hennepin
Fay,     Baby Girl 10/13/22 Koochiching
Fay,     Baby Girl 05/08/25 Hennepin
Fay,     Baby Girl 07/12/30 Ramsey
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