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Moses Fay (5/5/1740 - 6/12/1819)
And his Descendants
Overview of Descendants of Moses
Moses in Warwick, Massachusetts
The Evidence of the Vital Records
Detailed Descendancy Information
Collateral Lines
from the 1796 map of Massachusetts by Matthew Carey
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WARWICK is a pivotal place for this family. Moses moved with wife Elizabeth Learned and son Samuel from Barre to Warwick between February 1772 (Samuel's birth in Barre) and November 1773 (Betsy's birth in Warwick). At that time, Warwick was in Hampshire County. In 1811, Franklin County, including the town of Warwick, was created from Hampshire County. See Warwick, Franklin County, for more of the history of the area.
Orlin writes:
[Moses] removed to Winchester, N.H., and from there to Warwick, Mass., where he resided as early as 1786. He died in W. June 12, 1819, aged 79 years. He was a resident as follows: In Rutland [from which Barre was cut off in 1774] 1770-1773, Winchester, N. H., 1778-1781-1783-1789, Warwick, Mass., 1789-1791-1794-1796, Alstead, N.H., 1798, Warwick 1804, New Grantham, N. H., 1845 [obviously a misprint for 1805], Warwick 1810.
Orlin bases his conclusions primarily on land documents, which he lists. Adding in the evidence of the vital records of Warwick and the evidence of the census records, we can conclude that Moses moved from Rutland/Barre to Warwick early in 1773, to Winchester 1778, back to Warwick in 1789, Alstead in 1798, Warwick in 1800, New Grantham 1805 and back to Warwick by 1810. He is in Warwick for all three census years, 1790, 1800, 1810. Where Moses and his family were in 1782 is not completely clear. John Fay Giles was born in 1782, and tradition has him born in Warwick. However, the records of Warwick do NOT show that birth, although they do have his marriage in 1802. There is no census in 1780 to help.

1790: Moses Fay with two sons 16 or younger (Samuel; John Fay Giles); three women (Elizabeth Giles; Betsey; Polly)

1800 (two households)
Moses (45+) and Elizabeth (26-44)
Samuel Fay (26-44); Lucy (16-25); one male 26-25 (John Fay Giles); three girls under 10 (Lucy, Betsey, Polly)

1810 lists the same two households:
Moses (45+); Elizabeth (45+)
Samuel (26-44); Lucy (26-44); male under 10 (Dennis); three girls under 10 (Anna, Melinda, Amanda); three girls 10-15 (Lucy, Betsey, Polly)
Samuel's household contains a second woman age 26-44. It is my guess that this is Polly Fay, his sister, who was born in 1775 and died in 1812. I have not been able to find Polly in 1800.