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Moses Fay (5/5/1740 - 6/12/1819)
And his Descendants
Overview of Descendants of Moses
Moses in Warwick, Massachusetts
The Evidence of the Vital Records
Detailed Descendancy Information
Collateral Lines
Southborough Vital Records:
FAY, Moses, s. Moses and Mary [Pike], May 5, 1740

Oxford Vital Records:
LEARNED, Jean, d. Isaac and Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 1736
LEARNED, Elezebeth, d. Isaac and Elisebeth, Feb. 26, 1743-44

Hopkinton Vital Records:
GILES, John and Jane Larnard [int. Learned], [F]eb. 28, [1]758. [Learnard, Feb. 23, C.R.I.]

Hopkinton Vital Records:
GIELS (see Giles), Elizabeth, d. John and Jane, Mar. 27, 1759. [Giles, C.R.I.]

Oxford Vital Records:
FAY, Moses of New Rutland and Elizabeth Learned, Nov. 7, 1771

Barre Vital Records:
FAY, Samuell, s. Moses and Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1772

Warwick Vital Records:
Betty FAY, dau to Moses & Elizabeth FAY, born 9 Nov 1773
Polly FAY, dau to Moses & Elizabeth FAY, born 31 July 1775
Sally Whitney, d. John and Mary Whitney, born February 1, 1779
Sally Whiting, d. John and Rebecca (Battle) Whiting, born July 5, 1782

Warwick Vital Records:
Samuel FAY & Lucy MAYO, both of Warwick, marriage intention 21 April 1796

David ADAMS of Jamaica & Sarah WHITNEY of Warwick, marriage intention 15 Oct 1796
John Fay JILES of Warwick entered his intentions of marriage with Sally WHITNEY of said town 18 Sep 18021

Rev. Samuel REED married: David ADAMS of Jamaica & Sarah WHITNEY of Warwick 15 Dec 1796

1802: Samuel MAYO to Sally WHITNEY, both of Warwick (marriage)
1802: John Fay JILES & Sally WHITNEY, both of Warwick (marriage)

Rev. Preserved SMITH married: Edward SHEARMAN to Lucy FAY 2 June 1816 [d. Samuel & Lucy]
Rev. Preserved SMITH married: Abraham SHERMAN to Polly FAY 19 May 1822 [d. Samuel & Lucy]
Rev. Preserved SMITH married: William PROCTOR to Anna FAY 30 March 1823 [d. Samuel & Lucy]
Rev. Preserved SMITH married: Andrew RUSSELL to Melinda FAY 7 May 1826 [d. Samuel & Lucy]

Rev. Preserved SMITH married: Samuel FAY to Nancy MAYO 6 June 1830 [Samuel's second marriage]

1. The confusion between Sally Whitney and Sally Whiting seems to have started here.

Sally Whiting, wife of John Fay, was born July 5, 1782 in Warwick, MA, daughter of John and Rebecca (Battle) Whiting, and died January 16, 1842, aged 61. Her death certificate shows her age and death date. She was buried in West Norwich Cemetery.

There WAS a Sally Whitney born February 1, 1779 in Warwick, MA, the daughter of John and Mary Whitney of Warwick. This Sally Whitney married Samuel Mayo in 1802. Samuel's sister Lucy Mayo married Samuel Fay, making Sally Whitney the sister in law of Samuel Fay.

Then the situation gets complicated. Orlin writes:
--m. 1796, Lucy Mayo, dau. of Col. Joseph & Mary (Richards) M., b. Warwick, Feb. 24, 1778, d. Feb. 23, 1828. He m. 2d Mrs. Mary Mayo, wid. of his first wife's brother & dau. of John & Mary (Payson) Whitney of W. She was b. 1781, d. Aug. 24, 1844.
Per Orlin: Samuel Fay married (1) Lucy Mayo and (2) Mary Whitney Mayo. BUT Mary Whitney, the sister of Sally Whitney, was born in 1776, not 1781; and Nancy, sister to both Sally and Mary, was born in 1781. Not only that, but the marriage notice on the records in Warwick clearly indicate that Samuel married NANCY Mayo.

Looking again at Orlin's material, one sees a second error, and that is the name of Lucy Mayo's mother. Her name was NOT "Mary Richards;" her name was LUCY RICHARDS. Lucy Mayo was the daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Richards) Mayo.

The third question is: who was the first husband of Nancy Whitney Mayo Fay? A study of possibilities seems to indicate that Nancy was the second wife of Samuel Mayo. He married Sally Whitney in 1802; she died in December of 1808. In December of 1810, Nancy married Samuel. Samuel died in 1823; and Nancy married Samuel Fay in 1830.

There are several lines that come together in this generation, and since it is very difficult to keep these all in one's head, I have prepared a short summary of these family relationships among groups of WHITING, WHITNEY, LEARNED, GILES, MAYO, and RICHARDS.